Saturday, October 3, 2009

Haarp - EP - 2007

2007 - Demo EP

 Track Listing:

1. Soothsayer
2. Blackhand
3. Fog Cutter
4. Synthetic Sense
5. Dissemination

The 2007 E.P. begins with guitar feedback and an unedited drum count-in like many sludge records, but opts for the cleaner bass guitar sound found in more traditional metal genres, rather than the fuzz-saturated bass sound of many stoner and sludge recordings. The first track, "Soothsayer" begins slow as expected but builds to a nice, up-tempo groove reminiscent of stoner bands like C.O.C. and St. Vitus. The riffs in "Blackhand" bring to mind a slow motion murder scene from a horror movie. "Fog Cutter" is an interesting track, with two guitar solos that could not be more different from one another in style, building into a section that is moody, mature, and melodic. The main tempo of the song generates that wonderful urge to slowly nod the head like a pump jack on an oil pad, and just when you think they're going to speed it up they run the slow riff for another 40 seconds. "Synthetic Sense" feels like it could be a newly-discovered track left over from a Crowbar or Acid Bath session, so much so that I kept instinctively expecting Dax Riggs to make a vocal appearance. The dynamic tempo changes of "Dissemination" register very much like a non-sludge record, reminding me more of Gojira or Mastodon, and the track definitely supports Haarp's diversity of influence. - Brandon Bowers

Let me just say this...... DOWNLOAD THIS NOW.

Haarp fucking rules, they are one of the heaviest bands to ever slither out of the muck here in the "Chocolate City".   I never miss a chance to see them, if you ever get the chance, you shouldn't miss them either. 

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  1. Yes!!! I finally found some Haarp!!! \m/ \m/
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


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