Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zebra - IV (2003)

2003 - IV

Coming back after 13+ years since the live album release to record this CD is a feat in itself. It is another to come back with an outstanding, absolutely polished, powerful set of 11 songs that basically picks up their artistic progression from the "3V" days. Each song brings back the best of the best qualities that the band has displayed for over 25 years now. Better yet, between the obvious growing maturity the band has continued to possess to date, the catchy, energetic melodic power rock song craft they are famous for, the overall crisp musicianship and pristine digital technology sound recording of today's studio work on the CD, the long awaited "IV" is simply hailed as complete. Randy's vocals never sounded so clean with plenty of his enjoyable range. His guitar and keyboard playing are again flawless. Felix is superb on his bass and vocal contributions and Guy, who has been knocked by critics in the past for "over-drumming" is straight-forward with simplified Bonham-like thunderous and defined drum command to carry the trio home with a winner. The CD blasts off with seven superb power tracks in the Zebra style. A little twist that is a first for Zebra is mastered on track #8, "Waiting To Die", as in the mix is a very cool sax interlude throughout. The remaining three songs are slower-tempo introspective gems that ends with the smooth ballad "Why". - review by Bill A. from amazon.com

Track Listing:

1.   Arabian Nights
2.   Light of My Love
3.   Who am I
4.   Angels Calling
5.   K.K. is Hiding
6.   Free
7.   So I Dance
8.   Waiting to Die
9.   A World That is Learning
10. My Life Has Changed
11. Why

I thought my friends were joking when back at the end of '02, one of them said "Dude, Zebra is putting out a new album." Not long after those words were said, they booked a show here in New Orleans so of course I went check them out.  That's when it had been confirmed that they were releasing something new,  They even played a few songs that would later make it on to the album.  It was pretty intense to say the least.  Whether you are a long time fan, or just stumbling across them now, do yourself a favor and check this out.


Also, for all you Zebra fans in the Long Island area, Zebra is playing their 35th Anniversary Show on April 3rd 2010 at the Theater at Westbury, in  Westbury, New York.  Tickets are being sold here


  1. Hey, thank you for all the killer NOLA sounds. When I click this it says "Not Found". Reup please? Would love to hear it! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for visiting. The link works now.

  3. hey, thanks, 1st saw Zebra opening for KISS at the Dome in '83


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