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Hazard County Girls - 2006 - Divine Armor

 2006 - Divine Armor

The group started as a duo. Drummer Sharon Heather and guitarist/singer Christy Kane had an albums worth of songs in a matter of months, but no bass player could be found. The asked their friend Sean Yseult of White Zombie to stand in until they could find a permanent member. Sean not only stood in, but she contributed bass lines for a few of the songs Christy and Sharon had written, and eventually recorded their first demo with them. Next on bass was Katie Cambell who fate would take from the land of Hazard County after a few short months when she was recruited to join Nashville Pussy. Weeks later, the HCG's found a permanent member in Jennifer K. In May 2002, the HCG's played their first show with Jennifer K. Since then they have been touring all over the US, gaining fans and defining their sound. The first album "Never No More" was recorded in 2002, and was produced by non other than Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, White Zombie).

Their heavy touring schedule caught the attention of Rasputina and the HCG's joined them as their opener on three different occasions. Providing they could reach a variety of audiences the HCG's then did a national tour with Hank Williams III and his metal band Assjack. The response was immediate and enabled the girls to get back in the studio to record their greatly anticipated follow up album, "Divine Armor".

Recorded in July of 2005 with producer Grant Curry, "Divine Armor" has truly captured the HCG's diverse sound. The album was self released by HCG's on their own label, Rev'd Up Records, on May 2nd. Crustacean Records began talking to Hazard County Girls this summer and in November look for the Crustacean reissue of Divine Armor to be distributed by Carrot Top, Electric Fetus and Sonic Rendezvous.

The day of the heavy metal trio returns with Hazard County Girls, the guitar-bass-drums ensemble from New Orleans. Taking as their inspiration Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath, singer/guitarist Christy Kane, bassist Jennifer K., and drummer Sharon Heather play heavy rock with loud, distorted riffs and pummeling beats. . . each song is a sonic assault. William Ruhlmann

A marvelously dark and brooding serving of hardcore Gothic gloom-doom rock moodiness, done with a real skill and sense of incendiary emotion that's truly something to hear. Joe W. Jersey Beat

Don't expect some Daisy Duke, coquettish behavior from New Orleans' Hazard County Girls. While this three-piece may be pleasing to the eye, the music they make is considerably grittier. Divine Armor is a solid slice of rock from New Orleans.  John Pegoraro

The Hazard County Girls pack a decent wallop on their second album. Stomping out of Louisiana with a full arsenal of lumbering riffs and the kind of heavy downbeats that end arguments fast. Whitney Strub  Pop Matters

Sludgariffic classic stoner shit packs a punch – in a slow, thick, Aunt Jemima-syrup type o' way – while smooth, breathy female vocals falling somewhere between Kim Deal/Gordon seduce you into a helpless swoon.
Rebecca Vernon Slug Magazine 
Track Listing:

1. Red Light
2. Leyes
3. Fine Lines
4. Insect
6. Wise Blood
7. Ceremony
8. Monster
9. Lucy
10. Knoxville Boy
11. Ceremony II

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