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Insult - EmoBashing Fastcore Pimps (2002)

EmoBashing Fastcore Pimps

Genre - Powerviolence
Origin - Horst, Limburg Netherlands
Time - 59:49 min.
File - 117.29 MB (320kbps)

Insult is a Dutch band that plays fastcore / powerviolence in a style related to Charles Bronson, Infest only with a much crustier attitude, mixing elements of old school Hardcore and Death Metal into he blend. Their last show was played in 2001.Members of Insult are also found in bands like Bile(nl), Supository(nl), HSML (Hot Steamy Monkey Love)(nl), Grizley Adams.

Their lyrics contain a heavy “fuck you all” attitude, as they despise any scene forming and above all, they hate emo’s. A split was released with Mallorn and later a cd with all of their songs (37 tracks) was released including some live performance. The disk was aptly called “Emo-bashing Fastcore Pimps” it was released in 2002.

Earlier releases:
The Sumbag Duke Sessions (7”EP) ‘98
The Wall of Death (7”EP) ‘98
TheMoshpit is our Sabbath (7”EP) 2000
Split (7”EP) 2001
(former) members are:Rob Nabbe - Loek Peters - Grizzley Rob - Willem-Jan Kneepkens - Scumbag Duke - Aran Jeurissen

Brutal fastcore unit inspired by the likes of DROPDEAD, INFEST, NEGATIVE APROACH and SIEGE unleashing a full-scale campaign for Emo-destruction throughtout shows in Europe and the UK.

Formed as an fast old school HC/Punk-band in “92 and splitting up after their transformation into violent Fastcore in late “95, the band reformed in “97 to attack the trendy-ass HC/Grind-scene at the time and slaying all Emo-weeners in the process. (lastFM)

Track List:
The Scumbag Duke Sessions 7"
1. Modern Fascist Rednecks
2. Sincerity
3. Stay Out
4. Wrong Expression
5. Rich Bastards, System Freaks
6. Mindless (Infest)
7. The Answer
8. External
9. The Truth
10. Words Only
Wall Of Death 7"split w/BSE
11. Frustrated
12. Rip Off The Rich
13. Time Does Not Heal
14. Bloodred
15. Another Day At The Office
The Moshpit Is Our Sabbath Mcd
16. Modern Fascist Retards (Scumbag Duke's Revenge)
17. Dinner Is Served
18. Sweet Revenge
19. Yellow
20. Deathcamps
21. Fohnrock
22. Time Does Not Heal (Grizzly Version)
23. Devour
24. One Inch Too Far
25. To Blame
26. Frustrated
Short, Fast & Loud Comp.
27. Let's Give Emo Something Real To Cry About
split 7"w/ Voorhees
28. Money Talks (Cryptic Slaughter)
Unreleased Tracks
29. Insanity Reigns Supreme
30. Dutch Thrash On The Rise
31. Swampfoot (Spazz)
32. Let's Give Emo....Sandal -Horror pt.2
33. Payback
Final Recording Session
34. Maggot
35. Ruined By Clowns Like You
36. The Fine Art Of Emo Bashing
Live Tracks From Their Last Show Ever
37. Payback (Grizzly Version LimboStompMosh)

Dutch rippers stick'n it to EMO! This was released on Six Weeks Records and is #79 in their catalog of releases. You can visit their page by going here. Good stuff here!

Emo Bash...NOW!

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