Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joey Allcorn - Bootlegged IV (????)

Joey Allcorn - Bootlegged IV

Genre: Real Country
Origin: Columbus, Ga.
Time: 32 min.
File: 29.97 MB

Seems like Joey Allcorn wasn’t born 50 Years Too Late after all. As predicted by this writer and others who have bought the old EP’s, traded bootleg recordings of live shows, and seen him live, this young singer/songwriter from Columbus, Georgia, is starting to experience a great deal of success. The Not-So-Nashville Star is taking the underground country world by storm and he’s just getting started. In case some of you have not heard the name Joey Allcorn, don't wait another minute to become acquainted with this up-and-coming, extremely talented artist. A mere 26 years of age, Allcorn has already been recording and playing real country music for eight years. Yes, real country music. If you are looking for “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” or “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” don’t bother showing up for an Allcorn show. In fact, stay far, far away. This is because he delivers the real thing. His sound reflects country’s golden age when steel guitar and fiddle were still the signature sound of the genre, and when the lyrics actually moved its listeners. Allcorn does not sing soccer-mom fluff&ldots; he screams those old school cheatin-heart-honky-tonk-blues right into the skulls of the fans that long for the real deal. Scream is an appropriate verb choice, for he was influenced by Cobain just as much as he was by the country legends. So, even though he dons the cowboy hat and suit garb that Opry stars sported in the 1950s, Allcorn channels his wide variety of musical influences to ensure that his brand of the Drifting Cowboys sound is up-to-date and original. (

Track Listing:

1. In Nashville, Tennessee
2. I Just Don't Know
3. Where My Troubles Drowned
4. Ain't It A Shame?
5. Maybe It's Better This Way
6. Fewer Days Ahead
7. In The Land Of Israel
8. Lovesick Blues (live)
9. Move It On Over (live)
10. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Nirvana)

Here's one that I picked up a quite sometime ago and just found in my files. I don't know the year but I'm guessing not long before "50 Years Too Late" hit the streets. Be sure to check out previous posts of Mr. Allcorns
music here and do your ears a favor, enjoy!



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