Sunday, December 13, 2009

Unholy Grave - collection

So it's been a while since I posted something, mostly because things have been a little hectic starting in November, so to make up for it I bring you my entire collection of Unholy Grave. One of my favorite Grind bands, they tend to focus on politics and social issues more than the usual Grind subject matter. Most of the releases in here are splits, and the other bands are worth a listen as well.


Malignant Tumour & Unholy Grave split EP (2000)
Mass Separation & Unholy Grave split CD (1998)
Rotten Sound & Unholy Grave (2001)
Death Comes From Nowhere demo (1993)
Unholy Grave - Terror EP 7'' (1997)
Unholy Grave - Tortured Alive 10'' (1999)
Unholy Grave & Capitalist Casualties - Racism split (1999)
Unholy Grave & Catheter split EP (2003)
Unholy Grave & Depressor Split EP (2003)
Unholy Grave & Embalming Theatre - Ignorance, Catapult For Steaming Cadavers (2001)
Unholy Grave & Gang Up On Against split EP (2001)
Unholy Grave & Godstomper split EP (2002)
Unholy Grave & Kerum (2002)
Unholy Grave & Mitten Spider split EP (2003)
Unholy Grave & Shank (2000)
Unholy Grave & Terrorism split EP (2002)
Waking Terror & Unholy Grave (2005)

Download is in 5 parts. It's a little over 400mb, and for most people dividing it should result in a faster download. Download all 5 and open Part 1 in Winrar (or equivilant). Enjoy:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 4
Part 5

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