Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tonight, July 31st!

Peen and Mikes Birthday Slaughter Extravaganza featuring:

Aquaforce, Dazein, OMEAN, and Dingle and Jesse.

5 BUCKS @ 9

I'll be attending tonight so, Holla Holla! Buy me some beer!!!


Tonight @ The City Club in Houma, LA

Love & War Records and LILLIAN AXE welcome Ronny Munroe as the new voice of Lillian Axe. As of August 1st, Ronny Munroe, formerly the lead vocalist of METAL CHURCH, will join Lillian Axe as a fulltime member replacing departing vocalist Derrick LeFevre as lead vocalist of Lillian Axe.

A press release reads as follows:

The members of Lillian Axe wish Derrick LeFevre nothing but the best of luck in his future endeavors. Unfortunately Derrick could not commit to the rigorous touring schedule that Lillian Axe prides itself on to this day.

When Ronny Munroe takes the stage, he has the crowd’s attention. His unique vocal style sets him apart from other singers because he brings something extraordinary to every song. Ronny is an in-your-face performer, consummate professional, innovative lyricist and songwriter who fuses melody with hard hitting rock in a way that will take your breath away.

Lillian Axe founder and guitarist, Steve Blaze says, “We met Ronny in Seattle playing a show together two years ago. My first impression was “damn he’s tall!” After watching him perform, I thought to myself how amazing a vocalist and presence he was. I always keep in the back of my mind great talents when I see them, and Ronny was one of those guys. During the 3 days we spent together in New Orleans rehearsing and getting to know each other, I was amazed how well he fit in as a human being as well as a band mate. The true talent is only half the game; the person is the other. Ronny has it all. Having Ronny as a writing partner and performing partner is something I am very much looking forward to!” 

Bassist Eric Morris agrees, “I am looking forward to what a vocalist like Ronny can bring to the table. I think he will add a whole new element and catapult our music into a brand new fan base as well as satisfy the die-hards.”

Opening for Lillian Axe tonight is a hard rock band from New Orleans called "Farewell to Fear" featuring my good friend Jimmy Adams on drums.  So if you're "down the bayou" tonight be sure to catch them along with Belle Rose, Louisiana's Cauldron.  

Mortiis - The Stargate (1999)

Genre: Darkwave, Ambient, Symphonic
Lyrical Themes: Fantasy
Origin: Norway (Notodden)
Formed In: 1992
Label: Earache Records
Status: Active
File: 134 Mb (320kbps)

Mortiis (HÃ¥vard Ellefsen) - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming (1992-) (Emperor, Vond, Cintecele Diavolui, Fata Morgana (Nor), Algaion)
Sarah Jezebel Deva - Female Vocals

1. Child of Curiosity and the Old Man of Knowledge 5:33
2. I am the World 6:18
3. World Essence 5:58
4. Across the World of Wonders 06:42
5. (Passing By) An Old and Raped Village 5:09
6. Towards the Gates of the Stars 7:45
7. Spirit of Conquest / The Warfare 9:16
8. Army of Conquest / The Warfare (Ever Onward) 13:04
Total playing time 59:45

Join Mortiis for a glorious and epic tale about his fantastic voyage to far away worlds. This is his last album before he turned into industrial rock so this is more along the lines of Symphonic Orchestral Fantasy Music. Great for video gamers and letting the neighbors know you might be a bit peculiar.

The Stargate

Black Army Jacket- Closed Casket (2004)

Genre: Powerviolence/Grindcore
Label: Black Box Recordings
Formed: 1996
Status: Active
File Size: 155MB (320Kbps)

Andrew Orlando (guitars)
Carlos Ramirez (bass, vocals)
Rob Lawi (vocals)
Dave Witte (drums)
Dan Crowell (drums)
Chris Russo (bass)
John Adubato (guitars)
Tom Hayden (bass

Vindictive; Pathogen; Old Habits; The End Of Dreams; Uncomfortable; Peering From A Bandaged Face; The Power And The Plan; Lord Of Murder; Cup Of Many Lands; 18:18 Compilation Track; 222 Part II 1999; Avalanche Rapids; Pugilistic Attitude; Lying Between The Tigris And Euphrates; Beast; S.O.C.M.; Blood From A Stone; Galactus; 222 Part II; Dog Teeth; Without Law; ...Sometimes...; Your Pitiful Existence; King Of The Hill; Night Drive; Crane; Snort; Dantam; Covered By Snow; I've Lived On What I've Stolen And I've Hoped Inside A Lie; Slaves Of Destruction; I Heard; Jaws; Genma; The Shake; Alh84001; Palden Gyatso; Make It Stop!; Sudden Life; Parliament Of Rooks; Fire In The Universe; Impastor; Make It Stop!

and many more.....

You want powerviolence/grindcore and the drum guru Dave Witte.. check it out

Fistula- Idiopathic (2003)

Genre: Sludge/Doom Metal
Lyrical Themes: Drugs, Misanthropy
Origin: USA ( Ohio)
Formed: 1999
Label: Shifty Records
File Size: 85MB (320Kbps)

Firekiller 03:12
2. Adversary 03:35
3. Fear of One 01:48
4. Baboon 02:24
5. Shadow of the Serpent 06:44
6. A Chosen Path 05:02
7. Calamine 04:12
8. Cisero 06:03
9. Cocaine 03:30
Total playing time 36:30

Great sludge/doom from the Buckeye State featuring members of King Travolta, Bibilic Blood, Accept Death, and Ultralord

Friday, July 30, 2010

Godstomper - Art Damaged Masochists Vol.1 (2001)

Art Damaged Masochists Vol.1

Genre - Grindcore/Powerviolence
Origin - Sunnyvale, Ca.
Time - disc 1: 54:56 disc 2: 47.18
File - disc 1: 104.85 MB disc 2: 90.75 MB (320kbps)

Hailing from Sunnyvale, a working class suburb outside of San Francisco California, Godstomper are D.I.Y. noise musicians who support lo-fi analog, do it yourself recordings, anti scenes, antifascist and antiracist organizations, anti rockstar, anti popularity, anti political and religious attitude. Starting in 1991 as a two piece bass and drum band due to their problems of dealing with guitar players, Godstomper recorded a few tape demos in their bedroom of crude death metal and early napalm death inspired grindcore mixed with sample recordings and one such recording, their first, was pressed on a 500 press ep split with Germany’s Skrupel on Rescued from life records in 2005 as a experimental collectors record of bands first demo recordings. Soon Godstomper was put on hiatus as the two brothers Paul barfo and Daniel 666 started their anti music band The Barfos with three guitarists from high school, Dave Winters , Krish Irish and Raina Kumra. The band was a mess of untuned guitars, samples, noise, punk, death metal and sonic youth meets napalm death meets the buthole surfers sound. In 1996 The Barfos went their seperate ways and Paul and Danny started writing songs, influenced by the sounds of San joses shoe gazer heavy indy rock band Calm and Redwood citys Spazz infest influenced powerviolence sound, wrote songs like Fozzy bear about the night one of their friends singer/guitarist John Ogle of the band Fifteen and Wooly Mammoth was punched out by a thug skinhead at a local show and so the was born the start of many of the songs that would make up Godstomper’s two man bass and drum influenced heavy rock powerviolence sound or as they rather see it as structured noise with shouting. Godstomper was born again on febuary 14 1996 at 3am live on KFJC 89.7, a local college radio station Paul was a staff member of and soon a split 7inch with San Jose’s youngest and only grind punk band with female vocals Cathy Ames was put out and the support from the Cupertino library scene and the Redwood city hardcore scene like bands like Slobber, RWs, Agents of Satan, No less, Benumb, The Misanthropists, Uttered Bastard helped create a unified and strong local bay area hardcore scene in the South and West Bay. Bands from the South Bay that also contributed to the support of said bands included Noothgrush, Exhumed, Calm, The Lipids, Psychobabylon, Jenny piccolo, Woolly Mammoth etc…Soon godstomper was putting out splits with local bands they were friends with, playing live radio shows, 924 gilman st. project, solidarity festivals, anarchist fests. Soon offers from much well known diy record labels 625 prod. and Slap A Ham records came in for full length 7inches which the band was happy with since they loved the records that came out on the labels plus their fondness of diy principles that anyone can put out a recording and not with the support of big corporate labels. Godstomper til this day still represents their diy ideals of putting out records on smaller labels , music before profit, supporting new bands, and being a accesible group to young show promoters without the attitude or politics. Through all their ups and down as a band, personal problems, and keeping a moderate position in the music scene unless you mention their attack on the emo scene due to the similarities of the once pompous and ego fueled metal scene of the 80’s, Godstomper still records and plays shows when they can. (lastFM)

Track List:

Disc 1:
"Heavy Metal Vomit Party" Lp (1999)
1.Silent Treatment
2. Heavy Metal Vomit Party
3. The Final Payback
4. Human Shrapnel
5. Double Cross

6. Aaron Goes To The Zoo
7. This Was Your Life
8. Controled By Hatred

9. Bullshit Agenda
10. Yenta
11. Sympathy Card
12. Urban Takeover
13. Tackleberry

14. You Again?
15. Punch Your Lights Out
16. Self Mosher
17. Maimed By Love

18. Morbid Kitten
19. Deadalive
20. Hello...Goodbye!!!
21. Shitlist

23. Fighting Back
24. Beast Of War
"Saturday Morning Powerviolence" ep (1998)
25. Born Again
26. Thunderlips
27. Lowlife
28. Gollygee
29. Hicky
30. Goatrider
31. Hoarder
32. Dummy Cards
33. The World's The Same

34. Clove Huffer(the legend of Danny's lungs)
35. Old Bag
split 7"w/ Cathy Ames (1996)
36. Fozzy Bear
37. Shogun
38. ATM
39. Chupasangre
40. Goatsuckers Of The West Bay
41. Shadowed Outkast
split 7"w/ Misanthropists (1997)
42. Chicano Park
43. Ya Basta
44. Popcorn
45. Malignant Defecation (Carcass)
46. Dirt Bag (bonus track)
47. Fallen State
"Nihilism, Genocide, Tyranny" ep (1997)
48. Halo
49. Cert
50. Thee Agony
51. Born to Work

52. Pen On The Wall
53. Strawberry Hill
54. Old English
55. Die Now, Die Later
56. Duerna (sleep)
split tape w/ Anticore (1998)
57. Let em Die
58. I Hate Guitar Center

59. Never Trust a Tweeker
60. I Don't See Nothing wrong
Disc 2:
"Gun Culture" ep (1998)

1. Jesus Loves Sunnyvale
2. Gun Culture
3. Return My Stamps

4. Veteranos De Mierda (veterans of shit)
5. Unlucky Charms
6. Burnout
7. Sargent Sluts Dirty Mouth

8. Hold Up
split 7"w/ No Comply (1999)
9. Vegan Diarrhea
10. Rhino Charge
11. Archie Bunker
12. Fluffy White Cloud
13. Backstabbing Shit Eater
14. The Ultimate Revenge pt.1
15. Straight Edgers Have No Friends (just big x's on their hands)
16. I Hate Short Songs
17. The Meaning Of life
split 7"w/ Short Hate Temper (1999)
18. Jock Phobia pt.2
19. G.S. Moshcore Anthem
20. The Trouble With Crest
21. Extreme Noise Dollar (mix)
22. Demigods
"Grief For The Fallen State" demo tape (1996)
23. Misery Index
24. Fozzy Bear
25. La Migra
26. Shogun
27. Bastard (the drum set)
28. Mountain Of Dirt"

29. No Thanks
30. Liz
31. Jock Phobia
32. ATM
33. Penguin
34. Kamina
35. Avoid The Army
36. Popcorn
live at Ramstock Fest. Daly City, Ca. (1997)
37. Halo
38. Fozzy Bear
39. Born To Work
40. Chupasangre
41. Fallen State
42. ATM
43. Malignant Defecation'

44. Popcorn
45. Jock Phobia

In Grind
We Crush

Stonecutters- S/T (2006)

Genre: Sludge Metal
Lyrical Themes: Life, Hardships
Origin: USA (Kentucky)
Formed: 2005
Label: Independent
Status: Active
File Size: 94MB (320Kbps)

Brian Omer - vocals, guitar
Cliff Whitehead - guitar
Kevin Redford - bass
J.R. Switzer - drums

1. The Bloodiest Battle 03:30
2. Our Mother of Sorrows 04:42
3. On Stronger Winds 03:40
4. The One and Third/Shaher 06:40
5. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades 03:28
6. Lay Your Burdens Down 03:58
7. Quasimodo 02:34
8. Cosmic Identity 05:41
9. Stonecutters 03:35
10. The Death of Me 03:34
Total playing time 41:22

A great Sludge Metal release from the Bluegrass State.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apostle of Solitude- Sincerest Misery ( 2008)

Genre: Doom Metal
Lyrical Themes: Pain, Solitude, Sorrow, Agony
Origin: USA ( Indianapolis, IN)
Formed: 2004
Label: Eyes Like Snow
Status: Active
File Size: 138MB (320Kbps)

Chuck Brown - Guitar, Vocals
Justin Avery - Guitar
Brent Mclellan - Bass
Corey Webb - Drums

1. The Messenger 04:27
2. Confess 08:05
3. The Dark Tower 06:08
4. A Slow Suicide 07:16
5. Last Tears 06:18
6. This Dustbowl Earth 08:23
7. Warbird 08:57
8. Sincerest Misery (1,000 Days) 14:02
9. Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover) 07:09
Total playing time 01:10:45

Great proto doom from Indianapolis. This band is highly underrated and often shadowed by "The Gates Of Slumber" which its lead singer/guitarist use to play drums for. This was
their first full-length of great things to come and got them signed to Profound Lore. Phenomenal- enjoy.

Devil in a Woodpile (1998)

Most white folk these days be playing "the blues music" (you know, the hackneyed, soulless, tourist-blues with the wailing guitar solos and the watered-down Cream approach that appeals to all them rusting old hippies with their neatly trimmed pony tails and faded Canned Heat @ Monterey Pop T's.) Devil in a Woodpile, they play blues. They also play country. Ragtime. Hot Jazz. Hillbilly. It's all the same to them. It's all taken from the same well called American Music that existed long before wise guy marketing goons decided to categorize the whole mess.

Rick "Cookin'" Sherry is the living, breathing, vaudevillian who fronts the trio. Check out his uncanny ability to channel the blues roots of a 30's juke joint wailer through his 21st century foghorn pipes, creating an outright eerie persona; the ghost of Skip James or Robert Johnson come to life. He scrapes a washboard, pounds a marching drum with a foot pedal, and plays harmonica only like a top-notch bad ass would--all the while keepin' time with a crash symbol. But don't let his nickname lead you into thinking he's some kind of culinary expert; he's only ever cooked a few eggs.

Bassist Tom Ray learned how to play stand up from Willie Dixon. He's played with the Bottle Rockets, Waco Brothers, the Pine Valley Cosmonauts and currently is the bass player for Neko Case. He's also got a regular gig with the Blue Man Group. His hobbies are fishing (don't ask him about it, he'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know), motor sports, and maintaining his legendary utility belt--he's like some sort of bass-playin' super hero.

Guitarist Joel Paterson could quite possibly be the best guitar player in Chi-town. He's played with Kelly Hogan's jazz posse, The Wooden Leg, released his own pedal steel record (which we highly recommend) and can be found on stages all over town with anyone with the sense to let him play. We don't think Joel has any hobbies.

Devil held court at the Hideout every Tuesday night for over a decade. It was acoustic and unamplified--just like your grandaddies had to hear it--and it was a fine time. If you didn't find yourself whaling out heckles, daring them to play everything from Son House to The Zep and stomping your feet, well, quite frankly, there was probably something wrong with you.

They've also been known to set up as the backing force in the kiddie punk supergroup the Wee Hairy Beasties with Jon Langford, Sally Timms and Kelly Hogan.

"Every Tuesday night they set up shop right in the middle of the main room. No amps or mics, just balls and bravado. They play blues, ragtime, jazz, everything you could ever want. These are the kind of hangout buddies you can count on to bring the fucking hangout. There is no cover and the PBR is cheap, meaning you'll have plenty of cash to put in the band's tip jar." —Fran Magazine

1998 - Devil in a Woodpile
Total Playing Time: 43:26
File Size: 97.1MB (320kbps)
Track Listing: 

1.  Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
2.  Can't Wait
3.  Stranger Here
4.  Boogie Woogie Dance
5.  I Got a Woman
6.  Someday Baby
7.  Easy Ridin' Mama
8.  Whistle Gait
9.  Keep on Drinkin'
10.Steel Guitar Rag
11.My Baby Called Me
12.Whiskey Headed Blues
14.The Cooker Man Chug
15.Fly Soup

This is without a doubt, one of my favorite albums in my collection.  It's good for any mood, day or night and it's just plain FUN.  I've been listening to this a whole lot lately, as things have been kind of hectic with work, work, and uhhh, oh yeah, work. It's just damn good.  This is simply one of the realest records EVER. 

Check them out HERE



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Njiijn - Tys Lysaj Ani Loparuu (2008)

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Noise
Lyrical Theme: Instrumental
Origin: United States of America (Illinois)
Formed In: 2005
Label: EEE Recordings
Status: Active
File: 113 Mb (320kbps)

/ - Guitars, Keyboards, Field Recordings (Njiqahdda, Oaks Of Bethel, Funeral Eclipse)
_ - Bass, Drums (Njiqahdda, Oaks Of Bethel, Funeral Eclipse)

1. Njilys Vaan Iiorta 14:10
2. Majestikali 06:19
3. Laamu Vortiijn 06:02
4. Sombuli Naflega Zombuur Quisn 07:58
5. Zembala Aaske 11:38
6. Tys Lysaj Ani Loparuu 04:08
Total playing time 50:15

This is a full length release from Njiqahdda's alter ego band, Njiijn, and my god is it ever a unique experience. This is hard to describe but let's just say it's experimental ambient drone with hidden beauty that will engulf you gradually until you are completely immersed in sonic splendor.

Tys Lysaj Ani Loparuu

Purchase Re-issue $10 w/ shipping inc.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yacopsae - Einstweilige Vernichtung (2001)

Einstweilige Vernichtung

Genre - Fastcore/Blastcore/ Powerviolence
Origin - Hamburg, Germany
Time - 20:31 min.
File - 41.06 MB (320kbps)

Someone once described me as a person who has "a million ways of saying brutal," which may be true, but I would have to use them all to effectively describe the fierceness of this album. Most bands that play unrelenting million-mile-an-hour fastcore sound like they are chaos incarnate-like they are about to reach escape velocity and go flying out of control. YACOPSAE are just the opposite. In spite of the fact they are one of the fastest bands I have ever heard their turbo-charged thrash is a model of precision and accuracy. Whereas most fastcore has an impact like a clusterbomb, YACOPSAE are more like a laser guided weapon used for surgical strikes.

You could safely say they are tighter than the skin around Joan Rivers eyes following a facelift. Every one of the 37 songbursts on this album is like a kick in the groin - short and violent, but apt to leave a lasting impression. If you thought the evolution of power violence was inevitably leading towards mathcore or screamo, then think again sucka because YACOPSAE is currently the zenith of the species. I am not exaggerating one iota when I say this album will go down as one of the greatest releases on Slap A Ham ever. People will be talking about this album in the same breathe as NO COMMENT's "Downsided," LACK OF INTEREST's "Trapped Inside" or the CROSSED OUT 7". The only flaw on the entire release is the gore pictures inside the CD. When are bands going to learn that regardless of the message they are trying to send gore art only detracts? (

Track List:
1. Internetejakulator
2. Feinbild
3. Blutrausch
4. Drehzahlficker
5. Faustrecht
6. Nichts
7. Sprengstoff
8. Slachtfest
9. Ziegenschadel
10. Homunkulus
11. Nihilist
12. Apokalypsae
13. Beziehungskiste
14. Autopsie
15. Seuchenherd
16. Fadenkreuz
17. Asozial
18. Verwesungsprozess
19. Kamikaze
20. Iltifatlar
21. Mikrokosmos
22. Molekularzerhacker
23. Hippiepest
24. Gaskammer
25. Fleisch
26. Arschlocher
27. Schweinegott
28. Granatenkopf
29. Uberlebenschance
30. Spiesser
31. Rucklaufsyndrom
32. Dunkelziffer
33. Aasfresser
34. Ghetto
35. Zerstorung
36. Maskiert
37. Slapahampogo

Number sixty two in the Slap A Ham catalog. This German three piece fastcore unit will attack your audio device at breakneck speeds and destroy your earholes! The title of this shiny lil'platter translates to "Provisional Destruction". Formed in 1990 and still active, drop by their page here and check out their discography.


Pansy Division - More Lovin' From Our Oven (Compilation 1997)

Genre: Pop punk, Queercore
Origin: San Francisco, California, United States
Years Active: 1991–present
Label: Lookout! Records
File: 100 Mb (320kbps)

Constant Lineup:
Jon Ginoli - vocals/guitar (1991 - present)
Chris Freeman - bass/vocals (1991 - present)

1. I'm Gonna Be a Slut 2:10
2. Manada 1:57
3. Pretty Boy (What's Your Name?) 2:04
4. Hockey Hair 2:12
5. Headbanger 2:54
6. Breaking the Law 2:51
7. Political Asshole 1:14
8. Male Model 1:41
9. Valentine's Day 2:12
10. Expiration Date 01/97 4:48
11. The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out (acoustic) 2:26
12. He Could Be the One 1:58
13. On Any Other Day 1:49
14. Negative Queen (Stripped Bare) 2:16
15. Sweet Pain 1:45
16. One Night Stand 1:11
17. Two Way Ass :16
18. Bunnies (live) 2:40
19. Manada (Version Quebecois) 1:57
20. Fem in a Black Leather Jacket (demo) 1:50
21. The Story So Far (demo) 2:51
Total Playing Time: 45:02

This is a kick ass compilation of fun singles, unreleased tracks, demos and other rare songs by queercore band Pansy Division from San Francisco. Seriously good enough to be an official album, these songs truly rock. Check out some butt slammin' pink punk that will be sure to lead the march at your local pride festival. There should be more bands like this, addictive stuff.

More Lovin' From Our Oven

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Naam - Skyling Slip

I've been rocking to these guys the last few days. This video kinda reminds me of my youth.

Cyber Baphomet - Directory 'Human' Delete (2008)

Genre: Electronic, Industrial, EDM
Origin: Russia (Stavropol)
Record Label: Nomos Dei
File: 97 Mb (320kbps)

Sadist (aka Sauron) : Vocals, Programming
GXfff : Programming
Teknoise : Vocals

1. The Time Of Cyber Baphomet 2:34
2. Flight Of Ufo 5:20
3. Pulsating Protoplasma 5:42
4. Virus Fff 4:20
5. Atomic Era Infernality 5:08
6. Kosmik Funeral 5:18
7. Profanatik Teknology 6:03
8. Synthetic Anatomy Of Holokaust 4:34
9. Hallucination Through Universe 6:51
Total playing time 45:50

Cyber Baphomet is an electronic side project from members of the Russian black metal band Baal Zebuth and they create some mellow highly evocative industrial post apocalyptic soundscapes that are sure to inspire you to become a better person.

Directory 'Human' Delete

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Insult - EmoBashing Fastcore Pimps (2002)

EmoBashing Fastcore Pimps

Genre - Powerviolence
Origin - Horst, Limburg Netherlands
Time - 59:49 min.
File - 117.29 MB (320kbps)

Insult is a Dutch band that plays fastcore / powerviolence in a style related to Charles Bronson, Infest only with a much crustier attitude, mixing elements of old school Hardcore and Death Metal into he blend. Their last show was played in 2001.Members of Insult are also found in bands like Bile(nl), Supository(nl), HSML (Hot Steamy Monkey Love)(nl), Grizley Adams.

Their lyrics contain a heavy “fuck you all” attitude, as they despise any scene forming and above all, they hate emo’s. A split was released with Mallorn and later a cd with all of their songs (37 tracks) was released including some live performance. The disk was aptly called “Emo-bashing Fastcore Pimps” it was released in 2002.

Earlier releases:
The Sumbag Duke Sessions (7”EP) ‘98
The Wall of Death (7”EP) ‘98
TheMoshpit is our Sabbath (7”EP) 2000
Split (7”EP) 2001
(former) members are:Rob Nabbe - Loek Peters - Grizzley Rob - Willem-Jan Kneepkens - Scumbag Duke - Aran Jeurissen

Brutal fastcore unit inspired by the likes of DROPDEAD, INFEST, NEGATIVE APROACH and SIEGE unleashing a full-scale campaign for Emo-destruction throughtout shows in Europe and the UK.

Formed as an fast old school HC/Punk-band in “92 and splitting up after their transformation into violent Fastcore in late “95, the band reformed in “97 to attack the trendy-ass HC/Grind-scene at the time and slaying all Emo-weeners in the process. (lastFM)

Track List:
The Scumbag Duke Sessions 7"
1. Modern Fascist Rednecks
2. Sincerity
3. Stay Out
4. Wrong Expression
5. Rich Bastards, System Freaks
6. Mindless (Infest)
7. The Answer
8. External
9. The Truth
10. Words Only
Wall Of Death 7"split w/BSE
11. Frustrated
12. Rip Off The Rich
13. Time Does Not Heal
14. Bloodred
15. Another Day At The Office
The Moshpit Is Our Sabbath Mcd
16. Modern Fascist Retards (Scumbag Duke's Revenge)
17. Dinner Is Served
18. Sweet Revenge
19. Yellow
20. Deathcamps
21. Fohnrock
22. Time Does Not Heal (Grizzly Version)
23. Devour
24. One Inch Too Far
25. To Blame
26. Frustrated
Short, Fast & Loud Comp.
27. Let's Give Emo Something Real To Cry About
split 7"w/ Voorhees
28. Money Talks (Cryptic Slaughter)
Unreleased Tracks
29. Insanity Reigns Supreme
30. Dutch Thrash On The Rise
31. Swampfoot (Spazz)
32. Let's Give Emo....Sandal -Horror pt.2
33. Payback
Final Recording Session
34. Maggot
35. Ruined By Clowns Like You
36. The Fine Art Of Emo Bashing
Live Tracks From Their Last Show Ever
37. Payback (Grizzly Version LimboStompMosh)

Dutch rippers stick'n it to EMO! This was released on Six Weeks Records and is #79 in their catalog of releases. You can visit their page by going here. Good stuff here!

Emo Bash...NOW!

Heaven & Hell (The Very Best of the Mekons) (2004)

Genres: Alt. Country, Post Punk, Alternative Rock
Origin: Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Years Active: 1977 – present
Files: Disc 1: 135 Mb (320kbps) Disc 2: 130 Mb (320kbps)

Disc 1:
1. Hard to Be Human
2. Ghosts of American Astronauts
3. Where Were You
4. Hello Cruel World
5. Millionaire
6. Chivalry
7. Memphis Egypt
8. Oblivion
9. Work All Week
10. Olde Trip to Jerusalem, The
11. Fletcher Christian, (Sometimes I Feel Like)
12. Hate Is the New Love
13. Neglect
14. Last Dance
15. My Song at Night
16. Empire of the Senseless

Disc 2:
1. Curse
2. Big Zombie
3. He Beat up His Boyfriend
4. One Horse Dub
5. Snow
6. Brutal
7. Building, The
8. Prince of Darkness
9. (A Dancing Master Such as) Mr. Confess
10. Poxy Lips
11. Out in the Night
12. Dancing in the Head
13. Johnny Miner
14. Insignificance
15. This Sporting Life
16. Never Been in a Riot
Total Playing Time: 114:46

The Mekons are a hard working band that has been around for 30+ years and has released 17 full lengths so their body of work is rather large and if you are new to them, it's probably easier to start with this double cd compilation. This collection spans their whole career in non-chronological order and includes tons of classics. I've been a longtime fan of the Mekons and I've heard all their albums and some are just incredible but even I find it easier to just throw this in even though it's obviously missing some of my favorites. They alternate between John Langford (mostly) and Sally Timms on vocals, and I gotta say I'm a huge Timms fan, when she comes in, believe me, the world shines a bit brighter. So, check out this great band for yourself because I'm not going to even try to describe their music.

Heaven & Hell Disc 1
Heaven & Hell Disc 2

The Misanthrope Project - Your World Is Sickening (2009)

Members of this band came from this long ass list of bands… Mugwart, Lunch, Beaten Back To Pure, Sourvein, Hailhornet, Electric Frankenstein, and Buzzard… review -

Recorded sometime last year at Sniper Studios by the dubious Vince Burke (who also shreds his axe here); TMP harness an off putting and unfriendly vibe over the course of these five epics of fucked up doom and gloom. Part Mugwart/Beaten back to Pure southern scum, part Grief/early Buzzov*en slug trail terror and part Yobian, psychedelic glory, the quintet rounded out by Justin (guitar), Ahmasi (bass) and Joey (drums) are one of the most unique entities going in the American sludge/doom underworld right now. The instruments are laden with effects and cosmic ambience, but the riffs, low-end and general groove clamp down on a number of scathing, world decimating moments that will keep your head nodding and your whiskey bottle empty, as this is music perfectly accompanied by a big, plentiful fifth of Wild Turkey.

Beasley is as pissed off as ever; whispering and screaming like a demon beneath a blanket of blown out distortion and suffocation. Drummer Joey is a particularly key component to the mix, locking down the band’s sound with a requisite doomified crunch, but also getting wild and fill crazy in the vein of John Stanier’s tightest Helmet performances.

Beginning with a smoky, repetitive riff and tribal drum pummel in the vein of Enemy of the Sun era Neurosis, “Cigarette Burn” wraps a threatening aura around your head from the very first note. Beasley’s haggard scream thunders in the distance, before the volume kicks in full bore with twin guitars blazing through plundering riffs and psychedelic leads alike, as the effects swirl around your ears from a seemingly inexplicable number of amps and directions. This is a cyclone of endless noise and drugged out vocal shouts, with a grasp on overdriven Beaten Back to Pure metal as played by Kirk Fisher with Mike Scheidt coordinating the affair and offering musical mysticism. There’s a moment of sampling, with cleaner dissonant guitars that frighteningly feels as if the song’s going to come out of your speakers and beat the living fuck out of you, as you sit there knowing damn well the band is holding back for one last outburst at the end, to create a proper emotional catharsis.

I had high expectations for the next track based on the power of “Cigarette Burn” and track number two’s tour de force moniker, “Jesus Crossed his Arms as if to Fight me”. That’s about the most genius song title I’ve ever heard, and luckily the music is even better! Hell, this is probably the best track on the album for my money. Slowly creeping in like The Fog from Carpenter’s underrated ghost flick (I don’t care what ya’ll say, that was a decent film), lush bass lines provide the perfect foundation for Vince and Justin to weave their shimmering, doom influenced chord progressions around. Less than a minute slowly wanders by in this glorious, almost Hawkwind meets Yob passage, before a crushing riff takes brief hold of your psyche. Descending back into the track’s soothing intro, Charlie whispers several distant phrasings before TMP head back into total crush mode for the duration. Musically, this is much in line with Yob/Middian but with all of the fleshy chunks and broken fingernails contained on Berserker Records’ classic South of Hell compilation disc. At the 2:22 mark, the song tinkers with drawn out, bent notes that create a fierce, grating element of depression and all out noise, as the mucky rhythms cut out their own swath beneath the layered guitar shred. Then it’s on to one of those career defining riffs that many bands spend their whole life searching for with Charlie spewing his guts out in his one of a kind, rotten tone that’s another trump card for any band of this caliber.

You want a sick scream you go to Charlie. You want a sick riff/groove and production job, you go to Vince. You get them both here, and with three other giants backing them up…well the sky is the limit. The groove in this part of the song is one that can be effortlessly lumped into the legendary realm, with Joey’s pounding emphasis on fills and complexity adding even more life to the unholy din.

Fans of that whole psyched out doom/sludge movement such as Yob, Soulpreacher, Sleep and Warhorse will eat this tune up for their three daily squares from here to eternity. Fearsomely pushing its way forward with a Grief munching on a handful of uppers mentality, “Oxycodone” is serious about its depression, but isn’t in the mood to sit around and take it slothfully…well, that is after it nurses its early a.m. pill and booze hangover first. Instead it pushes forward with combat ready timekeeping, fetid low-end, feedback and surprisingly uptempo riffs after rolling past its slow, sickly intro of distoro spoken word, 4/4 bludgeon and hopeless knuckle drag.

According to the book, this would be their most straightforward song on the disc, as the remaining tunes “Self Harm” and the 18 minutes of “Crushing Cops’ Heads in with a Skateboard, Suicide by Cop” are draped in psychedelic effects, whirlwinds of sound, completely freaked out vocals and an all around atmosphere of grim, head scratching mystique. The shorter of the two, “Self Harm” is still very rooted in gas huffing doom, with leaden riffs, crashing beats and vicious verbal snarls, but there’s extended segments of gut liquefying bass and psychedelic guitar sounds to keep you thoroughly bewildered from start to finish. The longer of the two, the 18 minutes of “Crushing Cops’ Heads…” is an indescribable maelstrom of samples, synth, psychedelic guitar leads, early 16ish grime riffs and shouted/spoken vocals with a little bit of anything and everything encompassed so far over this LP length outing.

At least two of these tracks will see the light of day as far as an official release is concerned. Actually, “Self Harm” should be available on a box set of 7” releases featuring other heralded acts such as Raw Radar War, Coffins and Fistula among others. “Crushing Cops’ Heads…” is due to come out on a split with Gospel of the Future. Too damn bad the other tracks are going to remain in limbo for the time being as TMP are one of the heaviest bands around. Although nothing about TMP rings as one dimensional heaviness; on the contrary, this shit is tight with great instrumental performances, a heaping helping of sludge/doom nihilism, sweltering psychedelic manipulation and a top of the line Vince Burke production.

2009 - Your World Is Sickening

Genre: Sludge / Doom
Origin: United States (Virginia)
Formed In: 2006
Label: Land O'Smiles
Status: Dead
File: 80.4 MB (320kbps)  35:07 Total Playing Time

Line Up: 
Charlie Lee Beasley - Vocals (Mugwart, Lunch, King Travolta)
Vince Burke - Guitar (Beaten Back to Pure, Hail!Hornet, Lunch, Sourvein)
Justin V. - Guitar
Ahmasi O. Daniel - Bass
Joey Rudacil - Drums (Buzzard (USA), Electric Frankenstein)

Track Listing:
1. Cigarette Burn
2. Jesus Crossed His Arms As If To Fight Me
3. Oxycodone
4. Self Harm
5. Crushing Cops Head's In With Skateboard, Suicide By Cop

Here's one that I have been listening to a lot lately, It's a shame that these guys broke up because this is just AWESOME. 


Friday, July 9, 2010

Njiqahdda - Of Beasts and Blossoms (EP 2010)

Genre: Acoustic, Neo-Folk
Lyrical Theme: Nature
Origin: United States of America (Illinois)
Formed In: 2005
Label: EEE Recordings
Status: Active
File: 61 Mb (320kbps)

/ - Clean Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Field Recordings (Oaks Of Bethel, Funeral Eclipse)
_ - Distorted Vocals, Bass, Drums (Oaks Of Bethel, Funeral Eclipse)

1. Awakenings 03:01
2. Song of Mourning and Woe 03:45
3. Of Beasts and Blossoms 05:14
4. Solitude Assembly 01:41
5. Deconstruction 03:06
6. Over Green Misty Hills... 03:58
7. ...and into the Crystal Lake 00:40
8. Final Slumber 05:36
Total playing time 27:01

I just got a huge shipment of Njiqahdda albums in the mail because I love them so much. They usually play droning, experimental black metal but on this release they go for the all acoustic approach and just like everything else they do, this style comes out incredible. This is for those quiet Sunday mornings while you are sipping coffee and contemplating your next bong hit. At first I just thought this was going to be something I only play occasionally because the style really isn't my thing, but this is just addictive and beautiful. Check it out.

Of Beasts and Blossoms

Purchase $10 w/ shipping

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mange - Disillusioned (1998)


Genre - Sludge
Origin - N. Hollywood, Ca.
Time - 43:21 min.
File - 86.4 MB (320kbps)

Mange contains past and present members of Phobia, Dystopia. Since 1997. Mange is now defunct however, Bruce and Kent have gone on to form DESTROYED IN SECONDS which also feature's Leon the Peon (Intronaut, Phobia, Impaled) Check us out. (

Damn. The little I had heard from this band in no way hinted to how intense this shiny platter was going to be. Ruthless sludge-violence played with all the discordant ugliness this trio of hardcore heavyweights could muster. Their harsh dirge counterpoised by pummeling bursts of grinding speed kept me slightly off balance through the first listen because I wasn't quite sure what to expect next; which is a good thing in my book. Nothing is more boring than a predictable album. Subsequent listens allowed me to enjoy the crushing density of the noise that could almost be called complex. Sick dual vocals add to the strength of the delivery and give it a cool grindcore edge. If NATO really wanted to do some damage they would forgo their bombing of foreign nations and instead opt to drop crates of MANGE discs on their enemies. (

Track List:
1. Follow
2. Again I See
3. Fallen Depart
4. Wealth Of Ignorance
5. Scarce
6. Blind Perception
7. Senseless Deceit
8. Undefined

This slab came out on Half-Life Records out of East Los Angeles, Ca. I picked this up from the band when they played the Gilman St. way back in '98. If my memory is correct Morgion was also on the bill, although things tend to get a little fuzzy from time to time. You can visit their page by going here.

Check It!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Russian Circles - Geneva (2009)

Genre: Instrumental Post Rock
Origin: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Years Active: 2004–present
Label: Sargent House
File: 101 Mb (320kbps)

Mike Sullivan − guitar
Dave Turncrantz − drums
Brian Cook − bass guitar
Allison Chesley − cello
Susan Voelz − violin
Greg Norman − engineering, trumpet, trombone
Brandon Curtis − production, additional piano
Joe Lambert − mastering
Chris Strong − album photo
Sasha Barr − album layout

1. Fathom – 4:55
2. Geneva – 5:49
3. Melee – 7:39
4. Hexed All – 4:29
5. Malko – 4:43
6. When the Mountain Comes to Muhammad – 8:00
7. Philos – 10:26
Total Playing Time: 46:01

Completely engaging, beautiful and mesmerizing 3rd studio full length from these Chicago instrumental post rockers, this one shouldn't be overlooked. The lack of vocals won't be missed at all since these guys have a lot going on musically to keep a high level of interest.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Muffs - The Muffs (1993)

Genre: Rock, Pop punk, Punk rock
Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
File: 92 Mb (320kbps)

Kim Shattuck: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ronnie Barnett: Bass
Chris Crass: Drums
Melanie Vammen: Guitar

1. Lucky Guy 2:48
2. Saying Goodbye 2:18
3. Everywhere I Go 3:25
4. Better Than Me 2:50
5. From Your Girl 3:30
6. Not Like Me 3:04
7. Baby Go Round 2:50
8. North Pole :37
9. Big Mouth 1:52
10. Every Single Thing 2:23
11. Don't Waste Another Day 2:37
12. Stupid Jerk :31
13. Another Day 2:16
14. Eye To Eye 3:33
15. I Need You 3:44
16. All For Nothing 3:21
Total Playing Time: 41:40

This is the Muffs glorious debut album and it is one hell of a catchy and fun pop punk masterpiece. I honestly haven't gotten bored of this albumn since it first came out. You know you'll love it.

The Muffs