Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kamchatka - 2009 - Volume III

2009 - Volume III

Track Listing:

1 "681"
2 "Pathetic"
3 "Astrobucks"
4 "Look Over Your Shoulder"
5 "See"
6 "Wood"
7 "Sorg"
8 "Confessions"
9 "Outnumbered"
10 "Guess I'll Be Leaving"
11"Whipping Post" (Gregg Allman)

Volume III is the third album of Kamchatka, an eleven track effort, containing the cover version "Whipping Post", originally recorded by The Allman Brothers Band. The album was produced by Kamchatka, recorded and mixed by Tobias Strandvik and Kamchatka at Shrimpmonkey Studios, and mastered by Johan Eckerblad at Mintelligence Studios.

This album is INCREDIBLE.  If you enjoyed the other two, grab this one as well.  This one features guest appearances by Jean-Paul Gaster (drums on "Whipping Post"), and  Per Wiberg (keyboards on "Look Over You Shoulder", "See", "Sorg" and "Guess I'll Be Leaving").

Look Over Your Shoulder

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