Thursday, March 31, 2011

River Gypsies - For the Lost and Beautiful

There's not a whole lot of bands in Elgin Illinois worth listening to, but this is one of them. An acoustic side project of a death metal band, its influences are all over the place, so in their own words:

"River Gypsies music is rooted from every kind of music, but the feel is very dark and Celtic.

Two acoustic guitars, minimal drums, very abstract yet melodic male vocals, and bass guitar when someone is around to play it (the album songs all have bass).

River Gypsies formed in January of 2008, when Mike Mahoney(Apraizal, How's Casney?) met Bjorn Andersen(Pooch Carver, Tropical Dad, Avernus) in Lake Villa, IL. The two were going through tough times and sought a way to express the raw emotions that were created by their dark pasts.

The two found that their styles mixed to form something new, unique, and therapeutic!! Neither member was any good at singing, so when they got together with singer/ song-writer/ producer, Doug Smith( Pooch Carver, Tropical Dad, Instints, Avernus...) amazing recordings began to appear!

The three are currently in the process of getting recognition, playing magical performances and evolving as recording artists. Truly, music from the lost and beautiful, for the lost and beautiful."

As always, if you like the music, help out the artist and buy the album!



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