Thursday, February 11, 2010

Deadeyejack - Bastard Sons Of The West

I need to thank Phillip from the band Deadbird and Cheeto from Sludge Swamp for this one. Released in 2005, this cd has been getting ALOT of play around my house and it's too good not to share. These guys are from Arkansas and they've got the whole southern heavy metal/sludge thing down pat. Goood stuff...

"DEADEYEJACK was birthed in '03, and has shared the stage with a lot of great bands, including: NEBULA, BLACK COBRA, MINSK, OCEAN, DIXIE WITCH, AMPLIFIED HEAT, DEADBIRD, SHITFIRE..etc.

"This is all, all that matters and destroys."

Members of DEADEYEJACK are rumored to also be in these bands: DIRTMOTHER, DEADBIRD, WITCHES TIT." - From their Myspace

Deadeyejack - BSOTW : Awright.....



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