Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heavy Hardcore Headroom - (1996)

Genre - Hardcore, Crust, Sludge
Origin - U.$
Time - 73:53 min.
File - 142.61 MB(320kbps)

Heavy Hardcore Headroom CD is a compilation of bands recorded by Bill T Miller at Headroom. These bands were recorded in a raw anti-production style and are from the 1990-95 era of Headroom Studios.

HHH CD is a collection of Heavy and/or Hardcore bands, I recorded at my small, no frills Half-Inch 16-track. Each of the bands have their own political views and musical styles. I record them in a raw, live, no-budget, DIY, anti-production style. I have my own bands (Out of Band Experience and King Of Feedback) to indulge my own weird-wacko fantasies as a musician. As an independent engineer/producer, I record at many larger more deluxe studios. ExtraTerrestrial Discs is a NO-budget DIY label set-up to release OBE and KOF music, I don't really have the money or distro to release other bands. I was very lucky to have connected with IZUMI from PEFE on the internet. PEFE is perfect, small enough to have DIY ethics, but large enough to be professional with good distribution. THANX for listening to HHH! =Bill T. Miller (Bill T. Miller.com)

Track List:
1. HHH (BTM samplefest)
Kings Of Feedback
2. Dead Ants
3. Kill "Bob"
4. Locust
5. Stagnation
6. Tribal Cry
Hail Of Rage
7. Purity
Deformed Conscience
8. Kept Alive To Die
9. Halo Effect
Drop Dead
10. Cost Of An Animal
11. Bullshit Tradition
12. No Glory
13. Wake Of Deception
Mind The Parasites
14. The Mind Eater
15. Perverse Condition
Devoid Of Faith
16. Conquest
Dean Jones
17. Killer
Out Of Band Experience
18. You Rang
19. A Letter
20. Glass Hand (outer remix)
21. Thorazine - Ralph Diaz
22. I Hate You
23. Trust
24. Lack Of Intelligence
25. God Fearing Citizen
26. Victims Of Tradition
27. Slave To Stupidity
Anal Cunt
28. Trapped
29. Some Noise Thing
30. You're A Fucking Cunt
31. Necessary Megahertz
Toxic Narcotic
32. State Of Affairs
Showcase ShowDown
33. Bark The Vote
Chicken Chest & the Bird Boys
34. No Concern For Acceptance
35. Dumk Rig
36. Vivisection

Pretty cool compilation here. Check out Bill T. Miller by clicking here . Split label release by Extraterrestrial Records and Profane Existence Far East. Enjoy!



  1. WOW! this has just opened up a whole new world of awesomeness for me!! HEAVY HARDCORE THANKS!

  2. I remember seeing ads for this in zines, right around the time I got into the crust and grind stuff. Thanks for reminding me of this comp!


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