Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paramnesia - UNRU (Split)

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Origin: France / Germany
Artist: Paramnesia / UNRU

Album: Split
Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps

Here we have two "Atmospheric" Black Metal bands from Europe. But no keyboards or any of that shit. Pure atmosphere from killer riffs and production. These two seemed to jump out of nowhere in the past few years and are a definite force to be reckoned with in the world of generic black metal crap going around. I would even recommend this to anyone that isn't a Black Metal fan. Good shit, man!

I know choder would have dug this, so here you go. Rest well my friend...

01. Paramnesia - III
02. UNRU - Die Welt in der wir sterben


Stumm - I (2006)

Artist: Stumm
Album: I 
Genre: Sludge | Doom
Year: 2006
Origin: Finland

1. Chokehold Narcosis
2. Biting the Hand That Feeds
3. New Christ for Every Morning
4. Not Waving but Drowning

Stumm play out of Turku, Finland and have played actively since 2003. They are right up there with disenchanted sludgers Fleshpress, Frogskin, and a few other Finnish greats destined to appear here. What you get is sickened sludge - paired with drone/low-fi undertones, diverse change-ups, and an all around intense vocal delivery.

They will fuck your face up for a couple of reasons: it remains intense sonically, yet simultaneously down-tuned and static. Stumm have played tirelessly alongside the above mentioned bands, also doing so with a few lesser known acts such as Phenylketonuria (PKU), Loinen and Taunt.

The band's approach is as misanthropic and morose as it gets, which definitely comes through them accurately at live gigs. The Finns know what's up sludge-style, so you can't go wrong with this gem.


Seahag - Demo (2007)

Artist: Seahag
Year: 2007
Genre: Sludge | Doom
Origin: Arkansas, USA

1. Bottomfeeder (6:33)
2. Wasted (7:43)
3. Drawn To Darkness (7:39)
4. The Theif, The Coward (8:10)
5. Hate Note (8:14)

These guys were formerly known as Locust Swarm and started playing as Seahag in 2004. They play out of Little Rock, Arkansas as a 5-piece and feature Deadbird's vocalist as well as 2 other members involved with Circle of the Black Thorn.

This is some pretty dark and melodic sludge with doomy vocals that alternate from guttural low-pitched screams on up to the high-pitched sludge variety. This is unlike anything I've heard in a while on grounds of their melodic nature, but it is refreshing to hear their take on the usual dime-a-dozen sludge style, and the feel you get from it is definitely despair and hopelessness.

I guess you get elements of Rwake, considering the melodic riffs, but this is in no way psychedelic; it most resembles vocals and melodies. Their demo as Locust Swarm remains incomplete and, unfortunately, never saw a release. However, the demo released under their Seahag moniker is killer along with their full-length, so go ahead and check those two out in their entirety. Most songs won't go past the 6-8 minute mark for those of you on the inpatient side.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Loinen - S/T (2005)

Album: Loinen
Year: 2005
Genre: Sludge | Doom
Origin: Finland

1. Kohtalo 
2. Kadotus
3. Maailmanloppu
4. Lapamato (live) 

Hey y'all! This is motherfucking Loinen, which means ''parasite'' in English. They are a quartet, playing an excellent brand of intense sludge out of Finland since 2002. These fuckers utilize what I would refer to as ''sonic excess in it's purest form'' for sure! Walls of thickly distorted and textured riffs are backed up by the most wretched and insane vocals of the hardcore sort. I haven't heard anything quite like this before Stumm came along, which is another Finnish band of the same quality and style. 

The band consists of ''Primus'' (vocals), ''Quartus'' (bass), ''Septimus'' (bass), and ''Tertius'' (drums) - so this band has dual bassists, which accounts for their brutal delivery in sound. I don't have much else to add about this almighty band, except for the fact that they make me want to masturbate in rapid-fire succession upon hearing their tunes. So check out their self-titled EP below for a good taste of how these bastards roll! R.I.P. PETU!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

RIP David "Swampchode" Scioneaux Jr.

Swampchode started this blog before blogging was even a thing. He, like all of us in the underground community, took great pleasure in sharing music held dear to us.

Although life got the best of us and this blog has been on a long hiatus, it was never abandoned. In his absence I will do my best to keep this place alive and well. He will be missed sorely by all of us.

You were like a brother to me Swampchode, thank you for your contribution to the underground over the years and the memories you leave behind. We love you man, may your soul rest in peace.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Negative Reaction - Endofyorerror (2003)

Album: endofyorerror
Year: 1996 (2003 Re-issue)
Quality: 192 kbps

1. NFG - 6:35
2. Kevorkian's Innocence - 4:35
3. Sludge - 4:52
4. Nebula And The Two Toed Sloth - 8:05
5. Reserved - 2:37
6. Plutonium Nyborg - 7:04
7. Dethbed 06:15
8. When The Rose Dies - 5:16
9. Us - 7:04
10. Ten Souls Gather - 9:19

Total playing time: 1:01:42

Negative Reaction are a sludge/doom act from Long Island, New York and have been kicking it uninterrupted since 1988. This is one diverse band, ranging from the down-tempo spectrum of sludge, similar to that of Brainoil, on to the up-tempo sections that have elements of crust, with stoner/doom being the dominating factor, as some sections have an undeniable southern quality to them (groovy riffs, jam sections, etc.). Their vocalist reminds me of a mix between Nightstick's and Heavy Lord's vocalists, whilst still managing to maintain their own unique brand on things in the end result. They are a 3-piece comprising of Kenny E. Bones on vox and guitar, OD on bass, and John Old MacDonald on drums.

Getchoo Sum

Friday, September 7, 2012

Damn Laser Vampires - Gotham Beggars Syndicate (2008)

Genre: Psychobilly / Punk
Origin: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Artist: Damn Laser Vampires

Album: Gotham Beggars Syndicate
Year: 2008
Quality: 192kbps

"If Quentin Tarantino were to make a film based on a Bram Stroker novel, Damn Laser Vampires US debut Gotham Beggars Syndicate would be the soundtrack. Damn Laser Vampires is a post-punk trio that brings elements such as polka, psychobilly, and new wave into a strange ground filled with high energy performances, menacing vocals, and an otherworldly ability to mystify and entertain. Traditional punk receives a dose of Transylvanian attitude as Damn Laser Vampires yell, scream, and howl through songs of God, The Devil, sex, drugs, alcohol, and self-doubt"

01. House of the Flying Bottles
02. Louvre
03. Bracadabro
04. The Devil is a Preacher
05. M.I.
06. Gotham Beggars Syndicate
07. I Wanna Be An Old Bitch
08. Graveyard Polka
09. Let's Get Drunk Together
10. Saint of Killers
11. Next Time You Ride
12. Everybody Were Stoned
13. Sprawl


Dimestore Troubadours EP (2005)

Genre: Zydeco / Jazz / Alt-Country / Experimental
Origin: New Orleans, LA
Artist: Dimestore Troubadours
Album: Dimestore Troubadours
Year: 2005
Quality: 192kbps

"Dimestore Troubadours began as a carnival troupe and ended as a BDSM bowling league. What started as hysteria ended in music . . . Hot Jazz, Circus, Noise Rock and Ballad. We;ve been beating our heads into the concrete since 2005. We are the end product of dangerous crossbreeding . . . accordion, banjo, resonator guitar, upright bass, piano, pawnshop drums, bells, bass clarinet and raspy vocals frequent our sound; part polka, part waltz and all New Orleans."

1. Blood on a Tin Shack
2. Low Down Me
3. Wooden Kimono
4. Buried Room
5. Call Girl Chorale
6. Creighton Durant


This song is not on the EP, but the only one on Youtube at the moment. Still a Good example of what to expect.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mammatus - The Coast Explodes (2007)

Genre: Stoner | Psychedelic | Prog.
Origin: California, U.S.A.
Artist: Mammatus
Album: The Coast Explodes
Year: 2007
Quality: Unspecified

1. Dragon of the Deep Part Three (Excellent Swordfight)
2. Pierce the Darkness
3. The Changing Wind
4. The Coast Explodes


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dead Meadow - Shivering Kings and Others (2003)

Origin: USA
Genre: Psychedelic | Stoner
Artist: Dead Meadow
Album: Shivering Kings and Others
Year: 2003
Quality: 192 k

1. I Love You Too
2. Babbling Flower
3. Everything’s Going On
4. The Whirlings
5. Wayfarers All
6. Good Moanin’
7. Golden Cloud
8. Me And The Devil Blues
9. Shivering King
10. She’s Mine
11. Heaven
12. Raise The Sails

All time favorite album from these dudes... lower quality but worth a jam!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crawl Back In - With Fractured Lips You Cursed Me Goodbye (2008)

Genre: Post | Sludge
Origin: Sweden
Artist: Crawl Back In
Album: With Fractured Lips You Cursed Me Goodbye
Year: 2008
Quality: 256 k

1. A Swift and Frantic Flailing Ruined by Concrete - 9:31
2. When and if They Find My Bloodstained Note It Will Simply Read "I Won" - 9:31
3. That All Too Familiar Taste of Regret - 14:27

Cut a rug HERE!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fuck SOPA!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mooooore Submissions

I'm uploading the rest of the album submissions right now to my mediafire folder, and also editing a bunch more live videos from various bands in the New Orleans scene so stay tuned. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Submissions

I've made time to sift through all the emails sent this way, FINALLY.  Some stuff was really good, some stuff was just plain WEIRD.  So, I 'm not gonna be picky elitist douche and post only what I liked, I'm gonna post everything.

 THE GHOST OF MIJO MASE, an experimental project based out of Council Bluffs, IA.

BIO:  The Ghost Of Mijo Mase is an experimental project in the vein of Nine Inch Nails, MC 900 Ft Jesus, and many other influences.   3 Song Demo


Artist - BillFuckingMurray
Album - Salad Fingers EP
Myspace -
Year - 2010
Genre - Nintendocore
Location - Hesperia, CA, USA
Cover attached

1. Hubert Cumberdale
2. Kenneth: Brother from the Great War
3. Horace Horse Collar
4. Mable
5. Jeremy Fisher

Salad Fingers

Sunday Driver on Tour

Hailing from Bielsko-Biała, Poland. Sunday Driver on Tour was
formed in 2008. Sunday Driver On Tour music is a mix of hard rock,
metal, stoner & southern rock influences.

"The idea to form a band reaches 2006. Zaczek & Malin who were playing together in NDC, decided to occasionally jam with their friend Molfer, ex-guitarist for the band Necrossis, who just got back from the army. The project work-name was “The Fridge”. The guys started to loosely jam and write some songs together. Unfortunately Zaczek’s & Malin’s obligations with NDC made it impossible to give their full attention to the project. The turning point appeared to be the breakup of NDC in 2008. Shortly afterwards the guys decided to focus on “The Fridge”. They found the drummer Talle’y from an advert. His unique drumming style seemed to fit perfectly for the project needs. It was then, when the band started to write their proper material, and it was also then when the bands final name Sunday Driver On Tour was decided. After few months of playing together, the quartet started to look for a lead singer, which eventually become Koper. Zaczek & Malin knew him from academic circles in Cieszyn, where they were collaborating in a project called Ilinks. Sunday Driver On Tour debut gig was on september 19th 2009 in Primus Pub in Czechowice–Dziedzice. In December the band went to Parabellum studio in Katowice to record their first EP called “Tales From Beyond”.


1. Maimed Chains
2. Antibiography
3. Brother, The Snake
4. Still Here
5. Tale From Beyond

Tales from Beyond 320

Bort - 2007 - Fluye y muere

Igor from Bort sent us their album Fluye Y Muere, which was released in 2007 by Zoom Back Music.  With influences such as Pentagram,  COC, Kyuss, and Sabbath, you should know what to expect here.  

Sawchuk - 2010 - Miserable EP

Pissed off Michigan hardcore

Track Listing:
1. Tranquility
2. The Miserable Now
3. Less Than Nothing

Chappaquiddick - 2010 - Chappaquiddick

Taylor Ross of Jacksonville Floridas' Chappaquidick sent this one in.   Think Jazzy Improvisational Progressive Rock.  This one stuck out for sure, if you are tired of listening to the same old stuff, check these guys out.  Catchy melodies and synth freakouts a'plenty. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Flight of Sleipnir - Lore (2010)

Origin: U.S.A.
Genre: Stoner | Doom
Artist: The Flight of Sleipnir
Album: Lore
Year: 2010
Quality 256k

1. Legends
2. Of Words and Ravens
3. Asgardreid
4. Fenrisulfr
5. The End Begun
6. Black Swans
7. No Man Will Spare Another
8. Winter Nocturne
9. Let Us Drink Till We Die

.:.Official Site.:.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Across Tundras - Old World Wanderer (2010)

Origin: Colorado, U.S.A.
Genre: Psychedelic | Stoner
Artist: Across Tundras
Album: Old World Wanderer
Year: 2010
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Vanguard Battle Hymn - 8:09
2. Fallin' to the Nethers - 5:17
3. Weary Traveler's Rest - 4:48
4. Stone Crazy Horse - 3:44
5. Life On the Grain Belt - 8:12
6. Tectonic Shifts - 10:38
7. Rainmaker-Floodreaper - 5:40

Total playing time: 46:28

Listen HERE!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Njiqahdda Collection

I never use my little phone camera so I had no idea how shitty it is, but oh well. Here's my Njiqahdda collection so far. this doesn't include Njiijn, Oaks of Bethel or Funeral eclipse.