Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oranssi Pazuzu - 2009 - Muukalainen Puhuu

Psychedelic Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
The Dark Corners of Space and Mind
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Finland 2007 Violent Journey Records Active
Current line-up
Jun-His - Vocals, Guitar
Moit - Guitar
Korjak - Drums
EviL - Keyboards, Percussion
Ontto - Bass
Additional notes
Oranssi Pazuzu is Finnish for Orange Pazuzu.

Vocalist Jun-His' real name is Juho Vanhanen. He is former member of Finnish surrealistic rock band Kuolleet Intiaanit (2000 - 2007), and Oranssi Pazuzu is actually sometimes described as black metal version of Kuolleet Intiaanit.

Musically Oranssi Pazuzu is mix of Norwegian style black metal and psychedelic avant garde music. Band's musical influences include bands such as Darkthrone, Electric Wizard, Circle, Satyricon, Burzum and even Pink Floyd. Band's motto is “Oranzzi Pazuzu makes music that lures all the arsonists and smokers to hold each others hands.”

2009 - Muukalainen Puhuu

Full-length, Violent Journey Records
April 22nd, 2009

Jun-His - Vocals, Guitar
Moit - Guitar
Ontto - Bass
EviL - Keyboards, Percussion
Korjak - Drums

Distributed by Firefox OY.

Album was able to be listened for free from Oranssi Pazuzu's official MySpace
for week in april 15 th to april 22nd. 22nd album was released as CD, too.

Title translations:
Alien Speaks:
1. Raven
2. Danjo's Zero
3. Mirage 1968
4. Great Head from the Heaven
5. The Praying Mantis of the Theathre of Latter-day Saints
6. Dub for a Memory of a Dead Whore (of Babylon)
7. Alien Speaks
8. Heretic Goat
2.Danjon Nolla03:43
3.Kangastus 196804:00
4.Suuri Pää Taivaasta06:57
5.Myöhempien Aikojen Pyhien Teatterin Rukoilijasirkka03:41
6.Dub Kuolleen Porton Muistolle08:12
7.Muukalainen Puhuu03:42
8.Kerettiläinen Vuohi08:49
Total playing time44:35


I'd like to say thanks to the guys over at the Sludge Swamp for posting this a while back, I've been hooked ever since!

This is definitely one of my picks for album of the year.  This album is CRAZY!  So,  Load a bowl, drop a hit or two and press play NOW. - swampchode


  1. i don't know chodemeister, album of the year? duhfuckouttahere. not even top 20. i was actually slightly bored with the album. but a lot of people seem to really like it so maybe i'm missing something. but i'm fairly sure this style can be done better. like vrolok for example.

  2. Okay, maybe not album of the year, but I think it would be safe to say that It will be in my top 20.

    And yes, I believe you are missing something. LOL


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