Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stank - Slug Trail Eyes (2000)

Artist: Stank
Album: Slug Trail Eyes
Genre: Sludge
Year: 2000
Origin: USA (Norfolk, Virginia)

1. Your Heads        
2. Slug Trail Eyes        
3. Abe's Odyssey        
4. Whitewashed        
5. Bad Boy Chicken Fart        
6. Shadocide    
7. Proven Wrong        
8. Momo        

Nice to be back blogging like in the old Sludgeswamp days …
Stank were not from NOLA but they made some glorious, filthy, corrosive, molasse-thick, uncut sludge metal. Stank (such a name!) was rather short-lived (1998-2002) and involved guys from fine acts such as Mugwart, Beaten Back to Pure and Lunch, besides Kilara, Alabama Thunderpussy, etc. Therefore the last-known line-up included Kevin Whitley on guitar/vocals, Greg Bulman on bass and Dave Johnson aka D.C. on drums. Stank just released a split with Mugwart in 1999 and only one, crazily badass full-length album, Slug Trail Eyes, in 2000. The latter landed like a burning meteorite in the Swamp short before the adventure ended in mid 2011 and thanks to a close friend of the band.
I feel sharing Stank’s old kickass tunes may be nice for thanking my mates who invited me here and an awesome way for plunging into the mood of Swampchode’s blog … \m/

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- Mari -

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