Thursday, March 31, 2011

River Gypsies - For the Lost and Beautiful

There's not a whole lot of bands in Elgin Illinois worth listening to, but this is one of them. An acoustic side project of a death metal band, its influences are all over the place, so in their own words:

"River Gypsies music is rooted from every kind of music, but the feel is very dark and Celtic.

Two acoustic guitars, minimal drums, very abstract yet melodic male vocals, and bass guitar when someone is around to play it (the album songs all have bass).

River Gypsies formed in January of 2008, when Mike Mahoney(Apraizal, How's Casney?) met Bjorn Andersen(Pooch Carver, Tropical Dad, Avernus) in Lake Villa, IL. The two were going through tough times and sought a way to express the raw emotions that were created by their dark pasts.

The two found that their styles mixed to form something new, unique, and therapeutic!! Neither member was any good at singing, so when they got together with singer/ song-writer/ producer, Doug Smith( Pooch Carver, Tropical Dad, Instints, Avernus...) amazing recordings began to appear!

The three are currently in the process of getting recognition, playing magical performances and evolving as recording artists. Truly, music from the lost and beautiful, for the lost and beautiful."

As always, if you like the music, help out the artist and buy the album!



Saturday, March 26, 2011

Imber Luminis - Fletus 2010

Genre(s) Atmospheric Doom Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Sorrow, Pain, Suffering
Formed 2009
Status: Active
File Size: 90MB 320Kbps

Current line-up
Déhà - All Instruments & Vocals (Yhdarl, Merda Mundi, Deviant Messiah, Wunde, Dunkelnacht, Khel, Slow)

1. Fletus 39:18
Total playing time 39:18

"Yhdarl" is one of the most insane musical experiences you will encounter lets say outside of other black/ doom projects around today. It was interesting to hear that Deha has put together another project which is day and night compared to Yhdarl. A lengthy trip, but worth the time and fucking great atmopheric doom. For those who have trouble sleeping forget those nature sound recordings and run this through the earbuds.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Virus - The Black Flux (2008)

Genre: Avant-Garde|Black
Origin: Norway
Formed: 2000
File: 107 MB (VBR)

Carl-Michael ''Czral'' Eide - guitar|vocals
Einar ''Einz'' Sjursø - drums
Petter ''Plenum'' Berntsen - bass


  • 1. Stalkers of the Drift - 4:29
  • 2. As Virulent as You Are - 5:55
  • 3. Archives - 6:31
  • 4. The Black Flux - 6:39
  • 5. Intermission: Ocean Highway - 3:53
  • 6. Inward Bound- 6:49
  • 7. Lost Peacocks - 5:47
  • 8. Shame Eclipse - 4:12
  • 9. Strange Calm - 8:51
Total playing time: I'm bad at math -|-

Some interesting jams here in the form of Virus, an off-shoot of Ved Buens Ende, an otherworldly avant-garde black metal band of sorts with the same tinge to it. Features members, past and present, of Lamented Souls, Dødheimsgård, Ulver, Cadaver and Audiopain...



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Battlefields - Stained With the Blood of an Empire (2007)

Genre: Sludge Metal
Lyrical Themes: Civilizations
Origin: USA
Label: Init
Formed: 2006
Status: Active
File Size 77MB 320Kbps

1. Tides Upon the Crescent City 07:59
2. Intimations of Antiquity 08:36
3. A Lifeless Polar Desert 09:53
4. The Blood and Time at the End of the World 07:28
Total playing time 33:56

USA sludge metal Ep that will make you rethink what you consider the best in this music genre today- check it out.

Stained With The Blood Of An Empire    
Check em out!!!