Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sons of Perdition - The Kingdom Is on Fire (2007)


 2007 - The Kingdom Is on Fire
Track Listing:

This Land Is Cursed
02. The Party
03. Anhelo
04. There Is a Judgment
05. Blood in the Valley
06. Burial At Sea
07. Cannibals of Rotenburg
08. All He Wants (is My Blood)
09. An End to All Flesh
10. Death of a Shuckster
11. The Legend of Saw Jones
12. Fall to Your Knees
13. I Wanna Go to Heaven

Here's another Outlaw/Alt./ Traditional Country album that gets played frequently at my house.  If you liked all the other country stuff that I've posted, and for some reason you have not heard these guys, then you need to....



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