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The Pallbearers - Sex Crime Of The Century (2008)


In 1997 The Pallbearers were born into this craphole of a world as a four piece drunken punk blast of disgusted hate and pure violence. They started off under the name "Street Trash" and had a set list that was about 15 minutes long and consisted of 12 extremely fast songs pulling influence from Poison Idea and early dri. They played their first gig as "The Pallbearers" at the Dixie Tavern with Blanks 77 and the Anti Heroes on one nasty summer night. The first song performed, "Beat My Bone", ended with vocalist, Richie Roachclip, strangling a member of the audience with his mic chord and then-guitarist, Seth Buttsac, relentlessly kicking at peoples faces in defence of a sudden drunken attack! This was the first of many violent shows by The Pallbearers. in 1998 they played a show with Eyehategod that resulted in a 30-man-fistfight on Canal street. In 2000 they played the State Palace Theater with 3 straight-edge bands and still manged to instigate a borderline riot of drunken rage. This chaotic nature obviously carries into the sound of studio material the band has laid down in the past. They were featured on a dwarves tribute on transparent records in 1999 performing the track "Insect Whore". Soon after in 2000 they released an 11 song 7" vinyl entitled "Drinkin' With The Dead" which featured chilling cover art by drummer Bill Heintz. While it lasted, Transparent Records was the perfect label for The Pallbearers, featuring such bands as The Undead, The Fartz, and Human Buffet. Their last release with Transparent was an Accused tribute called "Mechanized Death" where they covered "f*%k!n for bux" in all it's splatter-thrash glory. After all that crap settled they dove into the horror film industry with New Orleans' own Terroroptics on a project called "Attack of the C*%kface Killer". With Richie's gore fx knowledge on hand and Bill's artistic desire to gross people out the results were no less than offensively disgusting. While working on the film they put together a GG Allin tribute show and learned about 30 of his songs to be performed on august 1st 2001 at the Dixie Tavern with support from The Headwoundz, Fight the Goober, and The No-shows. Around that time they scooped up a new guitarist (Andy) and bassist (Marvin) which led to a chunkier and more precise sound for the band. Not only did the music evolve a bit, but so did the lyrics. The theme's became more elaborate and of course...sicker. Songs like "Crooked Crematory", "Busride Boom", and "Ripped to s..!ts" started popping up on their live sets and it really gave the drunks in the crowd a bit more to move to (they could actually pit instead of just beating the crap out of each other). In 2003 the gang worked on the next Terroroptics film project, "Stabbed in the face", which took a more serious approach to traditional film making than their previous efforts. in 2005 The Pallbearers were featured on the "Lewd Conduct" compilation released by local label, Rectum Records, which includes 26 bands from Louisiana. on august 5th 2005 they played a Lewd Conduct cd release show with Manwitch, The Sutures, and Suffocating Lindsay at Lounge Lizards on Decatur sporting the current line up with Howie Doin on bass and Brun on guitar. A few weeks after, the stinkin' hurricane hit and they all fled to four points of the compass. After reforming from evacuation they began playing shows as soon as possible, the scene was dead but soon came around as people returned. 2006 brought 2 releases from The Pallbearers on Rectum Records. First up was "Cult Classics", a collection of the early recordings ranging from 1997 to 2001. Second was "Video Nasties", a collection of songs recorded from 2002 to 2006.  Over the years the pallbearers have performed with such acts as: Dead Kennedys, Fear, d.r.i., Agnostic Front, The Nobodys, The Offenders, Verbal Abuse, The Regulations, Toys that kill, Bulemics, Defiance, The Casualties, The Ghouls, The Independents, Reason of Insanity, D!ck Delicious, The Helltones, Debris Inc, Fyp, Rancid vat, Eerie ln., Murder junkies and many more. - taken from their Myspace

After playing for 11 fucking years The Pallbearers have recorded their FIRST EVER studio album.  2008's "Sex Crime of The Century".  Clocking in right over 22 minutes, this album will rip and fuck your face from start to finish.


  2008 - Sex Crime Of The Century

1.  Phantasm, Shredding With The Dead
2.  You Or Them
3.  Maggots In Her Muff
4.  Crazy Fat Ethyl
5.  Maniac Intruder
6.  You're a Specimen
7.  Goregasm
8.  18th Floor
9.  Snake In The Bush
11.Death (The Whore)
12.World Up My Ass
13.Sex Crime Of The Century

Playing Time: 22:50

Well, hopefully they don't mind me posting this up but The fucking Pallbearers are just tooo damn good  for the world outside of New Orleans not to hear.  Be sure to check out The Pallbearers on MyspaceRectum Records, and Terroroptics Studios.  Also be sure to check out the trailer for Terroroptics film "Goregasm", which can also be purchased from the webstore at Terroroptics Studios.


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  1. pretty enjoyable in the vein of black flag. bad lyrics and subject matter. thanks for having this in 320! definitely has the socal in the 80's sound. Louisiana never got their own sound when it comes to punk, really. but what I've heard they do like garagey stuff which I appreciate but damn it would be so much better to me if the sang about more meaningful stuff.

  2. I agree that this is pretty good stuff .I disagree about what was said about the lyrics .Punk music doesnt always have to have thought provoking messages in the songs . Any chance you could post their other 2 cds ?

  3. yeah I mean GG is my favorite ever so I pretty much should let that stuff slide

  4. I have their Murder Capital album that I can put up, I'll have to look around to see if I can find the Cult Classics one around here somewhere.

  5. *envisions Chode underneath a towering pile of cds*

  6. oh fuck yes.seen these guys a few times back in the day.never actually heard a single album

  7. Yea, it's good stuff. I'll try and get the "Lewd Conduct" compilation up this week too.


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