Monday, April 4, 2011

Sol & Blodtru, Old Europa Death Chants

A new collaboration from two Danish one man acts, Blodtru and Sol from Paradigms Recordings.

I'm a huge Sol fan, being the doom geek that I am, but hadn't heard too much from Blodtru. That said, I was a tiny bit disappointed with this one. That's not to say it's a weak album, it's not. I just felt like it could have been tied together a bit better. It starts with a full 10 minutes of chant with some feedback in the middle that brings to mind some of Sunn O)))'s work with Atilla. Then goes into Sol's normal style with obvious black metal influence, which works well.
There is less folk influence going on than I had expected from the label's description and from the summaries of Blodtru's work that I had read.

Overall though, a good release. It's definitely more subdued than what Sol fans will be used to. His other releases seem to favor a "wall of sound" approach, whereas this one is more contemplative, so this one will be good for those who found I am Infinity and Let There Be a Massacre to be a little too much.

As always, support the artist if you like what you hear!

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