Sunday, April 17, 2011

White Wolves S/T (2011)

Genre) Doom
Origin) USA
Label) Independent
File Size) 67.0MB 320Kbps

1 Kinslayer Joint 6:00
2 The Burden Of Destiny 5:29
3 Branch; Davidian 4:11
4 Stone Burner 4:50
5 Gomphethere 3:43
6 Arcturus 5:32
Total Playting Time 29:45

Birthed in Ohio by Three dudes - this band has a future in this genre of metal- cant wait for a full length. Check it out

White Wolves


  1. sweet! i just sampled it on youtube and it was enjoyable. thanks

  2. Hi, any myspace/facebook page of White Wolves?? Thanks


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