Friday, December 10, 2010

Mucupurulent - Monsters Of Carnage

Genre: Goregrind/"Grind'N'Roll"
Origin: Germany

1. Candy Cat
2. Low Brain Blow Bunny
3. Dead
4. Sex Carnage
5. Breathing Red Dust
6. Spit Blood On Your Parents Grave
7. Muscle Car Man
8. Blinded
9. Damage Dealer
10. Infected
11. Helldriver / Glowduster
12. Gaylord Warrior
13. Scapegoat
14. Horny Little Honeypies
15. HC Bitch

A wee different from your standard goregrind, some call it grind'n'roll but that's kinda cheesy. (though I guess goregrind is by definition cheesy...) That being said, these Germans slow down the usual mile-a-minute grind pace a bit, and throw in some unusual chunkiness. Anyway, check it out!

Check em out!!!

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