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Godstomper - Art Damaged Masochists Vol.1 (2001)

Art Damaged Masochists Vol.1

Genre - Grindcore/Powerviolence
Origin - Sunnyvale, Ca.
Time - disc 1: 54:56 disc 2: 47.18
File - disc 1: 104.85 MB disc 2: 90.75 MB (320kbps)

Hailing from Sunnyvale, a working class suburb outside of San Francisco California, Godstomper are D.I.Y. noise musicians who support lo-fi analog, do it yourself recordings, anti scenes, antifascist and antiracist organizations, anti rockstar, anti popularity, anti political and religious attitude. Starting in 1991 as a two piece bass and drum band due to their problems of dealing with guitar players, Godstomper recorded a few tape demos in their bedroom of crude death metal and early napalm death inspired grindcore mixed with sample recordings and one such recording, their first, was pressed on a 500 press ep split with Germany’s Skrupel on Rescued from life records in 2005 as a experimental collectors record of bands first demo recordings. Soon Godstomper was put on hiatus as the two brothers Paul barfo and Daniel 666 started their anti music band The Barfos with three guitarists from high school, Dave Winters , Krish Irish and Raina Kumra. The band was a mess of untuned guitars, samples, noise, punk, death metal and sonic youth meets napalm death meets the buthole surfers sound. In 1996 The Barfos went their seperate ways and Paul and Danny started writing songs, influenced by the sounds of San joses shoe gazer heavy indy rock band Calm and Redwood citys Spazz infest influenced powerviolence sound, wrote songs like Fozzy bear about the night one of their friends singer/guitarist John Ogle of the band Fifteen and Wooly Mammoth was punched out by a thug skinhead at a local show and so the was born the start of many of the songs that would make up Godstomper’s two man bass and drum influenced heavy rock powerviolence sound or as they rather see it as structured noise with shouting. Godstomper was born again on febuary 14 1996 at 3am live on KFJC 89.7, a local college radio station Paul was a staff member of and soon a split 7inch with San Jose’s youngest and only grind punk band with female vocals Cathy Ames was put out and the support from the Cupertino library scene and the Redwood city hardcore scene like bands like Slobber, RWs, Agents of Satan, No less, Benumb, The Misanthropists, Uttered Bastard helped create a unified and strong local bay area hardcore scene in the South and West Bay. Bands from the South Bay that also contributed to the support of said bands included Noothgrush, Exhumed, Calm, The Lipids, Psychobabylon, Jenny piccolo, Woolly Mammoth etc…Soon godstomper was putting out splits with local bands they were friends with, playing live radio shows, 924 gilman st. project, solidarity festivals, anarchist fests. Soon offers from much well known diy record labels 625 prod. and Slap A Ham records came in for full length 7inches which the band was happy with since they loved the records that came out on the labels plus their fondness of diy principles that anyone can put out a recording and not with the support of big corporate labels. Godstomper til this day still represents their diy ideals of putting out records on smaller labels , music before profit, supporting new bands, and being a accesible group to young show promoters without the attitude or politics. Through all their ups and down as a band, personal problems, and keeping a moderate position in the music scene unless you mention their attack on the emo scene due to the similarities of the once pompous and ego fueled metal scene of the 80’s, Godstomper still records and plays shows when they can. (lastFM)

Track List:

Disc 1:
"Heavy Metal Vomit Party" Lp (1999)
1.Silent Treatment
2. Heavy Metal Vomit Party
3. The Final Payback
4. Human Shrapnel
5. Double Cross

6. Aaron Goes To The Zoo
7. This Was Your Life
8. Controled By Hatred

9. Bullshit Agenda
10. Yenta
11. Sympathy Card
12. Urban Takeover
13. Tackleberry

14. You Again?
15. Punch Your Lights Out
16. Self Mosher
17. Maimed By Love

18. Morbid Kitten
19. Deadalive
20. Hello...Goodbye!!!
21. Shitlist

23. Fighting Back
24. Beast Of War
"Saturday Morning Powerviolence" ep (1998)
25. Born Again
26. Thunderlips
27. Lowlife
28. Gollygee
29. Hicky
30. Goatrider
31. Hoarder
32. Dummy Cards
33. The World's The Same

34. Clove Huffer(the legend of Danny's lungs)
35. Old Bag
split 7"w/ Cathy Ames (1996)
36. Fozzy Bear
37. Shogun
38. ATM
39. Chupasangre
40. Goatsuckers Of The West Bay
41. Shadowed Outkast
split 7"w/ Misanthropists (1997)
42. Chicano Park
43. Ya Basta
44. Popcorn
45. Malignant Defecation (Carcass)
46. Dirt Bag (bonus track)
47. Fallen State
"Nihilism, Genocide, Tyranny" ep (1997)
48. Halo
49. Cert
50. Thee Agony
51. Born to Work

52. Pen On The Wall
53. Strawberry Hill
54. Old English
55. Die Now, Die Later
56. Duerna (sleep)
split tape w/ Anticore (1998)
57. Let em Die
58. I Hate Guitar Center

59. Never Trust a Tweeker
60. I Don't See Nothing wrong
Disc 2:
"Gun Culture" ep (1998)

1. Jesus Loves Sunnyvale
2. Gun Culture
3. Return My Stamps

4. Veteranos De Mierda (veterans of shit)
5. Unlucky Charms
6. Burnout
7. Sargent Sluts Dirty Mouth

8. Hold Up
split 7"w/ No Comply (1999)
9. Vegan Diarrhea
10. Rhino Charge
11. Archie Bunker
12. Fluffy White Cloud
13. Backstabbing Shit Eater
14. The Ultimate Revenge pt.1
15. Straight Edgers Have No Friends (just big x's on their hands)
16. I Hate Short Songs
17. The Meaning Of life
split 7"w/ Short Hate Temper (1999)
18. Jock Phobia pt.2
19. G.S. Moshcore Anthem
20. The Trouble With Crest
21. Extreme Noise Dollar (mix)
22. Demigods
"Grief For The Fallen State" demo tape (1996)
23. Misery Index
24. Fozzy Bear
25. La Migra
26. Shogun
27. Bastard (the drum set)
28. Mountain Of Dirt"

29. No Thanks
30. Liz
31. Jock Phobia
32. ATM
33. Penguin
34. Kamina
35. Avoid The Army
36. Popcorn
live at Ramstock Fest. Daly City, Ca. (1997)
37. Halo
38. Fozzy Bear
39. Born To Work
40. Chupasangre
41. Fallen State
42. ATM
43. Malignant Defecation'

44. Popcorn
45. Jock Phobia

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