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The Gault - 2005 - Even As All Before US

2005 - Even As All Before Us

The Gault was a short-lived doom metal band formed out of the ashes of San Francisco’s acclaimed Weakling, and Even As All Before Us was their sole, devastating release. This hard to find album is one of the most emotionally exhausting recordings I have come across, as it incorporates the gloomy atmosphere of early industrial rock and melds it with jangly post-punk instrumentation, producing a depressive, droning sound that insulates your senses.

While the throbbing bass lines, martial drumming and Gothic vocals place The Gault among doom metal peers Warning and the more experimental work of Earth and Sunn O))), their cacophonous guitar work also follows a shoegazing torrent akin to The Angelic Process . Naming off influences and contemporaries is a suitable way of describing The Gault’s sound, but conveying the crushing effect this music has on you is a much harder task. It’s swirling rhythms and shimmering guitars are dizzying in their intensity and will drown out any distractions from the outside world. Even As All Before Us moves like a relentless undertow, constantly drawing you into a violently spinning current. This is not to say that The Gault’s music isn’t beautiful or redemptive, as tracks like "Country Road, Six Miles In" and "The Shore Becomes the Enemy" also feature the serene, airy vocals of Lorraine Rath to balance out the deep and booming voice of Ed Kunakemakorn, who dominates most of the album.

For its almost militant energy, disturbing vocals, and natural imagery, Even As All Before Us is a unique contribution to the doom metal genre, capturing the feeling of an arduous journey to somewhere far removed from the comforting spaces of the everyday. This is music that sticks with you long after the tracks are over, pushing you into a difficult, if not tormented, state of mind. Despite their challenging demeanor, The Gault are undeniably masters of genuine emotional delivery, playing out a haunting musical drama that sears its way into your memory. - Review taken from

Track Listing:

01. Ire (Intro)
02. Obliscene
03. Bright White Blind
04. County Road, Six Miles In
05. Outer Dark
06. The Shore Becomes The Enemy
07. Hour Before Dawn

The Gault featured members of Weakling, Amber Asylum, and Asunder, too bad they broke up.


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