Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Antarctica vs. The World - Grave New World (2006)

2006 - Grave New World

Antarctica vs. the World started in 2000 in the city of New Orleans as the brainchild of Cos Solo and Dreux Ghoul. Obsessed with horror movies and punk rock, the duo decided to form a project that would encompass both interests. AVW was born. With Cos on vocals and Dreux on bass, AVW acquired Billy Bones on drums. The problem they immediately faced was a rotating cast of guitar players. After playing several shows eventually a very young Kevin Dredge was recruited to the cause, and the first serious version of AVW was solidified. After a couple of years of playing with only local recognition, Dreux was involved in an accident that prevented him from playing in several booked shows. Karla Devil of The Picts was asked to fill in for a short time, and eventually Greg Dreadfull took over bass duties full time. This version of AVW continued to pick up steam, but eventually Greg too would move on. At this time Karla was asked to come back as a permanent member. This was opportune for her as her full-time band, The Picts, was currently without a drummer. Kevin has also been playing guitar for The Picts, and a tight well-oiled machine had been formed in the way of a trio consisting of himself, Karla, and the singer/lead guitarist for The Picts, Jim.

Track Listing: 

1.  The End Approaches
2.  Modern Day Dr. Jeckyll
3.  Voices
4.  Comin' Out Swinging
5.  Chicago
6.  Grave New World
7.  Straight Jacket
8.  The Blood
9.  Van
10. Eerie Glow
11. Bloody Murder
12. Tales From The Crypt
13. Ash
14. Murdered My Girlfriend
15. Walk
16. Southern Hunger
17. Zombie TV

Total Length: 27:36

Here is another band that is unfortunately no longer with us.  It's a damn shame too, the live shows that these guys played were awesome.  I remember seeing these guys playing with Eat A Bag of Dicks a few times I believe. I lost my copy of this a good while back too but,  luckily for me, I had copied it for a friend of mine.  Obviously he found it and hooked me up.  This album may be a little repetitive at times to some people but fuck 'em, I like it.  

Check them out HERE


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