Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thee Flanders - 2003 - Punkabilly from Hell

Thee Flanders founded in 1997. We played with bands like Bela B. (Die Ärzte), Misfits, Mad Sin, Demented are Go!, The Meteors, Exploited, Batmobile, Frenzy, The Bones, Guana Batz, Anti-Flag, the Boys, Angelic Upstarts, Anti Nowhere League, Real McKenzis, Nigel Lewis, Lokalmatadore, UK Subs, OHL, Last Resort, Mimmis, Ruberslime, Buisness, Kreator, Clawfinger, Vader, Stranglers and many more international Top Psychobilly, Hardcore, Metall, Punk and Indie Acts........ and on several festivals like Endless Summer, Satanic Stomp, Kings of Psychobilly, Force Attack, Lindenpunk, Punk & Disorderly, City that Never Sleeps, Haltestelle Woodstock,Psychomania Rumble, ..... - taken from their MySpace

2003 - Punkabilly from Hell

Track Listing:

01. Rocking Corpsegrinder
02. Suicide
03. Graveyard Hop
04. It came from Hell
05. Holy Whore
06. Outlaw
07. Perverses Schwein
08. Vision of the End
09. Guilty
10. No Escape
11. Outro

 Here is another classic Psychobilly album.  This is another one of my personal favorites.  If you enjoyed Deadbolt or Batmobile, don't be stupid...

Graveyard Hop

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