Friday, October 30, 2009

Wino - Punctuated Equilibrium (2009)

Scott "Wino" Weinrich - Vocals, Guitar
Jean Paul Gaster - Drums, Percussion
Jon Blank - Bass
Additional Musicians:
J. Robbins - Keyboards
Steve Fisher - Additional Guitar on "Punctuated Equilibrium"

Genre: Doom/Stoner Metal
Origin: Baltimore
Formed: 2008
Current Label: Southern Lord
Status: Active

1. Release Me 6:30
2. Punctuated Equilibrium 2:50
3. The Woman In The Orange Pants 3:33
4. Smilin Road 5:10
5. Eyes of The Flesh 4:14
6. Wild Blue Yonder 6:26
7. Secret Realm Devotion 4:52
8. Water Crane 2:02
9. Gods, Frauds, Neo-Cons and Demagogues 3:12
10. Silver Lining 4:24
Total playing time

Here's a groovy stoner album that I just now found out even existed. I tell you what, if you are a Saint Vitus fan you are gonna love this stuff. Wino is in top form just rocking out with this up-beat heavy metal doom band. I'm actually listening to this for the first time right now and I'm loving it. Just had to share. I believe Jean Paul was in Clutch. This album sounds so oldschool, it's gonna be cracking my top ten list this year, I'm thinking.


Boris - Feedbacker (2003)

Japanese drone legends at their best. One song, five parts, plenty of awesomeness.

Track list:

"Feedbacker" - 43:49

  1. Pt. 1 – 9:38

  2. Pt. 2 – 14:54

  3. Pt. 3 – 5:52

  4. Pt. 4 – 9:51

  5. Pt. 5 – 3:32

Mongo Ninja - 2009 - ... And The Wrist is History

2009 - And The Wrist Is History

Norway (Oslo)

Current line-up

Kristopher - Lead Vocals
Christian - Guitar
Mads - Bass, Backing Vocals
Peter - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bård - Drums (Emperor, Thorns, Stigma Diabolicum, Impostor/Death Fuck, Zyklon, Aborym, Scum (Nor), Decomposed Cunt, Hesperus Dimension)

Track Listing:

Band Aid On Cancer

Hit By A Truck

Kids With Tits

Vance & Belknap

Gotta Get Drunk


Turd World War

Pissqueen Of Oslo

Gillar Ni Boogie?


Like Fuckin On Meth

My Cock Your Pain

Shoot The Hostages

Total playing time

Holy shiteatin' Jesus! Mongo motherfuckin' Ninja! No beast so fierce! Get ready for 13 songs of lethal misanthropic punkrock mixed with ferocious metal, some infernal boogieriffs, guttural drunken vocals and lyrics that deals with such subjects as sexual frustration, self loathing, violence, fat kids, alcohol abuse and patricide.

Mongo Ninja is here to rock your ass off, blow everything to pieces, fuck and fuck up everything breathing! Burn, pillage and destroy! Mongo Ninja will detonate like a fuckin' nailbomb in your fragile skull. Mongo Ninja is about as gentle as a spikeglowed fistfuck! It feels like being tied down and force fed with slugs from a 12 guage shotgun. Over and over and over again! You will find yourself stumbling around in circles like a drooling moron with a totally sandblasted brain, your jaw on the floor, both hands in permanent skullgrips, and unable to say anything but... GgggagArrgagaaargh! - taken from their Myspace

Do I really need to say anything else??

This shit OWNS.   Thanks to Mari @ the sludgeswamp for this one!!

Gotta Get Drunk

Zuriaake & Yn Gizarm - Autumn of Sad Ode / Siming of Loulan (Split, 2005)

Genre: Black Metal
Origin: China

1. Dying in Autumn 6:04
2. Thinking in Autumn 7:10
3. Sad Ode 7:05
4. Elapsing in Autumn 7:13

Yn Gizarm:
5. The Ruins of Loulan 8:30
6. Ghosts in Ambush 7:17
7. Burying in the River of Peacock 5:29
8. Migration 8:32
Total playing time

This split is pefect for autumn as you can see by the track listing. I'm a huge fan of Chinese black metal and this is one of the better releases. Both bands play tranquil, mid paced atmospheric black metal that just oozes melancholy. Check it out.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eyehategod/Anal Cunt - Split - 1997 - In These Black Days: Vol. 1

1997 - In These Black Days: Vol. 1

Track Listing:

Avalaible on 7" vinyl only.

First of six Black Sabbath tribute-splits released by Hydra Head.

Sabbath Jam (Cornucopia / Hand of Doom / Beyond The Wall of Sleep)

Killing Yourself to Live / It's Allright / Sabbra Cadabra / Blow on a Jug

Total playing time

Holy Mother of all fucks. If you are a fan of either of these bands and still have not heard this, then go kill yourself. 

Or just get it now and listen to it instantly, it will only take 12 minutes!!!!


Genocide Organ - The Truth Will Make You Free (1999)

1999 release from the German death industrial group. This is the original LP version. One of their strongest albums in my opinion.

Track list:
  1. "Harmony"
  2. "They are so cheap"
  3. "Deliberate"
  4. "We will never see"
  1. "City Breed"
  2. "No return"
  3. "Who wants to be king"
  4. "Turn you into gas"
  5. "Inner crisis conflict"
  6. "Die Wahrheit"

The Truth Will Make You Free

Cirith Gorgor - Firestorm Apocalypse - Tomorrow Shall Know the Blackest Dawn (2004)

Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Country: Netherlands
Formed 1993
Status: Active
Marchosias - Guitar
Inferno - Guitar
Lord Mystic - Bass
Levithmong - Drums
Nimroth - Vocals
Quality: mp3: 320kbps
Size: 132 MB

1. The Gates of Hell 10:08
2. Degeneration of Mankind 7:05
3. Arcane Illusion 05:06
4. Prelude to the Final Holocaust 1:40
5. Fields of Eternal Glory 10:20
6. Perishing Nights 3:26
7. Eternal Damnation 8:04
8. Firestorm Apocalypse / The Coming of a Greater Era 11:00
Total playing time 56:49
What can I even say about this album? As far as I'm concerned it's a very well played melodic black metal masterpiece. This puppy is epic beyond belief and I'm not just saying that.

The Cult is growing even bigger.....

Well, as you may have noticed, we have a few new members here.  It started with Kur, Master Cthulhu, then Skaven (who is having some computer difficulties as of now)  and now our newest member PortraitOfSanity.  He has similar music tastes as the rest of us here, so you already now he'll fit in just fine. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Esoteric - Esoteric Emotions - The Death of Ignorance (Demo, 1993)

Genre: Funeral Doom/Psychedelic Death Metal
Lyrical Themes: Misanthropy, Infinite Space, Dreams, Isolation
Origin: U.K.
Formed: 1992
Status: Active

Greg Chandler - Vocals
Gordon Bicknell - Guitar, Synthesizer
Simon - Guitar
Stuart - Guitar
Bryan Beck - Bass
Darren - Drums

CD 1:
1. Esoteric 9:06
2. In Solitude 7:10
3. Enslavers of the Insecure 8:44
4. Scarred 12:13
CD 2:
1. Eyes of Darkness 16:48
2. Infanticidal Fantasies 7:56
3. Expectations of Love 8:15
4. The Laughter of the Ignorant 7:14
Total playing time

This is Esoteric's first and only demo before assaulting the world with 5 straight miraculous full lengths. This is almost straight forward death metal with some really slow parts. In my opinion, this shit is Great!

Cd 1
Cd 2

Batmobile - 1989 - Amazons From Outer Space

 1989 - Amazons From Outer Space

Track Listing:

1. Ice Rock
2. Gorilla Beat
3. Aardvark Blues
4. Dead (I Want Them When They Are Dead)
5. Sinners Rock
6. Ravin' Women
7. Amazons from Outer Space
8. Sex-Rays
9. Hammer Killing
10. Hard-On Rock
11. Earthquake
12. Grab the Money and Run
13. Jungle Night

Here's another classic Batmobile album.  This one is one of their best I think.

Grab the Money and Run!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Original Sin - Destroy My Life (Demo 2006)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Misanthropy, Hatred, Depression, War, Revelation
Origin: China
Formed: 2006
Status: Active
Current Lineup: Evil Soul - All Instruments, Vocals

1. Autumn Moon
2. Curse of the Sleeper
3. Sadness
4. Fantasy of Masturbator
Total playing time

This is Original Sin's very first demo and their most evil and haunting music. It's slower paced and depressing with buzzsaw guitars and ominous keyboards. It's like garage black metal at points but the sound quality and production is very good for a demo.


Lord Wind - Atlantean Monument (2006)

Genres: Darkwave / Folk / Medieval
Lyrical Themes: Paganism, War
Origin: Poland
Formed: 1994
Status: Active
Lineup: Rob Darken - All instruments

1. Atlantean Monument 2:05
2. The Temple of Harmony 7:14
3. Valleys of Forgotten Tombs 6:43
4. Shining Eyes of Misty Witch 4:34
5. Rain Healing the Wounds 7:57
6. Secret Key to Hidden Wisdom 10:24
7. Summoning the Wind 7:43
8. Flame of Ancient Glory 8:45
9. Tower of Cult of Fire 5:08
10. Garden of the Wizards 4:37
11. The Temple of Sun 5:38
12. Field of Broken Swords 4:40
Total playing time

This is Rob Darken's 4th full length album with his solo project Lord Wind and it's by far his most mature and beautiful work to date. This album has wonderful peaceful keyboard melodies along with tribal drumming and choral vocals. You will be taken to Medieval times and your mind will be filled with wonder and tranquility.

Lord Wind

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moondark- The Shadowpath

Genre- Death Metal
Origin- Sweden
Formed- 2003
Release date- 1993/2007

What we have here is another quality buzzsaw-sounding Swedish old-school death metal act. This isn't really a new release (MA lists it as a 2007 release), but it's a rerelease of their demo from '93. The thing that stands out most here is the guitar tone, and evil just drips from it. This is pretty inaccessible, and there are almost no melodies to be found here. This is pure, unadulterated death metal from back in the day of the buzzsaw.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Critters Buggin - 1994 - Guest

Critters Buggin is a Seattle, Washington-based instrumental group which performs in a jazz, rock and african-influenced, eclectic style. The band is composed of Matt Chamberlain (drums, percussion, piano, programming, synths, loops, samples and digital editing), Skerik (saxophones, keyboards, loops, samples, effects and guitar), Brad Houser (bass, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet and electronics) and Mike Dillon (vibraphone and percussion).

1994 - Guest

Track Listing:

1 "Shag" - 4:43
2 "Kickstand Hog" - 6:52
3 "Critters Theme" - 6:21
4 "T-Ski" - 3:12
5 "5/4 FTD" - 5:34
6 "Fretless Nostril" - 5:51
7 "Double Pot Roast Backpack" - 1:19
8 "Naked Truth" - 5:48
9 "Los Lobos" - 12:56

If you enjoyed the Garage A Trois Stuff, or the Bobby Previte album, then you need to....

Get Some Pot Roast

Sluts - 1982 - 12 Inches of Sluts LP

Remember when punk rock was loud, obnoxious, and offensive? The Sluts were an early 80's New Orleans punk band that fit that description perfectly! Their vocalist, Dee Slut, auditoned for Black Flag when Dez Cadena wanted to switch to guitar, but, obviously, Rollins got the gig. They are mentioned in Henry Rollins "Get In The Van". - taken from Paranoize  ( big thanks to Bobby @

1982 - 12 Inches of Sluts LP

Track Listing:

1. Head Hunter
2. Chicken Sticken
3. Fuck You
4. Cunning Linguist
5. Gator Rockin
6. I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend Baby
7. One Chord City
8. Nuke the Whales
9. Poor blacks
10.Hey Hey We're the Sluts
11.Mom's Cunt
12.Rip Off Rocker
13.Draft Song

This is some classic stuff right here.  Any punk/hardcore fan should check this out. 

Hey Hey

Friday, October 23, 2009

Batmobile - 1997 - Welcome to Planet Cheese

1997 - Welcome to Planet Cheese

Track Listing:

01 Lucie
02 Skin & Bones
03 Digested Brain
04 Never Meet Again
05 Lovin Is Wild
06 Homicidal Girl
07 Amanzing Crace
08 Any Day Now
09 Come To Me
10 Long Hot Night
11 Stop Wasting My Time
12 Eat My Gun
13 Any Day Now

 Well, since
          a)  I love this band


          b)  The other album I posted got a lot of dl's so...


Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Devil Dogs - Satuday Night Fever (1993)

Formed: New York
Genre: Rockabilly, Punk

Devil Dogs:
The Fabulous Andy G (guitar, vocals)
Crazy Stevie (bass guitar)
Mighty Joe Vincent (drums).

01. Big Fuckin Party (PT.1) (3:06)
02. Dance With You Baby (1:48)
03. Gonna Be My Girl (2:09)
04. Once Around The Block (1:56)
05. I Don’t Believe You (2:18)
06. Backstage (2:36)
07. Back In The City (1:56)
08. 6th Ave Local (2:15)
09. It’s Not Easy (2:05)
10. Sweet Like Wine (3:21)
11. Stuck In 3rd Gear (2:52)
12. Alright! (2:35)
13. Big Fuckin Party (Reprise) (1:12)
14. Get On Your Knees (3:34)
15. Hellraiser (2:59)
16. Burnin Love (2:21)
17. So Young (3:00)
18. Long Gone (2:07)

Batmobile got me thinking about rockabilly type styles then i thought of the greatest punkabilly band ever! It's the god freakin' Devil Dogs! Damn this cd really brings back some memories for me. It's just a non stop party punk band with an exciting 50's flare. This is New York's hidden gem right here.

Devil Dogs

Batmobile - 1988 - Bail Was Set at $6,000,000

Batmobile is a Dutch psychobilly band from Rotterdam and Breda that had its start in 1983. They are one of the best selling acts in psychobilly and they are the only psychobilly band that is still active in their original line up.

1988 - Bail Was Set at $ 6,000,000

Track Listing:

01 Kiss Me Now
02 Magic Word Called Love
03 Cant Find My Way Back Home
04 Mystery Street
05 Calamity Man
06 Shoot Shoot
07 Gorilla Rock
08 Gates O Heaven
09 Girls Girls Girls
10 Hang On
11 100 Pounds Of Trouble
12 Aces Of Spades

You can never go wrong with psychobilly cover songs!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bobby Previte - 2006 - The Coalition of the Willing

2006 - The Coalition of the Willing

The Coalition of the Willing is the 2006 album by drummer Bobby Previte. It combines elements of both jazz and classic rock. Featured artists include Charlie Hunter on guitar, Steve Bernstein on trumpet, Jamie Saft on the Hammond organ and Skerik on saxophone. Although Hunter is mostly known for his unique eight-string guitar work, he uses a regular six-string guitar on the album. Previte toured Europe and North America in support of the album. 

The Coalition of the Willing is an instrumental jazz and rock "all-star" ensemble led by Bobby Previte.  Live performances are improvisational emphasizing groove, experimental and cross-genres. The self-titled album was released 2006 (Ropeadope) and the tour began in early 2006. The West Coast touring band has remained active through July 2007.

Album Musician Credits

    * Bobby Previte - Drums & Percussion
    * Charlie Hunter - Electric Guitars, Electric Basses
    * Steven Bernstein - Trumpet, Slide Trumpet
    * Jamie Saft - Organ, Mellotron, Moog, Electric Guitars, Electric Basses
    * Skerik - Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
    * Stanton Moore - Drums
    * Stew Cutler - Harmonica, Slide Guitar

European Touring Band - Winter/Spring 2006

    * Bobby Previte: drums
    * Charlie Hunter: guitar
    * Steven Bernstein: trumpet, slide trumpet
    * Marco Benevento: organ, electric piano, electronics

USA Touring Band - Fall 2006

    * Charlie Hunter - Skerik - Robert Walter - Bobby Previte

USA Touring Band - Winter 2007

    * THE SEPARATION: Marco Benevento - Reed Mathis - Bobby Previte This performance was a collaboration with playwright/director Andrea Kleine, the early music choir "The Rose Ensemble" and visual artist Anna Kiraly. It was co-commitioned by and premiered at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota February 2, 2007.
    * WEST COAST TOUR: Reed Mathis - Brian Coogan - Skerik - Bobby Previte

Track Listing:

  1. "The Ministry of Truth" - 5:16
  2. "Airstrip One" - 4:45
  3. "Versificator" - 6:09
  4. "The Ministry of Love" - 5:50
  5. "Oceania" - 5:07
  6. "The Inner Party" - 5:56
  7. "Memory Hole" - 7:54
  8. "Anthem for Andrea" - 6:09

This album is GREAT.  If you checked out my posts of Garage a Trois, you should love this. 


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

L'ira Del Baccano- Si Non Sedes Is - Live MMVII

Genre: Doom
Year: 2007

The title of this album is very misleading, as from a band that is very unknown, a live album would be expected to be recorded on a shitty tape recorder and sound, well, shitty. That is not the case. This sounds like a real full-length, except for the cheering at the end of about half the songs. About the music, this is completely instrumental and really trippy. Try listening to this on LSD. Anyways, the music is based on the guitar, and the guitar tone, which sounds heavy as Sunn O))). The difference here is that this band plays actual riffs, and they are some of the greatest 70s-style Doom riffs I've ever heard. Yes, they dress like hippies.

This is a band-sanctioned download, by the way, so send it to everyone.



Monday, October 19, 2009

The Independents - Back From the Grave (2002)

Genre: Ska punk, Rockabilly
Formed: South Carolina, U.S.A. 1993

Track List:
Little Blue
In The Rain
Bloody Night
Beer Song
Nothing Left To Say
C Is For Cookie
Left For Dead
Hanging Girl
Flesh Eaters
Death Notice
Fire and Ice
Vampire From Outer Space
Garden Of Serenity
Heavy Metal Weekend
Sword of Damocles
Boney Fiend Needs Beer

Well I was trying to think of some Halloween themed music and the Misfits were far too obvious so i found this gem instead. Think Elvis styled rockabilly with ska punk influences all about zombies, vampires and killers. This is some of the best music by The Independents and I'm sure you will love their spooky take on horrorbilly ska punk!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lance Lopez - 2007 - Higher Ground


"Higher Ground", the amazing fourth studio disc from bad-ass Dallas blues/rock axeripper Lance Lopez featuring 11 killer tracks (64 minutes) of brain-damaging, intense, powerful, funky, soul-powered, bluesy, retro-70's Hendrix-inspired heavy guitar power trio rock that will trip your brain hard. An outstanding, bona-fide, supreme heavy guitar monster from start to finish.

2007 - Higher Ground

Track Listing:

1.   Higher Ground
2.   That's a Fact
3.   Let Me Love You
4.   El Paso Sugar
5.   Type of Girl
6.   Drinkin My Blues
7.   Every Dog Has His Day
8.   Thunderbird South
9.   Hard Livin
10. Every Time I Turn Around
11. Kool Iron Red

  Could there be a bigger monster guitar player out there than Dallas-native Lance Lopez? The guy plays gargantuan heavy Hendrix riffs that rip the cover right off the speaker. He destroys his axe, be it a flying “V”, “SG” or a Les Paul “Custom”. Here’s a guy that should be talked about in the same breath as Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Eric Gales. His six-string wizardry is primarily blues-based but there is plenty of funk, rock and metal in the mix. Hailing from Texas gives him a handle on the ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan’ shuffle heard in “Drinkin’ My Blues” and the hard driving “Thunderbird South.” Both pay homage to ‘the man’ but there’s enough of the Lopez signature aggression that keeps it original – giving respect without duplicating. Being from the Lone Star state also allows him to partner up with some of the area’s hotshot players. On this, his fourth disc, Lopez cuts saw with guest guitarists Wes Jeans and Phillip Brown where they trade licks on such blistering numbers as “Hard Livin”, “Everytime I Turn Around” and the scorching Mississippi Fred McDowell track “Kool Iron Bed.”
The disc takes its name from the Stevie Wonder hit “Higher Ground”. Lopez uses the song as his lead in track, which springs to action with a thick funky beat and finds the Hendrix soul to a signature R&B classic. The Funkadelic inspiration continues through “That’s A Fact” with a hot lead and lots of metallic muscle. Lopez augments his voice from his usual baritone gruffness to pulsed electronic fuzz then launches into Willie Dixon’s “Let Me Love You” with hard rock blues. His love affair with roots blues is very much at home in the 12-bar “Hard Livin” complete with juke joint piano. Among the many hair-raising tracks “El Paso Sugar” steals the show with its ZZ Top sting and some clever Elmore James slide. For a self-produced, self-played record Higher Ground has a remarkably beefy production. It allows the artist to pull out all the stops and work a Commodores spin on “Type of Girl” with a Bootsy Collins strut into “Every Dog Has It’s Day.” Strictly for fans of lead-foot guitar with no brakes. - Todd K. Smith (Cutting Edge) (11.07)

Thunderbird South

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cemetary - An Evil Shade Of Grey (1992)

Genre: Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Love, Death, Despair, Depression
Origin: Sweden
Formed: 1989
Status: Unknown

Line up:
Mathias Lodmalm - Vocals, Lead Guitar and Keyboard
Christian Saarinen - Rhythm Guitar
Zrinko Culjak - Bass
Juha Sievers - Drums

1. Dead Red
2. Where the Rivers Of Madness Stream
3. Dark Illusions
4. An Evil Shade Of Grey
5. Sidereal Passing
6. Scars
7. Nightmare Lake
8. Souldrain
Total: 35:59

Since everyone else seems to be in a death metal mood, i'll throw one up that i've been into lately. It's Cemetary's debut album and i just love this because it's got the soft keyboards leering in the background and beautifully melodic death metal riffing and leads just adding immensely to the creepy atmosphere. In my opinion, this is how death metal should sound.


Creepmime - 1995 - Chiaroscuro

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Netherlands (Oegstgeest, South Holland) 
Formed in 1991
Officially Split up in 1998

 1995 - Chiaroscuro


Track Listing:

1.The Colour Still Unwinds04:35
2.Scarlet Man03:32
3.In The Flesh05:29
7.Black Widower04:08
8.Fools Paradise04:56
9.King of Misrule05:19
10.God's Thoughts05:53

 This is Creepmime's second and final release. Every time I listen to this album I wonder, what would have become of these guys had they not split up?  It's a shame too, because these guys were damn good. If you enjoyed their first album, don't miss this one.  


Yogth Sothoth- Abominations of the Nebulah Mortiis

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Colombia
Formed: 2003

Klisgor - Vocals
Carlos Zea - Guitar
Victor Hoyos - Bass
Mauricio Puntilla Londoño - Drums

01. Prayer Of Doom (Chronicle Of The Mad Arab)
02. Lugubrious Crimson Twilight
03. Endless Infernal Darkness
04. Mystic Void
05. Calling The Wrath Of Evil
06. Crawling Chaos
07. Abominations Of The Nebulah Mortiis
08. Cthulhu Fhtagn
09. Rites Of Destruction (Evil Sorcerers Domain)
10. Incantations In Full Moon

This is my first post here, so I guess it's time to start off my first entry with a bang. This is Yogth Sothoth, who are obviously Lovecraftian influenced, and their debut album Abominations of the Nebulah Mortiis, and it's some of the most brutal stuff to ever get laid down on record. This album has pretty good production, and every instrument is as crushing as a planetary collision. The vocals are more than your average death metal growls, as the band uses two distinct styles: one that is "down in the gutter" and a high-pitched howl, almost black-metalish in a way.

There are no words to describe the utter brutality of this record, so preview (and then buy, of course, as it's only $10 on Sevared records) the album for yourself.



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gehenna - First Spell (1994) + Black Seared Heart re-release w/ bonus tracks (1996)

Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Norway
Formed: 1993
Dolgar: vocals
Sanrabb: guitars
Svartalv: bass
Dirge Rep: drums
Sarcana: keyboards
First Spell:
1. The Shivering Voice of the Ghost 6:05
2. Unearthly Loose Palace 5:44
3. Angelwings and Ravenclaws 2:41
4. The Conquering of Hirsir 6:07
5. Morningstar 5:57
Total playing time
Black Seared Heart w/ bonus tracks:
1. Intro 0:48
2. Two Demons Eight Spirits 2:33
3. Black Seared Heart 3:46
4. Angelwings and Ravenclaws 2:44
5. The Chariots that Carried Her to the Grave 5:32
6. Outro 2:33
7. Outro II 0:40
8. A Witch Is Born 5:37
9. Night of the Serpent's Judgement 4:46
10. Midwinter Forest 3:23
Total playing time
(Tracks 1-7 are labelled "Pact I" and appeared on the 1993 demo. Tracks 8 & 9 are labelled "Pact II" (Track 8 appeared in a different form on the release "Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness (The Second Spell)." Track 10 is labelled "Pact III." )
Well this is Gehenna's earliest music and i really think it's by far their best work. A guy named Dr. Death turned me onto these albums when I had only heard their later stuff and i just loved them. This is slower tempo and old school sounding black metal with an aura of mystery and magic.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Andre Williams and the New Orleans Hellhounds - 2008 - Can You Deal With It?

At age 72, Chicago’s “Mr. Rhythm” is showing no signs of slowing down. Popping up on the American soul scene in the mid-1950s, Andre Williams scored a number of small-time hits such as “Bacon Fat” and “Jail Bait” for Detroit’s Fortune Records. Through the 1960s and ‘70s he supplemented his career as a Chess Records recording artist by writing and producing material for Stevie Wonder, Ike and Tina, and Parliament/Funkadelic.
The 1980s and early ‘90s were a different story, however. Crack addiction led to dire poverty and at one point Williams was begging for change on the streets of Chicago. Fortunately, since 1996 it’s been mostly upwards and onwards for the Alabama-born singer. In 1998, he released the comeback album, Silky, revisiting many of his early hits from the ‘50s. In 1999, he released a fairly well received country album called “Red Dirt” with Toronto indie rockers the Sadies. Since then he’s been steadily releasing albums every couple of years, touring Europe several times and collaborating with a host of young bands such as the Netherlands’ Green Hornet (Holland Shuffle!) and Detroit’s Two-Star Tabernacle (Ramblin’ Man).
The collaborations continue with this month’s release of Can You Deal With It? via Bloodshot Records (Neko Case, Ryan Adams). This time around, Mr. Rhythm teams up with the “alcoholic miscreants” of the Morning 40 Federation. Known here as the New Orleans Hellhounds, this rollicking ten-piece really is more beast than band. Over 33 minutes and nine cuts, Can You Deal With It? is a sleaze rock mud bath. Stylistically, you get the works. Whether it’s hot-rodded R&B, a woozy hangover ballad, or just some good old-fashioned front porch country, this album’s got just about everything you can cram under the garage rock umbrella.
The opening title track is a wildly triumphant gesture, especially when you take into account the fact that Williams’ career could easily have ended 20 years ago. Emerging from a noxious haze of overdriven organ fumes (courtesy of the mysterious Mr. Quintron), “Can You Deal With It?” snaps together with a tight bass riff coupled to some hellacious lead guitar. Next up is the infectious “Hear Ya Dance”. Probably the sexiest song about phone sex you’re ever likely to hear, it’s also the album’s finest overall track. Williams’ lascivious spoken word snakes around a smoky groove to hair-raising effect, while a hushed Mick Jagger-esque falsetto refrain adds icing to the cake.
Other standouts include the galloping “Pray For You Daughter”, featuring wailing horns, harmonica and an exuberant call-and-response vocal. “Rosalie” is an enormously fun hillbilly ballad (in spite of several completely indecipherable lyrics), while “If It Wasn’t For You” is a surprisingly sincere and openhearted plea to a lover for forgiveness. From top to bottom, Can You Deal With It? is a record that overflows with gritty, gutter-mouthed soul. Williams and the kids from NOLA are a perfect fit, serving up track after track of garage rock brilliance. Under usual circumstances, cross-generational collaboration seems risky at best, but this album shows that if it’s carried off with the right balance of reverence and reckless abandon the results can be extremely rewarding.

2008 - Can You Deal With It?

Track Listing:

1 Can You Deal with It?
2 Hear Ya Dance
3 Never Had a Problem
4 Pray for You Daughter
5 If You Leave Me
6 Rosalie
7 If It Wasn't for You
8 Your Woman
9 Can't Take 'Em Off

If you enjoyed the Morning 40 stuff, check this out. 

The New Orleans Hellhounds = Morning 40. + Andre Williams = AWESOME.


Sad Legend - The Revenge of Soul (2009)

Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Sadness, darkness
Origin: Korea, South (Seoul)
Formed: 1997

Current Line-up:
Naamah - Vocals(all), Bass, Guitar, Drums, Synths

Na Byeong-Geol - Guitar
No Hwan-Su - Guitar
Lee Gang-Hyeon - Bass

1. Axe 4:07
2. MARUTA 9:00
3. Executioner 5:53
4. Elegy Of Slaughter Echoing In The East 10:11
5. Imjin War 5:49
6. The Reaper's Song 5:49
7. Night Of The Hunt 5:40
Total playing time

To say this album is long awaited is completely an understatement. I'd pretty much given up on this band because it's been 11 years since their incredible self titled debut. But, out of nowhere, here's the second full length from this South Korean band. I'm just about to listen for the first time myself, so I'm posting this on faith.

Sad Legend

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lifelover - Pulver (2006)

Genres: Black Metal/Depressive Rock
Lyrical themes: Cities, drugs, hate, misery, dark humor
Origin: Sweden (Stockholm)
Formed: 2005

( ) - Vocals, guitars, speech
B - Guitars, bass, piano, lyrics, speech
1853 - Lyrics, additional vocals, speech
LR - Lyrics

"Nackskott" (Neckshot) – 3:16
"M/S Salmonella" – 5:00
"Mitt öppna öga" (My Open Eye) – 3:32
"Kärlek – becksvart melankoli" (Love – Pitch Black Melancholy) – 4:44
"Vardagsnytt" (Everyday News) – 2:50
"Avbrott sex" (Pause/Break Six) – 2:07
"Stockholm" – 4:13
"Söndag" (Sunday) – 3:16
"Herrens hand" (Hand of the Lord) – 2:45
"Medicinmannen" (The Medicine Man) – 0:43
"Nästa gryning" (Next Dawn) – 6:25
"En sång om dig" (A Song About You) – 3:40
Total time: 42:31

This is Lifelover's first full length and it retains all of the innocence and playful charm that their later releases seem to gradually lose. "Pulver" is both uplifting and depressing at the same time. Expect influence from dark pop type bands like Joy Division and some black metal influences.

file updated to 320kbps 1/1/10

Sunn O))) - Dømkirke Live in Beregen Cathedral

2008 - Dømkirke
Dømkirke is perfectly suited to be a vinyl-only release. Coming from the collector-oriented doom-metal aficionados at Southern Lord Recordings, these two 180 gram slabs of vinyl absolutely bring out the "warmth" (or, should I say "coldth") of the Bergen, Norway cathedral where it was recorded live. The first track is especially well-suited, as ex-Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar belts out Satanic Gregorian chant music over the rumble of an ancient pipe organ and Sunn O)))'s deliciously barbiturate brand of sonic evil. The highlight, though, is "Cannon," a song so dark that gargoyles are sure to rise off these drab gray buildings and swallow innocent souls raw. Dømkirke is the kind of work that, to quote fellow RYM-er RIStout, "Makes me want to go to church again. That is if Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley were the music directors and Attila Csihar was the cantor."

Track Listing:

1. Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds?
2. Cannon
3. Cymatics
4. Masks The Aetmospheres

 This is probably one of the creepiest recordings I have ever heard.  I listened to it for the first time on some really good headphones, I suggest you do the same (that way you don't miss anything).  I'm a sucker for creepy drawn out drone/doom. 


The Gault - 2005 - Even As All Before US

2005 - Even As All Before Us

The Gault was a short-lived doom metal band formed out of the ashes of San Francisco’s acclaimed Weakling, and Even As All Before Us was their sole, devastating release. This hard to find album is one of the most emotionally exhausting recordings I have come across, as it incorporates the gloomy atmosphere of early industrial rock and melds it with jangly post-punk instrumentation, producing a depressive, droning sound that insulates your senses.

While the throbbing bass lines, martial drumming and Gothic vocals place The Gault among doom metal peers Warning and the more experimental work of Earth and Sunn O))), their cacophonous guitar work also follows a shoegazing torrent akin to The Angelic Process . Naming off influences and contemporaries is a suitable way of describing The Gault’s sound, but conveying the crushing effect this music has on you is a much harder task. It’s swirling rhythms and shimmering guitars are dizzying in their intensity and will drown out any distractions from the outside world. Even As All Before Us moves like a relentless undertow, constantly drawing you into a violently spinning current. This is not to say that The Gault’s music isn’t beautiful or redemptive, as tracks like "Country Road, Six Miles In" and "The Shore Becomes the Enemy" also feature the serene, airy vocals of Lorraine Rath to balance out the deep and booming voice of Ed Kunakemakorn, who dominates most of the album.

For its almost militant energy, disturbing vocals, and natural imagery, Even As All Before Us is a unique contribution to the doom metal genre, capturing the feeling of an arduous journey to somewhere far removed from the comforting spaces of the everyday. This is music that sticks with you long after the tracks are over, pushing you into a difficult, if not tormented, state of mind. Despite their challenging demeanor, The Gault are undeniably masters of genuine emotional delivery, playing out a haunting musical drama that sears its way into your memory. - Review taken from

Track Listing:

01. Ire (Intro)
02. Obliscene
03. Bright White Blind
04. County Road, Six Miles In
05. Outer Dark
06. The Shore Becomes The Enemy
07. Hour Before Dawn

The Gault featured members of Weakling, Amber Asylum, and Asunder, too bad they broke up.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Forgotten Land - Samhain - Autumn (2007)

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient
Lyrical themes: Ancient Times/Dream Worlds
Origin: U.S.A. (Springfield, Ohio)
Current line-up: Lord Tetrarch - All Instruments/Vocals/Artwork
Formed In: 2003
Status: Active
1. Introduction 2:40
2. An Autumn Whisper Legend 9:50
3. Tempest of a Gale 8:43
4. In the Caves of Enceladus 7:17
5. Mysteries of the Artifact 15:31
6. What Reflected Off the Water 09:10
Total playing time
Here's an album that goes with the season. Forgotten land is a wonderful solo project by Lord Tetrarch out of Ohio and he plays an awe inspiring blend of dark ambient and black metal. Perfect for sipping on coffee and watching the leaves fall, this is truly a majestic and relaxing album. The metal elements are pretty minimal so get this if you are into ambient soundscapes.

John Scofield (and Medeski, Martin, and Wood) - 1998 - A Go Go

1998 - A Go Go

A Go Go, one of John Scofield's early funk/jazz endeavors was released on April 7, 1998. This album is also his first collaboration with avant garde jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood.

Track Listing:

  1. A Go Go
  2. Chank
  3. Boozer
  4. Southern Pacific
  5. Jeep on 35
  6. Kubrick
  7. Green Tea
  8. Hottentot
  9. Chicken Dog
  10. Deadzy

This album is another one of my personal fav's.  This is a MUST for any fan of Jazz or just chill music in general.  I have been listening to this album non-stop since it was released.  I listen to this at work, in the car, at a barbecue, or just about anywhere else I am if it's with me. Even all you "Kvlt" black metalers should give this a listen... lol  It might "brighten" your corpsepaint.  


Kamchatka - 2007 - Volume II

2007 - Volume II

Volume II is the second album of Kamchatka, a 11 track album containing 1 cover: "Enemy Maker" originally written by Alan Haggerty. The album was recorded by Tobias Strandvik and Kamchatka, mixed by Nicholas Elgstrand and Kamchatka and mastered by Tobias Strandvik and Kamchatka at Shrimpmonkey studios.

Track Listing:

  1. "Who Am I?"
   2. "Breathe"
   3. "Terminus"
   4. "Withstand"
   5. "From Here"
   6. "Enemy Maker"
   7. "Heritage"
   8. "Sweet Relief"
   9. "Pogonophonics"
  11. "Jigsaw"

Here is Kamchatka's second release.  If you enjoyed their first one, don't miss this. Songs like the album opener "Who am I?" and "Terminus" are definitely gonna keep you hooked, and just make sure you are mentally ready for the mind-blowing "Pogonophonics". 


Friday, October 9, 2009

Njiqahdda - Njimajikal Arts (2007)

Origin: United States of America (Illinois)
Genres: Atmospheric Black Metal/Psychedelic Rock/Ambient
Lyrical theme: Meditation, Nature, Transcendence
Formed In: 2005
Status: Active

Current line-up:
/ - Clean Vocals, Synths/Keys, Guitars, Field Recordings
_ - Distorted Vocals, Drums, Bass

Disc 1
1. Blister Within the Hive 8:49
2. A Tale of Ancient Tongue 17:53
3. Blue Wintry Days 28:23

Disc 2
1. Ancient Tongue Recital 22:01
2. The Wintry Grey 22:40
Total playing time

Well this double cd is Njiqahdda's first full length release and it's also my favorite. Don't let the song lengths scare you, this music will take you to another place in your mind. It truly is a majikal masterpiece. I haven't heard anything else like this. Ever. What you will get here is over 2 hours of mesmerizing tranquil black metal soundscapes, and i promise you will become addicted to this band.

Njimajikal Arts

Creepmime - 1993 - Shadows

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Netherlands (Oegstgeest, South Holland) 
Formed in 1991
Officially Split up in 1998

1993 - Shadows  (Mascot Records)

Track Listing:

 Recorded & mixed at the Excess studio, Rotterdam, Holland, during August '93.
Produced by Patrick Mameli.
Engineered by Hans Pieters.
Mixed by Hans Pieters & Patrick Mameli (of the band Pestilence).
All songs by Creepmine.

Released in the United States on January 25, 1994 by Pavement.

1.The Fruits of Ill Virtue          05:13  
2.A Serenade for the Tragic    05:32  
3.Suffer the Shadows              05:59  
4.The Way of All Flesh           05:48  
5.Chinese Whispers                06:56  
6.Soon Ripe, Soon Rotten      07:01  
7.Gather the Shattered            05:50  
8.My Soul Flayed Bare           05:38  
Total playing time                    47:573

This is one of the first Death Metal albums I ever heard when I was a kid.  It's pretty damn good, and still contends with many of the more recent Death Metal albums that circulate in my play lists.  I would say it's one of the gems of the earlier days of the genre.   


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Astrofaes - Those Whose Past is Immortal (2005)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Heathenism, Nationalism, Heritage, Nature
Origin: Ukraine
Formed: 1996

Current line-up:
Thurios - Guitar, Vocals
Krechet - Bass
Amorth - Drums

1. The Principle of Existence 8:39
2. Hate Fang 6:44
3. The Depths of the Past 9:25
4. Blackest Mountain Chain of Cursed Time 9:30
5. The Abyss (The Edge of Eternity) 7:01
6. Soul of The Black Forest 5:47
7. Glacial Darkness 3:43

This is the absolute peak of Astrofaes' discography, everything comes together perfectly here. This is their tribute to Pagan times and the music sounds glorious and battle-weary. You must check this one out if you are a fan of organic pagan black metal, or epic music in general.

Fatter Than Albert

The New Van! (all photos by Annie Walker)

John B : Drums
Greg R: Bass
D-Ray Trombone/ Organ / Backing Vocals
Hunter M: Guitar
Michael V: Vocals
Charlie M: Sax / Vocals

Fast paced punk, ska, and hardcore. This band brings influences from their home town of New Orleans, LA to make a jazz influenced version of this blend of music. They are six weird kids. Mostly focused on music, girls, and beer. - taken from their bio at

2006 -  Erin's Runaway Imagination

Track Listing:

1. Not Tonight
2. Late Nights At The Hawthorne Hotel
3. I'm Leaving
4. Erin's Runaway Imagination
6. 10 Miles To Kenner
7. Fever and Chills
8. Everybody Else
9. Am I Really That Ugly?
10. Slap!
11. Falling Bullet


2008 - The Last Minute

Track Listing:

1. Better Sleep
2. Tchoupitoulas Slim
3. Spitting Contest
4. Panda King
5. 27s Part.1
6. 27s Part.2
7. Bow-Legged Lillian
8. $100 Headphones
9. Last Minute


This band features my friend John Beezy on the skins, and let me just say; these guys are Shit-tons of fun.  If you are a fan of Ska/Punk, do yourself a favor and download these NOW.  They will be performing at the Voodoo Music Experience for the fourth time this year. 

If you ever have a chance to catch them live... do eeeeeeet!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Valfunde / Amesoeurs (Split, 2007)

Val Funde
1. Hôpital 2:22
2. "Sérénade" de Verlaine 4:28
3. Les Ruches Malades 4:17
Total playing time