Tuesday, October 20, 2009

L'ira Del Baccano- Si Non Sedes Is - Live MMVII

Genre: Doom
Year: 2007

The title of this album is very misleading, as from a band that is very unknown, a live album would be expected to be recorded on a shitty tape recorder and sound, well, shitty. That is not the case. This sounds like a real full-length, except for the cheering at the end of about half the songs. About the music, this is completely instrumental and really trippy. Try listening to this on LSD. Anyways, the music is based on the guitar, and the guitar tone, which sounds heavy as Sunn O))). The difference here is that this band plays actual riffs, and they are some of the greatest 70s-style Doom riffs I've ever heard. Yes, they dress like hippies.

This is a band-sanctioned download, by the way, so send it to everyone.




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