Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black Army Jacket- Closed Casket (2004)

Genre: Powerviolence/Grindcore
Label: Black Box Recordings
Formed: 1996
Status: Active
File Size: 155MB (320Kbps)

Andrew Orlando (guitars)
Carlos Ramirez (bass, vocals)
Rob Lawi (vocals)
Dave Witte (drums)
Dan Crowell (drums)
Chris Russo (bass)
John Adubato (guitars)
Tom Hayden (bass

Vindictive; Pathogen; Old Habits; The End Of Dreams; Uncomfortable; Peering From A Bandaged Face; The Power And The Plan; Lord Of Murder; Cup Of Many Lands; 18:18 Compilation Track; 222 Part II 1999; Avalanche Rapids; Pugilistic Attitude; Lying Between The Tigris And Euphrates; Beast; S.O.C.M.; Blood From A Stone; Galactus; 222 Part II; Dog Teeth; Without Law; ...Sometimes...; Your Pitiful Existence; King Of The Hill; Night Drive; Crane; Snort; Dantam; Covered By Snow; I've Lived On What I've Stolen And I've Hoped Inside A Lie; Slaves Of Destruction; I Heard; Jaws; Genma; The Shake; Alh84001; Palden Gyatso; Make It Stop!; Sudden Life; Parliament Of Rooks; Fire In The Universe; Impastor; Make It Stop!

and many more.....

You want powerviolence/grindcore and the drum guru Dave Witte.. check it out

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  1. Nice one Goatorgy! I miss this band and was fortunate enough to catch them live once, I think it was at one of the Slap A Ham Fiesta Grande. I have all their vinyl output which makes up this disc, B.A.J were a killer band!


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