Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters (1995)

Genre: Avant-garde/Post-Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Otherworldy, Loss
Origin: Norway (Oslo)
Formed in: 1994
Status: Split-Up
File: 154 MB/320kbps

Vicotnik : Guitars, grim vocals
Skoll : Bass
Carl-Michael Eide: Drums, clean vocals

(All music by Ved Buens Ende, all lyrics by Carl-Michael except "Den Saakaldte"by Vicotnik. Female vocals by Lill Katherine Stensrud)

1. I Sang for the Swans 7:01
2. You, That May Wither 4:54
3. It's Magic 5:25
4. Den Saakaldte 8:49
5. Carrier of Wounds 7:40
6. Coiled in Wings 7:04
7. Autumn Leaves 5:07
8. Remembrance of Things Past 8:54
9. To Swarm Deserted Away 2:14
Total playing time

This album is just fantastic and one of the earliest examples of post black metal that I can think of. It may take a little time and effort and concentration to find out what this album is all about, but it certainly is worth it. The continuation of this band with a bit of modernization and less metal can be found in the band called "Virus" which will indeed remind you of VBE. I'll post up some Virus later, but for right now, do me a favor and enjoy the hell out of this masterpiece.

Written in Waters


  1. Sorry I stole your thunduh with the Virus post brothuh...hook up the other albums though, all amazing!

  2. I got a killer Coiled in Obscurity bootleg as well -|- Might do it up if you don't mind

  3. no i don't mind. lol, why would I? actually... Virus just put out a new album. more good stuff

  4. Because you mentioned posting Virus in the future through this post, but I saw it after unfortunately, still good to see people into these guys either way, thanks man, had to make sure I wasn't stepping on any toes.

  5. Oh yeah and about the VBE, incase you were planning on posting anymore of their stuff I could scope out some other goodies and leave their additonal ones to you. Those Who Caress the Pale was a sick one as well, gotta rip that..


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