Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Les Discrets - Les Discrets (Demo 2006)

Genre: Post Rock, Shoegaze
Origin: France
Status: Active
Label: Prophecy Productions
File: 34 Mb (320kbps)

Fursy Teyssier (Amesoeurs, Phest) - All instruments and vocals

1. Corbeaux Automne Ciel gris 4:16
2. Les vieux ne meurent pas 5:33
3. Pensées Sous Les Nuages 2:26
4. Song For Mountains 3:13
Total Playing Time: 15:28

This is the Les Discrets demo and I'm also posting the split with Alcest at my own blog so i'll give a link for that, too. This demo along with their part of the split with Alcest can be considered a "making of..." type of thing for the new album.

Les Discrets

Split W/ Alcest


  1. Ya fukken rock, my brotha. Thank you. Les Discrets are blowin' me clean AWAY.

  2. yeah, it's pretty awesome stuff, I'm glad tou enjoy them. I just put up the new Alcest at my blog, just follow the link if you haven't heard it



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