Wednesday, November 25, 2009


SkinKrawl was a local NOLA band, with Jay Branch (who co-owned Incision Records with Ben Falgoust (Soilent Green, Goatwhore), being one of the members. In an interview, Jay said the following:
"Our vision for SkinKrawL was always to be the most abrasive live act in the world. We toured hard and played harder, getting banned from venues around the South. I went to the emergency room more than once from injuries sustained during our shows, and several other members have permanent scars to show. We came close to being signed near the end, but it just wasn't meant to happen. We broke up shortly before Hurricane Katrina due to personal differences, with two members going on to join a rock band from Chicago called Before the Wait.

 Track Listing:

1. Self Inflicted
2. Once Again
3. Don't Look
4. Nothing Left
5. Looking Glass

SkinKrawl  is/was a band that I saw numerous times back in the day.  I came across this the other day while looking for a Demo by another local band for my friend Devildowninga.  These guys were on to something good, I'd have really like to have seen how they would have progressed had they not split up.  Anyways, check it out.

Oh, and the demo that I was looking for was by another local NOLA band called "Crawfish Fossil".  If anyone reading this has that demo, PLEASE email me.  It would be mucho appreciated.



  1. Yeah man, SkinKrawl was the shit! INSANE live shows!! Really cool dudes too. Thanks for posting this brother.....

    I've got their EP too if you want that.

    Oh, and did you happen to run across that Eat A Bag Of Dicks?

  2. Yeah dude, send that EP!!

    Oh, I did find both of the EABOD demo's... I have a friend that just moved to Michigan that still has the covers and track lists for them too, so I'm waiting for him to send me those before I post them up.


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