Saturday, March 26, 2011

Imber Luminis - Fletus 2010

Genre(s) Atmospheric Doom Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Sorrow, Pain, Suffering
Formed 2009
Status: Active
File Size: 90MB 320Kbps

Current line-up
Déhà - All Instruments & Vocals (Yhdarl, Merda Mundi, Deviant Messiah, Wunde, Dunkelnacht, Khel, Slow)

1. Fletus 39:18
Total playing time 39:18

"Yhdarl" is one of the most insane musical experiences you will encounter lets say outside of other black/ doom projects around today. It was interesting to hear that Deha has put together another project which is day and night compared to Yhdarl. A lengthy trip, but worth the time and fucking great atmopheric doom. For those who have trouble sleeping forget those nature sound recordings and run this through the earbuds.

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