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Dr. John - 1968 - Gris Gris

Dr. John gained fame as a solo artist, beginning in the late 1960s, with music that combined New Orleans-style rhythm and blues with psychedelic rock and elaborate stage shows that bordered on voodoo religious ceremonies, including elaborate costumes and headdress (reflecting and presumably inspired by Screamin' Jay Hawkins's stage act). For a time he was billed as "Doctor John, The Night Tripper". The name "Dr. John" came from a legendary Louisiana voodoo practitioner of the early 1800s. Gris-Gris, his 1968 debut album combining voodoo rhythms and chants with the New Orleans music tradition, was highly-ranked on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. - wikipedia

1968 - Gris Gris

Gris-Gris was released in 1968 on Atco Records, a sub-label of Atlantic Records. Atlantic exectuve Ahmet Ertegun was reluctant to release the record at first, exclaiming "How can we market this boogaloo crap?".[1] Gris-Gris failed to chart in the United States and United Kingdom. Modern reception of the album has been very positive. Richie Unterberger of Allmusic gave the album five out of five stars, referring to it as "The most exploratory and psychedelic outing of Dr. John's career".[5] In 1999, Tom Moon of  Rolling Stone gave the album a positive review, with a rating of four stars out of five. In 2003, the album was ranked number 143 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time

Track Listing:

Side one

1."Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya" (Dr.John Creaux)
2."Danse Kalinda Ba Doom" (Creaux, Harold Battiste)
3."Mama Roux" (Creaux, Jessie Hill)
4."Danse Fambeaux" (Creaux)

Side two

1."Croker Courtbullion" (Battiste)
2."Jump Sturdy" (Creaux)
3."I Walk On Gilded Splinters" (Creaux)

If you have no idea who Dr. John is, I suggest you go do some homework.  This guy has been creating great music since the beginning of time. 

New Orleans Rhythm Kings - 1922-1923 The Chronological Classics

This is some of the best early jazz that you'll ever hear. The overall traditional jazz landscape would be incomplete without these hot little records. Descending upon the Gennett recording studios in August of 1922, the New Orleans Rhythm Kings called themselves the Friars Society Orchestra in honor of Mike Fritzel's Friar's Inn, a Chicago speakeasy that gave them lots of gig work. "Husk O'Hare" was designated as their director. It's worth noting that a gathering of hares is traditionally known as a "husk." If that's not the origin of his name, it is a staggering coincidence. A husk o' hares, get it? Anyway, these rusty old stomps and shimmies are a joy to behold. "Farewell Blues" is as good as it gets. This number and "Tin Roof Blues" really put the Rhythm Kings on the map. "Discontented Blues" turned out to be a nice vehicle for Jack Pettis, who generates one of the very first tenor sax solos to make it onto phonograph records. The saxophone really adds a whole dimension to this ensemble. "Panama" is pretty darned scratchy at the outset; they probably should have found a different copy of the original platter. Up until this track these old Gennett sides sounded pretty good. "Tiger Rag" and "Livery Stable Blues" are similarly disrupted by more surface noise than was heard on vinyl LP issues of this same material. (How puzzling!) With "Oriental," we return to decent remastering, which is not really so much to ask. Just when you think the trouble has passed, "That's A-Plenty" sounds a bit scrofulous. Fortunately, the sound quality improves after this, so the listener is no longer distracted by excessive scratchiness. "Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble" comes across beautifully, Mel Stitzel's piano quite audible through the horns. As any collector of old records can tell you, when there's a lot of surface noise, the piano is among the first instruments to get lost in the scuffle. Artie Matthews' "Weary Blues" rocks nicely, setting an example for later generations to emulate. "Da Da Strain" is a marvel of studied polyphony, a jacked-up conversation between staunch cornet, reefer-head clarinet, and dog trombone. Irresistible! Drop everything and dance around the room to this. Jelly Roll Morton wrote "Wolverine Blues" after spotting what he considered an unusual zoological word on a barbershop in the wilds of Michigan. The Rhythm Kings' version of this song is delightfully solid and relaxed, kicking lightly and wagging its tail. "Maple Leaf Rag" sends perky trills right on up through the scratchy record surface. Jelly Roll Morton actually sat in with this band on July 17 and 18, 1923, breaking the color bar and sounding marvelous behind the horns. "Mr. Jelly Lord" wins awards for "best slow drag," while "London Blues" and "Milenberg Joys" are fundamentally essential recordings that need to be studied carefully and lovingly, for this is one of the taproots of jazz, this bundle of old-fashioned/newfangled dance tunes on scratchy old records. Even if a few of the tracks could have been cleaned up more diligently, it's probably good to hear authentic 78-rpm surface noise so nobody forgets what it sounded like. -  taken from the All Music guide

Track Listing: 

01 - Eccentric (Robinson)
02 - Farewell Blues (Mares, Roppolo, Schoebel)
03 - Discontented Blues (Miller, Myers, Schoebel)
04 - Bugle Call Blues (Brunies, Pettis, Snyder)
05 - Panama (Tyers)
06 - Tiger Rag (DaCosta, Edwards, LaRocca, Ragas, Sbarbaro, Shields)
07 - Livery Stable Blues (Lee, Lopez, Nunez)
08 - Oriental (Myers, Schoebel)
09 - Sweet Lovin' Man (Hardin, Melrose)
10 - That's A-Plenty (Pollack)
11 - Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble (Willliams)
12 - Weary Blues (Matthews)
13 - Da Da Strain (Dowell, Medina)
14 - Wolverine Blues (Morton, Spikes, Spikes)
15 - Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin)
16 - Tin Roof Blues (Brunies, Mares, Pollack, Stitzel)
17 - Sobbin' Blues (Berton, Kassel)
18 - Marguerite (Novak, Pierce)
19 - Angry (Brunies, Cassard, Mecum)
20 - Clarinet Marmalade (Ragas, Sheilds)
21 - Mr. Jelly Lord (Morton)
22 - London Blues (Morton)
23 - Milenberg Joys (Mares, Morton, Roppolo)
24 - Mad (Heath, McHugh)

Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!!!


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NoMeansNo - The Worldhood of the World (As Such) {1995}

Released: October 1995
Genre: Punk rock, Math rock
Length: 51:19
Label: Alternative Tentacles
From: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Bill Baker - Artwork
Brian (Who) Else - Engineering
Tom Holliston - Guitar, Vocals
John Wright - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Rob Wright - Vocals, Bass
1. Joy - 1:40
2. Humans - 4:11
3. Angel or Devil - 3:43
4. He Learned How To Bleed - 3:42
5. I've Got a Gun - 2:26
6. My Politics - 5:57
7. Lost - 5:10
8. Predators - 5:09
9. Wiggly Worm - 2:14
10. Tuck It Away - 2:10
11. Victim's Choice - 3:25
12. State of Grace - 5:56
13. The Jungle - 6:39
Nomeansno play incredibly intense math punk, stopping and starting and changing and exploding constantly. I'm sure you will enjoy this album, It's a blast from the past, man...

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Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years (Live, 1983)

Origin: Helsinki, Finland
Released: 1984
Years active: 1979–1985, 2002–2009
Genres: Glam punk, hard rock, glam rock
Mike Monroe – Lead Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica
Andy McCoy - Guitars & Vocals
Nasty Suicide - Guitars & Vocals
Sam Yaffa - Bass
Razzle - Drums

1. Pipeline
2. Oriental Beat
3. Back to Mystery City
4. Motorvatin'
5. Until I Get You
6. Mental Beat
7. Don't Never Leave Me
8. Tragedy
9. Malibu Beach Nightmare
10. Visitor
11. 11th Street Kids
12. Taxi Driver
13. Lost in the City
14. Lightnin' Bar Blues
15. Beer and a Cigarette
16. Under My Wheels
17. I Feel Alright
18. Train Kept A Rollin'

If you've never gotten around to checking out Hanoi Rocks, now's your chance! This is a superb live album, jam packed with a lot of great songs. This album is really fun and definitely one of the highlights of the glam movement.

Hanoi Rocks

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GG Allin - Banned in Boston (1988)

Released: February 1988
Recorded: 1978-November 1984
Genre: Punk rock
Length: 72:31
Label: Black & Blue Records
Producer: Peter Yarmouth
1. Dead or Alive
2. Interview
3. Live Boston:
...You Hate Me and I Hate You
...Gimme Some Head
...Don't Talk to Me
...Nuke Attack
...Bored to Death
4. Assface
5. Interview
6. Live Fast Die Dast Fast
7. Livin' Like an Animal
8. Loudenbomber
9. I Need Adventure
10. NYC Tonite
11. No Rules
12. A Fuckup
13. Gimme Some Head
14. You Hate Me and I Hate You
15. Bored to Death
16. Beat Beat Beat
17. One Man Army
18. Assface
19. Cheri Love Affair
20. Automatic
21. I Need Adventure (1980 Version)
22. Don't Talk to Me
23. Unpredictable
24. Radio Interview
This is the real deal, a compilation of all the best stuff from GG's best era, with the Jabbers. I'm posting this to go along with the GG tribute cd. If you are unfamiliar with GG's music, this is when he was pretty much pop punk and his vocals are incredible (actually, a bit charming). The album is jam packed with great sing-along fun classics. This is probably my favorite punk cd ever.
"42nd street's got what I need
Dark alleys and a lot of disease
Hanging out on the lower east side
We don't give a damn if we live or die, so
Come on now, let's get going
We got lots of things to do
One thing that I know is
We're gonna raise hell in New York City tonite"

Ancient Wisdom - For Snow Covered the Northland (1996)

Origin: Sweden (Umeå, Västerbotten)
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Formed In: 1993
Status: Active

Marcus E. Norman - Classic and electric lead guitar, vocals
Fredrik Jakobsson - Electric bass guitar
Andreas Nilsson - Electric rhythm guitar
Jens Rydén - Piano and keyboards
Ulf Andersson - Drums and percussion

1. A Hymn To The Northern Empire 03:05
2. In The Land Of The Crimson Moon 05:53
3. They Gather Where Snow Falls Forever 06:05
4. Through Rivers Of The Eternal Blackness 05:48
5. The Journey Of The Ancients 05:36
6. As Snow Covers the Northland 02:58
7. No Tears At His Funeral 05:22
8. Forest Of Summoned Spirits 04:29
9. A Ravens Reflection Of The Ancient Northland 08:22
10. The Serpent's Sleep Is Not Eternal 02:18
11. At The Other Side 04:36
12. The Sleep Within 05:11
Total playing time

This album is just amazing. It's laid back with great riffing and very dreamy atmospheres. The vocals are good, subdued and never a nuisance like some godawful black metal screeching. If you've never heard Ancient Wisdom before, you are in for a real treat.


Slow Southern Steel - Preview Trailer

Coming in 2010: One of the most comprehensive southern metal documentaries in history! Appropriately dubbed SLOW SOUTHERN STEEL, the 80+ minute film is executive produced by Karim Khan (I'M BETTER THAN EVERYONE RECORDS) and directed by Rwake vocalist CT and David Lipke with the additional and integral assistance of George Hancock, Alix Petrovich and Beer Wolf guitarist Christian Sweeney (who will be releasing a paperback version of the production) among many others.
SLOW SOUTHERN STEEL peers into the world of true southern metal/doom through live footage and personal interviews; CT's devout commitment/knowledge/love of the topic at hand bringing the movie to life in a way few first-time directors can. Said CT about the laborious undertaking: "I knew there were things I could get out of these bands that other film makers could not." Added Khan, "There's just something very appealing to me about taking unyielding heavy songs and adding a strong southern element to them."
At press time, the film was still being shot and thus far, featured bands will include (in alphabetical order): A Hanging, ASG, Baron Grod, Beaten Back To Pure, Beer Wolf, Black Skies, Black Tusk, Blackblood Division, Blood Of The Sun, Collapsar, Colossus, Cough, Dark Castle, Deadbird, Dead-I-On, Dixie Witch, Doomsayer, Eyehategod, Flesh Parade, Haarp, Hawg Jaw, HOD, Hope And Suicide, Hostile Apostle, House Of Lightning, In The Lurch, Jucifer, Ketea, Khann, Kylesa, Mala Suerte, Music Hates You, Parasytic, Queen Beast, Royal Thunder, Rwake, Seahag, SeaWitch, Sourvein, Speedealer, Spickle, Suplecs, Subrig Destroyer, The Devil And The Sea, The Dumps, The Roller, The Unbeheld, Vessel Of The Divine, Weedeater, Withered and Zoroaster.
SLOW SOUTHERN STEEL will make its debut at the renowned Little Rock Film Festival in May of 2010 [] where many of the bands featured will be in attendance (stay tuned for further details). Additional festival previews will follow.
The DVD edition is slated to be released in 2011 via fast-growing, vinyl-only (and now DVD) Chicago imprint, I'M BETTER THAN EVERYONE RECORDS.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO  fucking ready for this to be released.

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No Shit... it's GG Allin and The Jabbers Tribute (2002)

26 rare Cover Versions of Songs by GG Allin and the Jabbers. 3 Original from GG and one of The Jabbers without GG Allin. Released 2002 on Crippled Ticker Records.30 Songs 70 Minutes of Mayhem

01. Jerk Alert - Unpredictable
02. New Wave Hookers - 1980's Rock n'Roll
03. The Jimmies - Automatic
04. Orange Juice from the Crypt - NYC Tonight
05. Antiseen - Cock on the Loose
06. Photon Torpedos - A Fuck Up
07. The Nerds - No Rules
08. Truck like Tank - Beat Beat Beat
09. Dead - Hard Candy Cock
10. Ratfink - You Hate Me & I Hate You
11. Sex Sex Sex - Assface
12. Scrumfeeder - Don't Talk to Me
13. First State Thrill Killers - Louden Bomber
14. Band with no Name - Out For Blood
15. Evil Otto - One Man Army
16. Connecticut Cocksuckers - Lice Fast Die Fast
17. Nothing but Puke - Dead or Alive
18. Jonee Earthquake Band - The Ballad of GG
19. Big Meat Hammer - Drink, Fight and Fuck
20. Crazy Candydates - I Need Adventure
21. They might be Vaginas - Bored to Death
22. Kirger Brothers - Blowjobs
23. PP7 Gaftzeb - Gimme Some Head
24. The Faggot Kings - Up Against the Wall
25. Penneytration - I Need Adventure
26. Worm Suicide - Cheri Love Affair
27. GG Allin & The Jabbers - Nuke Attack
28. GG Allin & The Jabbers - I hope She holds Her Breath
29. GG Allin & The Jabbers - Death Child
30. The Jabbers - I Wanna Be Your Dog

This compilation is completely awesome. All the bands are just slammin' garage punk bands and they mostly all do GG some justice.

Scumfuc RnR

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The Memphis Jug Band (1927-1934)

The Memphis Jug Band was an American musical group in the late 1920s and early to mid 1930s. The band featured harmonicas, violins, mandolins, banjos, and guitars, backed by washboards, kazoo, and jugs blown to supply the bass; they played in a variety of musical styles. The band recorded almost a hundred titles.
Between 1927 and 1934 various African-American musicians in the Memphis, Tennessee area grouped around singer, songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player Will Shade (also known as Son Brimmer or Sun Brimmer). The personnel of this jug band varied from day to day, with Shade booking gigs and arranging recording sessions. The band functioned as a training ground for musicians who would go on to success with careers of their own. (Wikepedia)

1. Lindberg Hop
2. On the Road Again
3. Stealin’Stealin’
4. Insane Crazy Blues
5. K.C. Moan
6. Cocaine Habit Blues
7. Newport News Blues, tk.1
8. Whitewash Station Blues
9. The Old Folks Started It
10. Everybody’s Talking About Sadie Green
11. Memphis Jug Blues, tk.1
12. Gator Wobble
13. Little Green Slippers
14. Taking Your Place
15. Sometimes I Think I Love You
16. Memphis Boy Blues
17. Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues
18. What’s the Matter?
19. Oh Ambulance Man
20. Beale Street Mess Around
21. She Stays Out All Night Long
22. You May Leave But This Will Bring You Back
23. Fourth Street Mess Around

I was having such a fun time listening to this great cd that i thought i had to share. I'd like to hear some early Louisiana Jug/Blues bands from the 20's-30's, if there were any. This is timeless music and i'm glad these recordings sound so good. Check 'em out!


Peste Noir - Ballade cuntre lo Anemi Francor (2009)

Origin: France (Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)
Formed: 2000
Genre: Black Metal
Last Lineup:
La Sale Famine de Valfunde (formerly Feu Cruel) - Guitar, Bass, Lyrics, Vocals
Ragondin - Bass
A. Julia - Drums
Sainte Audrey-Yolande de la Molteverge - Rock and Soprano Voices, Piano, Hammond Organ
1. Neire Peste
2. La Mesniee Mordrissoire
3. Ballade Cuntre les Anemis de la France - De François Villon
4. Concerto Pour Cloportes
5. La France Bouge - Par K.P.N. (Chant de l'Action Française)
6. A la Mortaille!
7. Vespre
8. Rance Black Metal de France
9. Requiem Pour Nioka (Á un Berger-Allemand)
10. Soleils Couchants - De Verlaine
I've never been a huge fan of Peste Noire but this album caught my attention and I've enjoyed it a lot. It's mostly nationalistic anthems with lots of rocking parts. It's kind of hard to describe but it's raw and ugly for the most part with nice melody and killer vocals. It's a dirty dirty album. Enjoy!
file updated to 103Mb(320kbps) on 1/1/10

Absurd - Totenlieder (2003)

Origin: Germany (Sonderhausen, Thuringia)
Formed In: 1992
Status: On hold
Genre: Black Metal/Punk

1. In Die Schlacht 05:54
2. Nordmännerlied 04:21
3. Stahl Blitzt Kalt 04:01
4. Der Hammer Zerschmettert Das Kreuz 02:48
5. Gemetzel in Der Felsenschlucht 02:56
6. Der Scharlachrote Tod 02:12
7. Wolfsherz 03:09
8. Nachtraunen 03:20
9. Sturm 02:38
10. Wenn Walküren Reiten 04:18
Total playing time

This is my favorite Absurd album mainly because the production is really good, the vocals are spectacular and all the songs are of a more anthemic punk type of style. The music is melodic and triumphant. Be sure to check this one out.


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Cop Shoot Cop - Ask Questions Later (1993)

Founded: New York City (1987)
Genre: Industrial Rock
Label: Interscope

Tod A. (vocals, bass guitar)
David Ouimet (keyboards, sampler)
Phil Puleo (drums, found objects)

1. Surprise, Surprise (4:56)
2. Room 429 (5:08)
3. Nowhere (4:09)
4. Migration (1:25)
5. Cut To The Chase (4:05)
6. $10 Bill (3:43)
7. Seattle (1:36)
8. Furnace (4:55)
9. Israeli Dig (2:09)
10. Cause And Effect (3:13)
11. Got No Soul (5:15)
12. Everybody Loves You (When You're Dead) (2:33)
13. All The Clocks Are Broken (4:17)
14. Untitled (2:09)

This has a lot more depth then bands like Rage Against the Machine and N.I.N. It's an urgent, violent anthem towards the failure on the streets. It's also got a bunch of extra songs after "untitled":

15. Nowhere (4:34)
16. Days Will Pass (4:01)
17. We Shall Be Changed (4:58)
18. Suck City (2:25)
19. Fragment (1:56)
20. Shine on Elizabeth (3:06)

I'm not exactly sure where these songs are from but i figured I'd include them as a bonus because it's all good. Let the N.Y.C. madness continue!!!!!!

key songs: Suprise, Suprise * Room 429 * $10 Bill * Everybody Loves You When You're Dead

Cop Shoot Cop!

Boredoms - Soul Discharge '99

1. Your Name Is Limitless 2:35
2. Bubblebop Shot 3:47
3. 52 Boredom (Club mix) 0:36
4. Sun, Gun, Run 2:47
5. Z & U & T & A 4:05
6. TV Scorpion 1:30
7. Pow Wow Now 3:48
8. J.B. Dick + Tin Turner Pussy 3:07
9. G.I.L. '77 3:41
10. Jup-Na-Keeeeeeeel 2:29
11. Catastro Mix '99 2:53
12. Milky Way 1:32
13. Songs Without Electric Guitars 0:52
14. Hamaiian Disco Bollocks 4:37
15. Hamaiian Disco Without Bollocks 0:04
This is a Re-release of their 1989 studio album "Soul Discharge". I'm not sure if it's better but i'm sure it's weird. The music at this point doesn't have a description but you'll love it. This album is addictive and essential for fans of garage noise rock. From Japan of course.

Lance Lopez - 2004 - Wall of Soul

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1977, music has always been in Lance Lopez's blood. As early as being in the womb. When the family would have parties at their home, in rural Shreveport, Lance would bounce and roll in his mother's womb the louder the music got. They would play the records of JOE TEX, KC. AND THE SUNSHINE BAND and many other old school artist. Lance's father was stationed in the Army in Germany with ELVIS PRESLEY in the late 1950's and had a friendship with the legendary Entertainer which had a profound influence on young LL. Although ELVIS died 1 month and 2 weeks before LL was born, he never got to meet the King, although as early as age 3 his father showed him footage of ELVIS throughout his career which inspired LL in what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He began playing guitar at age 8 after his Father bought him an acoustic guitar for Christmas, he soon graduated on to a Japanese Squier Stratocaster and began emulating everything he heard on the radio or saw on television. In the summer of 1987 one of 2 monumental experience's would happen to LL that would solidify his journey with the guitar. That summer Lance heard "Are you Experienced" by JIMI HENDRIX for the very first time. "I remember my brother putting this record on , it was vinyl ya know, and the first track they played for me was 'Are you Experienced', Lance remembers. "I thought Hendrix was a brand new artist, and as those backwards solos swirled around and seem to engulf my entire bedroom, I picked up the Album sleeve and saw Jimi, and being a product of the 80's I immediatly thought of PRINCE and Purple Rain and I think Sign 'o the Times had just come out and I said 'Prince is over this guy is gonna ruin him, he's over.' Naturally my brother and all his friends pointed and laughed at me for a good 15 minutes before telling me Hendrix had been dead for nearly 20 years." The second monumental event came in 1990 when Lance moved to Dallas with his Mother. After having been in Dallas for 2 weeks he attended the Benson and Hedges Blues Festival. The headliners at that Festival were none other than STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN and B.B. KING."I knew right away what I had been searching for in guitar playing" recalls LL, "I wanted to play the Blues more than anything else in the world and I started from the beginning and went out and got ROBERT JOHNSON, SON HOUSE, MUDDY WATERS, BUKAA WHITE, all that delta music and started back over on my acoustic." Lance had a variety of bands in Dallas with friends from school, and they began to play at house parties all over the North Dallas area, after living in Dallas for 2 years LL moved with his father to New Orleans where he began playing professionally with much more older and seasoned musicians, and began understanding the elements of funk and R&B. After a time of honing his chops playing out live in New Orleans, Lance moved with his father to the Southwest Coast of Florida where he continued playing out live and playing in a variety of Blues and cover bands. Many hours of practicing and playing live had garnered Lance much deserved recognition. After moving back to Dallas, at 17, he was hired by the late-great soul singer JOHNNIE TAYLOR and toured the famed "Chitlin Circuit" with the soul legend, where he met and backed many more greats of that genre. A year later Lance was approached by the modern blues great LUCKY PETERSON, who took him into his band as the rhythm guitarist. Lance toured with the LUCKY PETERSON ORGANIZATION throughout North America and Europe for three years. During that time he developed his energetic and original stage presence and continued to strengthen his musical skills. He was ultimately given the position of band leader before later embarking on his solo career. In 1998, after forming a short-lived trio with legendary HENDRIX and SANTANA drummer BUDDY MILES and former STEELY DAN and session bassist CHUCK RAINEY, Lance wrote, recorded and released his debut CD 1st THINGS FIRST in 1999 on his own label - LaRoux Records. The cd was co-produced by JAY NEWLAND (who later went on to produce and engineer NORAH JONES). In August of 1999 Lance entered and won the Southeast Regional Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar competition at Tipitina's in New Orleans. He was awarded a Fender Stratocaster from Fender and the Jimi Hendrix family foundation. In 2001 Lance won the Blues Band Of The Year award presented by He was also awarded a citation of appreciation from Venlo, the Netherlands in 2001 during his European tour for 1st Things First. Lance Lopez has been playing to enthusiastic audiences around the region, opening shows for legends like B.B. KING. And in Europe opening for such notables as JEFF BECK and STEVE VAI. In 2003 Lance wrote, recorded and produced "WALL OF SOUL" along with fellow guitarist and long-time friend ERIC GALES, who lends his unique guitar and vocals to several tracks along with his production skills. This was Lance's second studio release and first release for "GROOVEYARD RECORDS". Wall of Soul also featured DUG PINNICK of the legendary trio KING'S X as guest vocalist on the closing track "Time". "Soul" was a pure exhibition of Lance's power trio skills and guitar pyrotechnics reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, and SRV. It also shows the more original Epic-Rock aspect of Lance's songwriting. Most of 2004 saw LL with his band COLD DISTANCE. Cold Distance was a short-lived Hard Rock band formed by Dallas and Austin, Tx.-based Blues and Rock musicians LANCE LOPEZ, PHILLIP BROWN, TONY VALDEZ and SEAN "Wakey" WAKEFIELD. The brainchild of guitarist Lance Lopez, who basically spearheaded the entire project, due to the fact of a possible major label recording deal. Cold Distance was born in Dallas, Tx. in the Spring of 2004 shortly after the release of Lance Lopez's "WALL OF SOUL" cd. Unfortunetly, due to the stresses of the road and the pressures from major label antics, Cold Distance disbanded in Febuary 2005 almost a year after forming. Although Lopez, Brown and Valdez have worked together in several projects together since... for more details please see... In early 2005, Lance reunited with BUDDY MILES to form a side project unofficially dubbed BAND OF TROUBLE, with Ex-JOHNNY WINTER, STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN and ARC ANGELS bassist TOMMY SHANNON. This unit combined members of Hendrix's Band of Gypsys with Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble to equal the ultimate foundation for Lance's guitar work. They shared the stage on concerts with artist such as Rick Derringer, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Duarte, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

2004 - Wall of Soul 

Track Listing:

1. Love/Hate Relationship
2. Looks So Good
3. Didja
4. Cardboard Sign
5. Alone In Love
6. I Don't Want No More (with ERIC GALES)
7. Shame The Devil
8. What Goes Around Comes Around
9. Quarter, Nickel Or A Dime (with ERIC GALES)
10. Idle Time
11. Spanish Castle Magic

If you are a blues fan, you absolutely must listen to this.  Lance Lopez is one of the few who are keeping the blues alive. 


Shellac - 1000 Hurts (2000)

Steve Albini – guitar, vocals
Todd Trainer – drums, vocals
Bob Weston – bass, vocals

From: Chicago
Released: August 8, 2000
Recorded: 1998-1999
Genre: Noise-Rock, Math Rock
Length: 36:51
Label: Touch & Go
Producer: Shellac

Track listing:
1. Prayer to God – 2:50
2. Squirrel Song – 2:38
3. Mama Gina – 5:43
4. QRJ – 2:52
5. Ghosts – 3:36
6. Song Against Itself – 4:13
7. Canaveral – 2:38
8. New Number Order – 1:39
9. Shoe Song – 5:17
10. Watch Song – 5:25

I've always been a big Albini fan so here's Shellac's second album. Expect harsh industro-grinding guitars and cynical pissed-off vocals.


Space Streakings - Hatsu-koi (1993)

1. Yume No Shima
2. Kaiki Suspense Kumo Otoko
3. Brain Dead
4. Magic Dragon
5. Sanzu No Kawa
6. Hiropon Goo!!
7. Ai To Nikushimi No Kisetsu
8. Sports Chiyotto Dakeyo
9. Megaton Baby Bomb
10. Hottkyokuken No Aoisora
11. Nohten Chiyyoka Hyper Love

I don't really know much about this band but they are crazy electro noise rock from Japan. I saw them live once and it was a lot of fun. They pretty obviously draw influences from the Boredoms.


The Cramps - Stay Sick! (1990)

Lux Interior - vocals
Poison Ivy Rorschach - guitar
Candy Del Mar - bass guitar
Nick Knox - drums

Released: February 12, 1990
Recorded: 1989
Genre: Psychobilly, Garage punk
Length: 47:51
Label: Enigma
Producer: Poison Ivy

Track listing:

1. Bop Pills
2. God Damn Rock N Roll
3. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
4. All Women Are Bad
5. The Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon
6. Shortenin' Bread
7. Daisys up Your Butterfly
8. Everything Goes
9. Journey to the Center of a Girl
10. Mama Oo Pow Pow
11. Saddle up a Buzz Buzz
12. Muleskinner Blues
13. Her Love Rubbed Off
14. Her Love Rubbed Off (Live)
15. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (Live)

This is my favorite Cramps album and it's just plain fun.

Stay Sick!

Lou Reed - Ride Paris Ride (5-25-1974)

Lou Reed - The Phantom of Rock (1973)

Recorded Live from Alice Tully Hall, NYC (1/27/1973)

Lou Reed: vocals
Eddie Reynolds: guitar
Vinny LaPorta: guitar
Bobby Resigno: bass
Scottie Clarke: drums

01. White Light/White Heat
02. Wagon Wheel
03. I’m Waiting For The Man
04. Walk And Talk It
05. Sweet Jane
06. New Age
07. Vicious
08. I Can’t Stand It
09. Satellite Of Love
10. Heroin
11. I’m So Free
12. Walk On The Wild Side
13. Rock & Roll
14. Sister Ray

This is a crystal clear bootleg with a great setlist that combines classic VU with classic Reed solo work. It's definately a fun listen. I'm gonna be posting more live Lou Reed bootlegs but i figure this is a good place to start. This album is a lot more poppy and upbeat sounding than The Velvet Underground so you can be the judge whether that's a good thing or not.

Part 1
Part 2

The Velvet Underground - Wild Side Of the Streets (1969)

Label: Living Legend Records
Catalog#: LLRCD 057
Format: CD, Unofficial Release
Country: Italy
Released: 1990
Genre: Rock & Roll
Notes: Tracks 1-5: Live at Hilton Festival, New Hampshire, 8/2/1969. Track 6: Boston Tea Party 1969.

Sterling Morrison – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals
Lou Reed – Vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
Maureen Tucker – percussion
Doug Yule – bass guitar, organ, backing vocals

1. Waiting For the Man 7:19
2. Run Run Run 10:36
3. Pale Blue Eyes 6:04
4. What Goes On 11:40
5. Heroin 6:59
6. Sister Ray 24:02

I am putting this bootleg cd on here mainly for the amazing jam of Sister Ray. This version goes on for about half an hour and pretty much destroys everything in it's path with intensity and unprecedented guitar playing. The vocals are a bit unclear but you will forget about all that when Lou goes to work. It's just a remarkable live recording. The other songs are all awe inspiring, too. Must Listen.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elvis Hitler - 1992 - Supersadomasochisticexpialidocious

1992 - Supersadomasochisticexpialidocious 

Track Listing:

  1. "Last Sound"
  2. "World Explodes"
  3. "Shotgun Shell"
  4. "Don't Push Me"
  5. "Cathouse"
  6. "Ghoul"
  7. "Bloody Bride"
  8. "Yummy Yummy Yummy"
  9. "Shove That Sax"
  10. "Dickweed"
  11. "Rebellion"
  12. "Bury The Hatchet"
  13. "Flat Head Boogie"
  14. "Open Road"
  15. "Yummy Yummy Yummy (Satan Remix) (CD Only)
The last album recorded by Elvis Hitler, I'd say it's also the heaviest. 

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Elvis Hitler - 1989 - Hellbilly

1989 - Hellbilly

Track Listing:

  1. "Showdown"
  2. "Hellbilly"
  3. "Ballad Of The Green Berets"
  4. "Teenage Surf Slave"
  5. "Booze Party"
  6. "Gear Jammin' Hero"
  7. "Revolving Blues Of Death"
  8. "Crush, Kill, Destroy"
  9. "Ghouls (Looking For Food)"
  10. "Hang 'Em High"
  11. "Don't Blame Me If You Die Tonight"
  12. "Black Death On A White Horse"
  13. "Dance Of The Living Dead"
  14. "Misanthropes"


This is another classic.  I wish these guys would have recorded at least ten more albums.

Elvis Hitler - 1988 - Disgraceland

Elvis Hitler is a psychobilly band from Detroit, Michigan.

1988 - Disgraceland 

Track Listing:
  1. "Cool Daddy In A Cadillac"
  2. "Live Fast, Die Young"
  3. "Hot Rod To Hell"
  4. "Rocking Over Russia"
  5. "Berlin To Memphis"
  6. "Elvis' Ripoff Theme"
  7. "Battle Cry Of 1000 Men"
  8. "Green Haze (Parts I & II)"
  9. "I Love Your Guts"
  10. "Ten Wheels For Jesus"
  11. "Black Babies Dancing On Fire"
  12. "Crush Your Skull"
  13. "Disgraceland"


I still remember hearing "Ten Wheels for Jesus"  for the first time like it was yesterday.  This is good stuff.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blut aus Nord - Mort (2006)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Mysticism, Philosophy, Individualism
Origin: France (Mondeville, Lower Normandy)
Formed in: 1994

1. Chapter I 06:04
2. Chapter II 04:44
3. Chapter III 05:08
4. Chapter IV 05:41
5.Chapter V 06:35
6. Chapter VI 05:01
7. Chapter VII 06:38
8. Chapter VIII 07:19
Total playing time: 47:15

I started thinking about this album and i noticed that it got pretty bad reviews and is considered one of Blut Aus Nord's worst offerings. I think people just don't get it and simply follow what other people say. This puppy is a friggen masterpiece and people need to give it another chance, so here you are... one ugly, disgusting, nauseating slab of societal decay...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oranssi Pazuzu - 2009 - Muukalainen Puhuu

Psychedelic Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
The Dark Corners of Space and Mind
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Finland 2007 Violent Journey Records Active
Current line-up
Jun-His - Vocals, Guitar
Moit - Guitar
Korjak - Drums
EviL - Keyboards, Percussion
Ontto - Bass
Additional notes
Oranssi Pazuzu is Finnish for Orange Pazuzu.

Vocalist Jun-His' real name is Juho Vanhanen. He is former member of Finnish surrealistic rock band Kuolleet Intiaanit (2000 - 2007), and Oranssi Pazuzu is actually sometimes described as black metal version of Kuolleet Intiaanit.

Musically Oranssi Pazuzu is mix of Norwegian style black metal and psychedelic avant garde music. Band's musical influences include bands such as Darkthrone, Electric Wizard, Circle, Satyricon, Burzum and even Pink Floyd. Band's motto is “Oranzzi Pazuzu makes music that lures all the arsonists and smokers to hold each others hands.”

2009 - Muukalainen Puhuu

Full-length, Violent Journey Records
April 22nd, 2009

Jun-His - Vocals, Guitar
Moit - Guitar
Ontto - Bass
EviL - Keyboards, Percussion
Korjak - Drums

Distributed by Firefox OY.

Album was able to be listened for free from Oranssi Pazuzu's official MySpace
for week in april 15 th to april 22nd. 22nd album was released as CD, too.

Title translations:
Alien Speaks:
1. Raven
2. Danjo's Zero
3. Mirage 1968
4. Great Head from the Heaven
5. The Praying Mantis of the Theathre of Latter-day Saints
6. Dub for a Memory of a Dead Whore (of Babylon)
7. Alien Speaks
8. Heretic Goat
2.Danjon Nolla03:43
3.Kangastus 196804:00
4.Suuri Pää Taivaasta06:57
5.Myöhempien Aikojen Pyhien Teatterin Rukoilijasirkka03:41
6.Dub Kuolleen Porton Muistolle08:12
7.Muukalainen Puhuu03:42
8.Kerettiläinen Vuohi08:49
Total playing time44:35


I'd like to say thanks to the guys over at the Sludge Swamp for posting this a while back, I've been hooked ever since!

This is definitely one of my picks for album of the year.  This album is CRAZY!  So,  Load a bowl, drop a hit or two and press play NOW. - swampchode

Coffins - 2009 - Warhead EP

Doom/Death Metal/Sludge
Lyrical theme(s)
Evil, Death, Blasphemy
Formed in
Current label
Japan (Tokyo)
20 Buck Spin / Living Dead Society
Current line-up
Uchino - Guitar, Vocals (dot(.))
You - Drums (dot(.))
Koreeda - Bass
Former/past member(s)
Yoshiaki Negishi (Church Of Misery (Jpn), G.A.T.E.S.)

Aniki (1996-1998)

Nobuyuki Sentou (Funeral Moth, Psychotoblack)

2009 - Warhead EP

Single, Torture Garden Pictures
January 2009

7" EP limited to stricly 200 copies on color wax.
Die Hard editions of the single come with an exclusive t-shirt.

Warhead (Venom cover)

Warhead (Venom cover-Live version)


Christ Inversion Discography

Black/Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Origin Formed in Last label Status
United States of America (New Orleans, Louisiana) 1994 Housecore Records Split-up
Last known line-up
Anton Crowley (Phil Anselmo) - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Pantera, Viking Crown, Enoch (US), Superjoint Ritual, Necrophagia, Down, Southern Isolation, Razor White, Eibon (US), Body And Blood, Arson Anthem)
Wayne Fabra - Vocals (Necrophagia, Graveyard Rodeo)
Big Ross - Keyboard (Down, The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight, Drip, Southern Isolation)
Jay Gracianette - Bass (Graveyard Rodeo, Valkyrie (US), Haate)
Kevin Bond - Guitar (Superjoint Ritual, Nuclear Crucifixion (US), Body And Blood, Floodgate, Artimus Pyledriver)
Tommy Buckley - Drums (Soilent Green, Crowbar, Drip, Graveyard Rodeo)
Former/past member(s)
Gary Hebert - drums (Graveyard Rodeo, New Religion (US), Valkyrie (US))

1994 - Obey the Will of Hell

Demo, Self-Released

Only available on tape.
Original line-up:
Wayne Fabra - Vocals
Phil Anselmo - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ross Karpelman - Keyboards
Jay Gracianette - Bass
Gary Hebert - Drums

Reissued by Funeral In Hell in 2004 under the title "To Lord Lucifer My First

Reissued by Housecore Records in 2008 under the title "Christ Inversion."
1. Crucifucking the Possessed
2. Prudent to the Thrones of God
3. Obey the Will of Hell
4. Lucifer Rise
5. Enochian Tongues
6. Chimes of Deafening Misery
7. Inflamed With Prayer
8. Godfall
1.Prudent To The Thrones Of God06:05
2.Obey The Will Of Hell02:21
3.Lucifer Rise06:13
4.Enochian Tongues05:29
5.Chimes Of Deafening Misery03:57
6.Inflamed With Prayer-Godfall07:14
Total playing time31:19


1995 - 13th Century Luciferian Rites

Only exists on tape.
A reissue on cd (from Housecore Records) has been continually promised since
1.Christened By Dark Waters Of Pazuzu06:19
2.The Blinding Darkness Of Hell05:39
3.Through Satanik Damnation I Will Destroy05:51
4.Beyond The Woods Of Funeral Dread05:08
5.Dying October02:38
6.Holocaustik Antichrist Fire07:40
7.Catholic Skin Torture05:37
8.Zyklon Baptism03:11
9.Blazing Thrones Of Napalm04:17
10.Everything I Touch Dies02:25
Total playing time48:45


2008 - Christ Inversion 

Best of/Compilation, Housecore Records
October 28th, 2008

Reconfigured release of the first demo.
1.Crucifucking the Possessed00:32
2.Prudent to the Thrones of God04:33
3.Obey the Will of Hell02:23
4.Lucifer Rise06:24
5.Enochian Tongues05:39
6.Chimes of Deafening Misery04:01
7.Inflamed with Prayer04:17
Total playing time31:13


Viking Crown Discography


 Viking Crown is a black metal project in the Darkthrone vein formed by Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Killjoy of Necrophagia. The final member is Phil's ex-wife Opal. Their debut album was also the first release on Killjoy's own Baphomet Records. Phil decided to put the project to sleep after the third release.

Black Metal (early), Ambient Black Metal (later)
Lyrical theme(s)
Anti-Christian, Satanism, Rebellion
Formed in
Last label
United States of America (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Baphomet records
Last known line-up
Anton Crowley (Phil Anselmo) - Guitars, bass, drums (+ vocals on first EP) (Pantera, Enoch (US), Superjoint Ritual, Necrophagia, Down, Christ Inversion, Southern Isolation, Razor White, Eibon (US), Body And Blood, Arson Anthem)
Killjoy (Frank Pucci) - Vocals (Necrophagia, \link Obscene Eulogy}, The Ravenous, Wurdulak, Forlis, Cabal (US), Hidden (US), Enoch (US), Eibon)
Opal Enthroned (Stephanie Opal Weinstein, formerly Opal Anselmo) - Keyboards (Necrophagia, Southern Isolation)

1999 - Unorthodox Steps of Ritual

EP, Baphomet
June 1999

Track Listing:

Asmodeus Rising

Satan Ruler of Earth

Lust and Destruction

The Judas Goat

Unorthodox Steps of Ritual


Invocation Toward the Conjuration of Black Souls

Total playing time


2000 - Innocence From Hell

Full-length, Baphomet

Line Up:
Frank Pucci (aka Killjoy): Vocals
Phil Anselmo (aka Anton Crowley): Bass, drums, guitar
Stephanie Opal (aka Opal Enthroned): Keyboard

Intro: Song of Sadus

Innocence From Hell

The Burning Embers of Mockery

Birth of the Devil Fetus

The Red Flames of Sin

Overlords of Infinite Depression

The Long and Mighty Reign of Satan

Raped by an Angel

The Seventh Storm of the Blood Demon

The Gathering

Outro: The Blood of Sadus

Total playing time


2001 - Banished Rhythmic Hate

Full-length, Renegade

Line Up:
Frank Pucci (aka Killjoy): Vocals
Phil Anselmo (aka Anton Crowley): Bass, drums, guitar
Stephanie Opal (aka Opal Enthroned): Keyboard

Christianity Has No Chance

Possessed (From Within)

Banished Rhythmic Hate

Contemplating the Pitch Black

View of a Desolate Wasteland

Swallowed by Black Mass

Accepting the Rise of Satanism

Unspoken Vows of a Midnight Offering

Draped in Treachery

The Woods Own Countless Voices

Poisoned by the Blood of Christ

Total playing time


Now everyone go burn a fatty, and get down with the blasphemy! - swampchode

Friday, September 18, 2009

Deadbolt - 2000 - Voodoo Trucker

2000 - Voodoo Trucker

Track Listing:

Headhunter Records

1. Billy's Dead
2. Voodoo Trucker
3. Truck Driving S.O.B.
4. Red Cooley
5. Voodoo Curse
6. McGortsy
7. Blacktop Fever
8. Whereabouts Unknown
9. What Can I Do
10. Roadside Cross
11. The Mocker
12. Let's Truck
13. Lone Highway
14. Trucker's Rumble

There are few names the conjure up as much fascination in the Psychobilly and Rockabilly music scene as that of the creepy dark San Diego act Deadbolt.  The sound of Deadbolt doesn’t just hook, it grabs and clutches.  Their signature coined sound Voodoobilly draws a lot from early Dick Dale surf rock, the Greasy Sleazy sounds of The Cramps, and the bombastic yet humorous early era of the late Man in Black Johnny Cash.  The act formed in early 1988 with the sole idea of breaking out of the stigma of the Goth and Punk scene in San Diego buy creating something truly creepy, funny, entertaining, and balls out rude. The signature breakout album that launched them into Psychobilly fame by many accounts was the heavy and gritty album VOODOO TRUCKER.

The album opens with “Billy’s Dead”, a hilarious and lusty track of necrophilia and mystery. How can you go wrong with that?  The gritty and eerie title track “Voodoo Trucker” keeps you in a slow groove with dripping surf guitar riffs and eerie low vocals. “Truck Drivin S.O.B.” is the hallmark calling card of the hippy hunters live act.  With film noir vocal narration and sixties gangster pulp images, you get the well painted image of angst and anger meant to pound in the faces of hippies and slack jaws everywhere.

The crawling voodoo guitar riffs of “Red Cooley” keep you glued to the stereo while the horror chants “Red Cooley Burn in Hell” will stick in your head for days. “Mc Gortsy” is a hackle raising song of the psychological damage one gets when your forced to drive just one too many long haul shifts. “Roadside Cross” is a track that would fit perfectly in late night horror black and white glory as a serial killing trucker puts his prey underground. The album closes out with “Truckers Rumble”, a low groove of zombie guitar riffs and CB chatter.

This album proves to be a breakout album for the “Scariest Band in the World” because it features some of the heaviest and most complex guitar work the act can muster.  Most people overlook surf rock riffs, easily dismissed in the cacophony of keyboard centered club tracks.  Deadbolt reveals it to be an altogether ripping different sound that grabs hold and refuses to let go.  At the first onset, one cant help but get up and groove as R.A. Mclean and Harley Davidson pull headlong with rock solid time tested guitar work.   If your interested in trying something outside of the usual Romantic flair with a biting gritty dark edge, these guys are the ticket.

- taken from Fangoria


This album has been in my stereo for a month straight!!   Definitely worth a listen.  - swampchode

Von Liebenfels - 2008 - Herren Der Schwarzen Sonne

 2008 - Herren Der Schwarzen Sonne
Artist: Von Liebenfels 
Title: Herren Der Schwarzen Sonne
Label: SkullLine 
Genre: Burzumesque Bombastic Neo Classical

Track Listing:

01 Ostara
02 Eye of Black Stone
03 A Future For The Past
04 Brüder Des Lichts
05 Ich Hatt Einen Kamaraden
06 Masses Engulfed
07 Night of the Long Knives (Alternate)
08 Moti Ragnarokum (Burzum Cover)

Well, this album piqued my interest right away, the fact that there was once a human called Lanz Von Liebenfels, the famous founder of the Ordo Novi Templi or The Order of the New Templars, got me thinking what kind of music this would actually be. Even more intriguing is the fact that the music is made by a human under the name Torsten Von Liebenfels, so either it is a taken surname or perhaps he has some kind of a connection to the Austrian journalist Lanz Von Liebenfels. Anyway the theme is literary taken right out of the source and I do have a weak spot for occultism even in this rather extreme form, after all in the end you just have to look upon myths and legends with the mind of a free thinker.

I could hear right from the first track that the influences where indeed quite heavy from the materials of early Mortiis and Burzums more ambient tracks. This is not a bad thing in my opinion since I really love basic synthesizers and compositions of this type. The music is simple in an excellent way and succeeds in capturing that kind of serene beauty that Mortiis earlier albums reek with. The album starts out completely instrumental and the general feel was a good one, however with track number three these small passages of a sampled storytellers voice enters and splits me in half. The distorted voice is retelling the story of the atlanteans from a more, well, narrowed down perspective. I do know that the Nazis where trying to link their own bloodline with that of this lost race of god-men but it is still quite unnerving hearing this voice retelling the story as if it was the blind truth. I’m quite on the greyscale when it comes to politics and music, this album however might be over the edge even for those who tend to like other bands cuddling with fascist-ideologies and similar totalitarian traditions. Personally I have no idea if this is intended to be a political piece of music or if it is just as I hope a clever use of samplings to heighten the music in itself. It would have been an interesting talk if I could just speak to the man behind this project because I feel that the use of these samplings taken out of their contexts is brilliant. The bombastic and martial background music of Brüder Des Lichts fits perfectly with these really weird but somehow fitting samplings.

After this comes a more martial part with the songs Ich Hatt Einen Kamaraden and Masses Engulfed. The drums of the later mentioned song is quite horrible, and by that I mean they have a sound that made me skip the track after half the song passing with its samplings of whom I think is the fürher himself, once again bordering to the realm of being a bit much. The last two tracks however more than makes up for the lacking middle part. Nigh of the Long Knives is a more martial instrumental piece and finally a nice cover of Burzums Moti Ragnarokum rounds of the album. This is a good album and a fine example of how thin the border is between political correctness and music. However since I am not really sure what the album is trying to tell me it feels confusing listening to. A great ambient start turns out to be offering even more and I am personally not sure if it’s a masterpiece of an act of pure insanity. However I do recommend this excellent album to anyone with a strong sense of individuality and an attraction to music created by a political enigmatic human hell-bent on breaking new ground. However for the weak of heart and those more interested in staying politically correct this might not be the type of release you want. The whole context reminds me a lot of early Burzum and his path to infamy and legend, and perhaps that is the case. Any way the album is limited to 100 copies so those interested better hurry, and ye, the cover art is amazing in its simplicity, Iron Sky!

- taken from Heathen