Monday, May 30, 2011

I've been digging through the inbox....

Let's check out some of these submissions.

Muddy Puddles 

 here's something a bit different, an Australian Blues/jug type band.

Muddy Puddles is a band that used to tour around rural Victoria Australia around 1994 and had a good following in the pub/hotel scene.

Muddy Puddles were Geoff Donaldson, Ian Phillips and Ken Terrington.

Ken Terrington (Stringybark McDowell) still plays a one man show as well as with friends in jams and sessions and also on the Blues Train - .

submitted by BoxHead

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Verjnuarmu - Lohuton (2010)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Lyrical Themes: War,Death, and Struggle
Origin: Finland
Status: Active
File Size: 85MB 320Kpbs


1.Turja 04:12
2.Kuvajaenen 03:50
3.Luutarha 04:00
4.Paha Paemenen Puvussa 04:16
5.Lohuton 03:45
6.Pirun Saana 04:33
7.Ualtoen Viemät 04:55
8.Korvo 04:11
9.Sysisyvän 04:04
10.Vetteinen 04:42
Total Playing Time 42:28

This probably the only band singing metal in Savo dialect- Verjnuarmu means "bloodscratch" in English. I used to be one of the nasayers that said there wasn't even good melodic death worth listening to- I was wrong. Check It out.