Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mars - Reign of Suns

Mars is a sludge/doom band formed in 2006 from New Orleans.  After many lineup and name changes later, they managed to release this fucking jewel known as "Reign of Suns".  Mars has played shows with Mala Suerte, Coffinworm, Black Tusk, Tombs, The Gates of Slumber, Pentagram, Thou,  and many more.  I featured  a few of their songs on the last compilation that I made for Cheeto and the gang which can be found here and here.

2008 - Reign of Suns

Track Listing:

1.  Shadow Out of Time
2.  Nameless Shapeshift
3.  Golden Dawn
4.  Black On High

Check them out HERE

become a martian


  1. So that's what the cover looks like...haha! This is a good'n!

  2. Never heard of these guys before. Sounds good to me...

  3. O hell yah. Diggin' this slab.

    "Swamp sludge" has a whole
    new meaning that will never
    be the same again. >:|

    Tour photos on the Myspace page
    are massive!!! \m/\m/

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that I lost my copy of this when I was in an accident and my car and everything in it burned to the ground. Mr. T saved the day and sent me the rip of this. SO, thanks again Mr. T!

    And yea anonymous, these guys are awesome. Nameless Shapeshift is fucking badass.
    I filmed their set when they opened the Pentagram/Gates of Slumber show a few months ago, I'll have to post that up one of these days.

  5. I was able to see these guys with Thou, the Prosthetics and Moloch when I was in NOLA (I'm from TX) for a week about a month ago (first week of July). I was fucking BLOWN away. I got a copy of ROS at that show. Absolutely loved that entire night. Words cannot express...

    PS anyone know where to find some videos of this band? I've found Thou videos, but no Mars.

  6. Colton, I was also at that show. I filmed all of Mars' set so keep checking back. I'll have it edited and posted up sometime soon.

  7. Also, do you remember the dudes with the 7 foot shrimp poboy? lol


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