Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chopsley - 2000 - 4 song Demo

Chopsley formed in late 1999 and was supposed to be a "joke grindcore band with breakdowns." It became a joke band that we all took a little too seriously and subsequently broke up after only nine months. The original line-up consisted of Steve W. (Head Pro, Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead, A Hunger Artist, Secret Passage), Andy (Head Pro, The Ghostwood), Eddie (Eat a Bag of Dicks, The Interview), Steve S. (Mad Cow Crisis, Morality Dictates, Eat a Bag of Dicks), and Bryan (Morality Dictates, Eat a Bag of Dicks, Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead, Thou). We only played a handful of shows, but most of them were with some amazing bands (Zao, Zegota, At the Drive-In, Atom & His Package, Casket Lottery) and we were also scheduled to play with some big bands whose tours fell apart (Incantation, The Varukers, From Ashes Rise, Strong Intention). Chopsley formed a bond early on with fellow local band Hatchback which probably led to Chuck playing bass for Head Pro, Eric coming on the Head Pro tour, and the eventual creation of Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead. At one point, we had scheduled a week or two of touring with Hatchback, but it was canceled when the first couple of weeks of their tour ended in disaster, and we couldn't get all of the dates on our end booked solid. We did have a show scheduled for Atlanta with Social Infestation and Otophobia. We probably should've gone up for that one.

The weekend before we were supposed to record all of our songs, we broke up. Only these four demos survived. They were recorded by James Whitten and Greg Stein sometime in early 2000. - taken from Bryan's post found HERE

Track Listing:

1 - We Broke Your Bass
2 - Uptown Straightedge Ninjas
3 - Rectal Anarchy in the UK
4 - Monster X is Back

I managed to catch these guys live one time in their short existence.  I had actually forgot all about them until I got in touch with Bryan.  If you happened to check out the Eat a Bag of Dicks stuff that I posted, be sure to check this out as well. 

Big thanks to Bryan for this!!

Also, Recently, Chopsley reformed with all the original members except for Eddie (who lives in Oakland, California these days) and with the addition of longtime Chopsley adversary Scott (Head Pro, Secret Passage). Soon after practices began, Andy decided to quit the band and move out to Mountainview, California and was replaced by Chopsley side member Eric (Calvin & the Snobbes, Hatchback, PROMIS, Eat a Bag of Dicks, Dear Diary, Red Beards, Rougarou, Secret Passage, etc.). A few shows have been played, more are in the works, and an LP is being written.

Chopsley (The First) 

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