Friday, November 12, 2010

Dropdead - The Eventual Result, Live in Hiroshima 3" Disc (1996)

Genre - Hardcore/Crust
Origin - Providence, Rhode Island
Time - 15:08 min.
File - 30.47 MB (128kbps)

Track List:1. Bullshit Tradition
2. Unjustified Murder
3. At The Cost Of An Animal
4. Sheep
5. Requiem
6. No Glory
7. Max
8. Control
9. New World Slaughter
10. Hopeless

11. Herd
12. Washed Away
13. I Will Defy
14. Army Of Hate
15. Life Is Chains
16. The Circle Complete

These guys should need no introduction. This is a 3" disc that was recorded live at Bad Lands in Hiroshima, Japan on 5/14/1996 and put out by Profane Existence Far East. Here's their page ,so pay them a visit and get more info on the mighty Dropdead and support them, Dig!

Bullshit Tradition, aaAAAAARGH!

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