Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fatter Than Albert

The New Van! (all photos by Annie Walker)

John B : Drums
Greg R: Bass
D-Ray Trombone/ Organ / Backing Vocals
Hunter M: Guitar
Michael V: Vocals
Charlie M: Sax / Vocals

Fast paced punk, ska, and hardcore. This band brings influences from their home town of New Orleans, LA to make a jazz influenced version of this blend of music. They are six weird kids. Mostly focused on music, girls, and beer. - taken from their bio at

2006 -  Erin's Runaway Imagination

Track Listing:

1. Not Tonight
2. Late Nights At The Hawthorne Hotel
3. I'm Leaving
4. Erin's Runaway Imagination
6. 10 Miles To Kenner
7. Fever and Chills
8. Everybody Else
9. Am I Really That Ugly?
10. Slap!
11. Falling Bullet


2008 - The Last Minute

Track Listing:

1. Better Sleep
2. Tchoupitoulas Slim
3. Spitting Contest
4. Panda King
5. 27s Part.1
6. 27s Part.2
7. Bow-Legged Lillian
8. $100 Headphones
9. Last Minute


This band features my friend John Beezy on the skins, and let me just say; these guys are Shit-tons of fun.  If you are a fan of Ska/Punk, do yourself a favor and download these NOW.  They will be performing at the Voodoo Music Experience for the fourth time this year. 

If you ever have a chance to catch them live... do eeeeeeet!!

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