Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Austrasian Goat - Piano & Stump (2008) Best Of/Compilation

Funeral Black Metal, Blackened Funeral Doom (fuckin' labels... aren't those the same?)
Lyrical theme(s)
Myth, human nature
Origin: France (Metz, Lorraine)
Formed in 2006

2008 - Piano & Stump

Releases on yellow, green and gold double LP. The first 100 come with a
silkscreen poster.

Face A (tracks 1 to 4) features unreleased tracks.
Face B (tracks 5 to 8) features the Void EP.
Face C (tracks 9 to 11) is a compilation participation.
Face D (tracks 12 to 14) is TAG's part for an upcoming 4-way split release.

Track Listing:

1.  The Trickster
2.  The Endless Fall of Trust
3.  Sons of Catalonia
4.  Neophobia
5.  The Scent of Human Decay
6.  Jaded
7.  Interlude
8.  In the Name of the Void
9.  We Are Going Nowhere
10. S.
11. Exorcism by Hatred
12. The Walls of Subversion
13. The Art of Giving Up
14. The Shifty Ghosts of the Brown Army   

Total Playing Time: 01:16:46

Here is a collection of singles and songs that were featured on various splits from France's The Austrasian Goat.  Apparently, Austrasia was the name of a forgotten land, between France and Germany. Centuries after centuries, the people of Austrasia refused the christian influence and kept a relative independence until the 18th century. Through the ages, this land kept marks of ancient pagan rites, scares of deceases and major conflicts, and shroud of suffering, hidden behind apparent serenity. This green and gray desert attests the fall of a civilization. 

This is what I would describe as what would happen if Gnaw Their Tongues, Khanate, Nortt, and (insert relentlessly heavy doom band here) all had sex.  The Austrasian Goat would be their love child.  That's probably not the best description of the music, but I'm sure you get the idea. 

Check out the Goat HERE and HERE

Go on, Smoke with the Goat... yeayourite


  1. Have not listened yet but thanks for the hook-up!

  2. Amazing music, shame these albums are so hard to get, just 500 worldwide for this album, all his albums were distributed in small amounts.


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