Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alamaailman Vasarat - Käärmelautakunta (2003)

Genre: Avant-garde/Experimental
Formed: 1997
Origin: Finland
File Size: 82 MB 256 Kbps

Jarno Sarkula: saxophones, clarinets & special woodwinds
Erno Haukkala: trombone, tuba & piccolo trombone
Miikka Huttunen: pump organ, grand piano & melodica
Tuukka Helminen: cello
Marko Manninen: cello
Teemu Hänninen: drums & percussion

1. Kivitetty Saatana 4:48
2. Vasaraasialainen 5:50
3. Pelko Antaa Siivet 3:59
4. Hamarapuolella 5:15
5. Astiatehdas 3:10
6. Vanha Lapsuudenystävä 6:14
7. Olisimme Uineet Vieläkin Pidemmälle 5:44
8. Lentävä Mato 3:41
9. Jää, Hyvä Mieli 6:00
Total playing time: 44:46

Hey buddy faces! This is my debut post here at 504NOLA and I've decided to throw up some shit i caught Swampchode slam dancing to. I wouldn't have noticed such a thing until he sprained - not one of his cankles - but two! This is a pretty killer Finnish 6-piece that started out in 1997; they have a handful of excellent full-lengths under their belt that I will surely add in time if they are received well. Their name means ''The Hammers of the Underworld'' in English and they play an experimental form of metal, utilizing every instrument typically not associated within the metal genre. Anyway, don't let that fool you because they are known to cause stage-diving and accidents like Swampchode has suffered on account of them (cankle sprains and such). So, don't be a heauxmeaux, and check it out promptly.


Alamaailman Vasarat@Official|Myspace


  1. Hey, welcome Teabag!
    How can one resist with such an introduction ... ?
    Thanks! \mm/

  2. Thanks Mari, great stuff you put out there as well, always appreciated -|-

  3. My cankles be hurrrtin yo! hahaha

    Great Post Teabag, I absolutely LOVE this band.


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