Monday, August 2, 2010

Disassociate - Symbols, Signals & Noise (1998)

Symbols, Signals & Noise

Genre - Grindcore

Origin- Brooklyn, New York
Time - 37:45
File - 75.97 MB (320kbps)

A sonic noise attack
Brutal and abrasive sound from New York City
A group formed from elements of the punk underground
Remaining true to their name, Disassociate always look for ways to alter the traditional and distort the popular
Collaborators include members of Jesus Chrust, DarksideNYC, Missing Foundation, DownlowNYHC, and Nerverak (Myspace)

Track List:
1. Worst Case Scenario
2. The Plan
3. Patriot
4. Lost Society
5. Blood In My Eye
6. G.B.K.S.
7. Forty Million Minds
8. Worship The Porcelain God
9. System Kills
10. Laws
11. Man From Rizq
12. Mexicans.....
13. Not Talking Back
14. Let's Fuck
15. Blood In My Eye pt.2

At first glance of the name you might think here's a crusty "Dis" band, wrong! I caught this New York grind unit unleashing their fury live back in '96 & again in '98. I still have the shirt I bought from the '98 tour. Hit up their page here and check out their discography also hit here for the bands history. This was released on Devastating Soundworks and was release #5 in the catalog. They have toured with the mighty Corrupted and Hellchild. Give it a go, eh!

System Kills


    Always looking for stuff by them, didn't have this. THANK YOU!

  2. AWesome. Brings me back. Miss NYC when it was cool.

  3. saw them at gilman and in reno w/ hellchild and corrupted. sick band for sure!


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