Friday, April 2, 2010

The Rip Offs (1994)

The Rip Offs - Got A Record

Genre: Garage Punk
Origin: San Francisco, Ca.
Time: 24.4 min.
File: 51.33 MB (320kbps)


Jason White: Drums
Jon Von:Rhythm Guitar
Greg Lowery: Bass Guitar
Shane White: Lead Guitar

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Track listing:

1. Heat Seeker
2. Rip Your Heart Out
3.Fed Up
4. Cops
5. My Baby Yeah
6. Can't Take It
7. Baby Let Go
8. Zodiac
9. Can't Stop
10. Dolemite
11. Ugly
12. Shadow
13. Whats In It For Me
14. She Said Yeah

Really good Garage Punk from San Francisco, Ca. featuring former members of Supercharger and Mr. T Experience. Look at them on the cover, that's how they played live, dressed in all black with nylons over their heads and energy you wouldn't believe! I'm not really fully into Garage Punk but bands such as The Rip Offs, Supercharger, Teengenerate and Loli & the Chones really get my attention. This is a really fun listen that rocks by pretty fast, just keep hitting the play button!


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  1. I just saw them play in Vegas 2 weeeks ago! Amaaaaazing! Clips on youtube.


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