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Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet - 2006 - Husky

2006 - Husky

Husky is a studio album by Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet released 2006. It was recorded at the Sound Factory in Los Angeles, California March 2004. Much of the recording is first takes. Skerik talks about recording the album:

    "For me, Husky is that rare combination of everything lining up perfectly at the right time. You're lucky if you get one of these in a lifetime. The band had been on the road touring, so we knew the music inside out. We had a day off in Los Angeles, so we went into The Sound Factory, which is a one-of-a-kind studio out there and cut the entire record that day."


    * Craig Flory - baritone saxophone and clarinet
    * Hans Teuber - alto saxophone, flute
    * Steve Moore - trombone, Wurlitzer electric piano
    * Joe Doria - Hammond organ
    * Dave Carter - trumpet
    * Skerik - tenor and baritone saxophone
    * John Wicks - drums
    * Isalee Teuber - vocal on "Daddy Won't Taint Bye-Bye"

Track Listing:

   1. "The Third Rail"
   2. "Go to Hell, Mr Bush"
   3. "Syncopate the Taint"
   4. "Fry His Ass"
   5. "Don't Wanna"
   6. "Song for Bad"
   7. "Taming the Shrew"
   8. "Irritaint"
   9. "Summer Pudding"
  10. "Daddy Won't Taint Bye-Bye"

As I said in earlier posts, I am a Skerik fanatic.  I've seen the guy live with many other musicians and it's always great.  This is another one of my favorite albums of all time so, I figured I'd share.  Check this shit out!

Fry His Ass

Also, I may not be posting much / or, at all this week because I'm having surgery tomorrow morning.  I'm sure Kur and the gang will keep things interesting here. 

Now go listen to the Taint!

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