Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hang the Bastard - Hellfire Reign (2010)

Genre: Doom/Sludge Metal
Origin: United Kingdom
Label: Holy Roar
Status: Active
File Size: 77 MB 320Kbps

Chris - Vocals
Sina - Guitar
Sam Hell - Guitar
Stu - Bass
Simon ''Jesus'' Grubb - Drums

1. Acid Bath Vampire 02:22
2. The Blackest Eyes 03:14
3. Levitation Lessons 03:43
4. Genesis 03:48
5. Earthmover 03:04
6. 06 Snakecharmer 03:54
7. 1888 03:32
8. Hells Teeth 03:34
9. Goodbye Piccadilly 02:33
10. Farewell Leicester Square 06:21
Total playing time 36:05

Here some fucking groovy sludge from the UK- cool fucking cover too.

Hellfire Reign

Friday, December 24, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ancient Chinese Secret - Caveat Emptor (1999)

Genre - Hardcore/Experimental
Origin - San Francisco, Ca.
Time - 27.9 min
File - 53.88 MB (320 kbps)

What we have here is one of the most adventurous and exciting forays into the fringe of extreme hardcore in a long time (the fringe of the fringe you might say). A.C.S. consists of two long time mainstays in the power violence underground, namely Matt Martin (ex CAPITALIST CASUALTIES) and Chris Dodge (SPAZZ, Slap A Ham Records, etc) teamed up with trained female vocalist Lydia Dodge who admits to not even liking power violence. The result is an experimental hardcore album that captures the imagination, revels in eclecticism, and still manages to rock your pathetic world. With only bass guitar, drums, vocals, and various key and tape loop embellishments A.C.S. do things with their music that I guarantee you've never heard the likes of before. Their uniqueness is so much a part of their sound that even from track to track they are vastly diverse. Whether it is a song like "The Basics" that has the flavor and directness of early NOMEANSNO or "Sakura" which is as close to "normal" power violence as A.C.S. gets or even the organ interlude "The Overlook", ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET will keep you guessing. Anyone interested in hearing something different needs to check this out. Folks who gravitate towards bands that reject the norm (MITB, GASP, etc) will find their new gods in A.C.S. because in a lot ways this album bridges the gap between the familiar and the bizarre. It has enough roots and simplistic pummeling power to connect it to hardcore fans yet is left of center enough to appeal to fans of music that is way "out there". Hopefully people are smart enough make the connection because it would be a crime if this album got lost somewhere in the middle. (Jeb Branin/In Music We Trust)

Track List:
1. Waiting For Doctor Bombay
2. A Nice Day
3. Moral Of The Story
4. ??? (Japanese Titled)
5. Hyper Liar
6. Obnoxious Fumes
7. The Overlook
8. The Basics
9. Outburst
10. Flight Or Fight
11. Quiet For The Choirmaster
12. Needle's Eye
13. The Candle Burns
14. A Passage Of Time

I picked this up the day it hit the streets. This was release #50 in the Slap a Ham Records catalog. Give it a listen and leave some comments on what you think about it!

Moral Of The Story

Friday, December 10, 2010

Doppelganger - Skate Or Die (Seriously) Demo (2002)

Genre - Powerviolence/Hardcore Thrash
Origin - San Francisco, Ca.
Time - 10.9 min
File - 20.49 MB (320 kbps)

Track List:1. May Day 2002 Was Fun Until Lane Got Arrested
2. The Everlasting Look A Like Contest
3. Dust Collector
4. Driving Into A Wall
5. Hardcore As An Economic System

6. Glory Days
7. It's Time To Die You're X'd
8. Diabolical Indignation
9. When Push Comes To Shove
10. Word Of Warning
11. Hard To Swallow
12. Let's Get Drunk And Destroy The Government
13. Go Away
14. I Rode My Bike On The Hood Of Your Car
15. Player Hater
16. Lane Puked Up Taco Bell
17. Palm Reader Blah, Blah, Blah...

Here's a demo that my friend Lane gave me back in 2002, he was the bass player. Not long after this was recorded and a few compilation appearances they put out their debut ep on 625 Thrashcore and then called it quits. The singer Keith, went on to play guitar in the female fronted S.F hardcore band Punch, who are pretty badass! Check it out!

Word Of Warning!!!

Mucupurulent - Monsters Of Carnage

Genre: Goregrind/"Grind'N'Roll"
Origin: Germany

1. Candy Cat
2. Low Brain Blow Bunny
3. Dead
4. Sex Carnage
5. Breathing Red Dust
6. Spit Blood On Your Parents Grave
7. Muscle Car Man
8. Blinded
9. Damage Dealer
10. Infected
11. Helldriver / Glowduster
12. Gaylord Warrior
13. Scapegoat
14. Horny Little Honeypies
15. HC Bitch

A wee different from your standard goregrind, some call it grind'n'roll but that's kinda cheesy. (though I guess goregrind is by definition cheesy...) That being said, these Germans slow down the usual mile-a-minute grind pace a bit, and throw in some unusual chunkiness. Anyway, check it out!

Check em out!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Talk Is Poison - Straight To Hell (1998)

Genre - Hardcore Punk
Origin- Oakland, Ca.
Time - 14.8 min
File - 29.91 MB (320kbps)

Track List:1. Right To Die
2. Talk Is Poison
3. Forgotten
4. Declassified
5. Isolation
6. Data-Void
7. Condensed Humanity
8. They Call It Law
9. Ruins
10. Floor
11. Lost

This was the bands debut ep put out by Prank Records, which released all of the bands material, 2 ep's and a split ep with Memphis, Tn. Deathreat. Prank has since released all of the material mentioned above on one slab for your listening pleasure. Talk Is Poison had a brief existence in the late nineties playing their style of straight ahead bass heavy Hardcore. Check it out!

They Call It Law!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Vader - Live In Japan - 1999

1. Damien (intro)
2. Sothis
3. Distant Dream
4. Black To The Blind
5. Silent Empire
6. Blood Of Kingu
7. Carnal
8. Red Passage
9. Panzerstoss (intro)
10. Reborn In Flames
11. Fractal Light
12. From Beyond (intro)
13. Crucified Ones
14. Foetus God
15. Black Sabbath
16. Raining Blood
17. Omen (intro)
18. Dark Age

Well, it's Vader. And it's live. And it's in Japan. A winning combination! Except maybe the Japan part.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Catacombs - Echoes Through the Catacombs 2003

Genre: Funeral Doom/Death Metal
Lyrical Themes: Lovecraft, Cthulhu ethos
Origin: USA
Label: Cthulhu Productions
File Size: 68.5 MB 320Kbps

Xathagorra Mlandroth - All instruments & vocals

1. Consigned to Flames of Woe 16:33
2. Echoes Through the Catacombs 13:35
Total playing time 29:57

Being a fan of Hierophant, I opted for this release when it first came out in 2003. This is for fans of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM , not Doom- enjoy your trip to the Catacombs

Echoes Through The Catacombs

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Societic Death Slaughter - Mandatory Recordings (unknown)

Genre - Hardcore/Crust
Origin - Gifu, Japan
Time - 62:59 min.
File - 122.36 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
"Never Arise" 7"
1. Alive? Dead....Distort Hope
2. Hell Storm
3. Warfear
4. Never Arise
5. Neo Wargasm
split Lp w/Misery
6. Tomorrow
7. System Sucks
8. Death Rain
9. Riding The Ghost At Midnight
10. Future Stay In The Darkness Fog
11. No Dream Story
"Breakers" v/a CD
12. Out From The Void (live Anti-Sect cover)
"Crust And Aguished Life" v/a CD
13. Butcher
"Discharged" v/a tribute Lp
14. Doomsday
15. Why?
"Meaningful Consolidation" v/a 2x7"
16. False Freedom, Distort Hope, Hell Storm, Naked Scream (live)
"Total Insubordination" v/a Lp
17. Hell Storm II
"Scum System Kill" 7"
18. Scum System Kill
19. Distort Fucking Hope
20. 1000 Million Crying
21. Straight To Hell

I dig SDS, what you have hear is works from a split Lp, comp tracks and a couple of ep's. This is a bootleg disc I picked up long ago from a distro box at some gig I attended. The covers to these are above (hopefully viewable) and the labels represneted here are MCR Company, Mangrove Records, Rhythm Victor Records and Blurred/DIY the bands works from 1990-1996. You can visit their page by clicking here. Check them out if your not in the know!

Distort Hope!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dropdead - The Eventual Result, Live in Hiroshima 3" Disc (1996)

Genre - Hardcore/Crust
Origin - Providence, Rhode Island
Time - 15:08 min.
File - 30.47 MB (128kbps)

Track List:1. Bullshit Tradition
2. Unjustified Murder
3. At The Cost Of An Animal
4. Sheep
5. Requiem
6. No Glory
7. Max
8. Control
9. New World Slaughter
10. Hopeless

11. Herd
12. Washed Away
13. I Will Defy
14. Army Of Hate
15. Life Is Chains
16. The Circle Complete

These guys should need no introduction. This is a 3" disc that was recorded live at Bad Lands in Hiroshima, Japan on 5/14/1996 and put out by Profane Existence Far East. Here's their page ,so pay them a visit and get more info on the mighty Dropdead and support them, Dig!

Bullshit Tradition, aaAAAAARGH!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sally Timms - Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments... For Lost Buckaroos (1999)

Genre: Traditional Country
Origin: Leeds, England
Label: Bloodshot Records
File: 79 Mb (320kbps)

Sally Timms - Lead Vocal (all)
Jessica Billey: violin on 2, 3, 5, 7, 9
Celine: acoustic guitar on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9; all instruments on 8, 10
Jon Rauhouse: pedal steel and hawaiian guitar on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9; banjo on 4, 6; mandolin on 2, 5, 9; vocals on 1
Tom Ray: bass on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
John Herndon: drums and sleigh bells on 1, 3, 6, 7


Fred Armisen - latin percussion on 9
Jane Baxter-Miller - vocal on 6
Andrew Bird - violin on 1
Andon Davis - electric guitar on 3
Robbie Fulks - acoustic guitar on 4
Jon Langford - acoustic guitar on 9; vocal on 1
Steve Rosen - fiddle on 6
Brett Sparks - vocal on 2
Harry Trumfio - steel percussion on 2,5
Barry Mills - intro and outro voc.
Recorded in 3 days in May 9, at uberstudio Chicago,
Mixed in 3 days at Kingsize Soundlabs Chicago
Produced by Sally timms and Jon Langford with Dave Trumfio

1. Howdy Folks and Gather Round (intro) :25
2. Dreaming Cowboy (Guy Lawrence) 4:28
3. The Sad Milkman (Renie & Brett Sparks) 3:41
4. Dark Sun (Langford/Timms) 3:57
5. In Bristol Town One Bright Day (Robbie Fulks) 3:02
6. Sweetheart Waltz (Timms/Langford) 3:42
7. Snowbird (R&B Sparks) 1:55
8. Cry Cry Cry (Johnny Cash) 3:09
9. When the Roses Bloom Again (trad/Guthrie/Tweedy) 4:20
10. Cancion Para Mi Padre (Timms/Langford) 4:38
11. Rock Me To Sleep (Jill Sobule/Richard Barone) 2:05
12. Goodnight Cowboy Sally (outro) :24
Total Playing Time: 35:43

Holy mother of Jesus jumped up Christ, do I ever love this one! This is Sally Timms' from the Mekons solo effort take on traditional country waltzes and cowboy songs and she sounds like an angel sent from heaven. Seriously check this one out.

Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments... For Lost Buckaroos

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hiatus - Old Fashioned Shit For Consumers (1995)

Genre - Crust
Origin - Liege, Belgium
Time - 67:27 min.
File - 134.16MB (320kbps)

Hiatus formed in May [[1989]], at this time the line up was Phill, Ben, Raf and Phil. They played in a [[Doom (band)Doom]]/[[Discharge (band)Discharge]]/[[Extreme Noise TerrorE.N.T.]] style and recorded a rehearsal demo called "The Frightening Men Story". In May 90 they put out their second rehearsal demo called "In My Mind" and soon after Wills joined them on bass. The band went into the studio and recorded a set of songs which were released on two 7"'s and various compilations. Their first 7" "I don't scare easily but..." was released on the French label Urban Alert rec. and had a second pressing on Nabate/Mother Peace rec. A split 7" with RMR from Japan called "Severe Existence" was Hiatus' second 7" and was released on the Japanese label MCR Co. Phil and Raf left and some new members joined: Azill on guitars and vocals and for a short time Vrokker and Leffe from [[Chronic Disease (band)Chronic Disease]]. During August 91 Hiatus toured the U.S.A and Canada with [[The Wurst]] from Rhode Island and played with bands like [[Rorschach (band)Rorschach]], and [[Born Against]]. In November 1991 they recorded another studio session. From this recording the "Way Of Doom" 7" and Hiatus/Embittered 7" were released in 1992. In February 1992 Hiatus toured Europe with No Security from Sweden, also in 1992 they toured the UK with [[Mushroom Attack]] from Holland. In 1993 their "From Resignation ... To Revolt" LP was released on [[Sound Pollution]]. Hiatus also toured Europe and Eastern Europe that year. Among others, there were four dates in Sweden, booked by the band [[Viktors Haufnarren]] and [[Resistance Productions]]. The four France dates ere booked by [[Six feet Over]], [[Ultimate Disorder]], [[Catalogue Du Grand Nord]] and [[Maloka collective]]. In early August they made a five dates tour in Spain with the band [[Six Feet Over]]. The tour was booked by a member of the Spanish band [[Positi Caustico]]. The 15th of August in the "Festes Alternatives a Gracia" in Barna date was a huge success, with thousands of punks and anarchists. Hiatus played there with the band [[Speereth]]. The last date in the tour was in Luxemburg, toured by Diff ([[No More]] and [[Subway Arts]]). In early '94 the Doom/Hiatus 7" was released. In February 1995 they recorded their "El sueno de la razon produce monstruos" LP. In June '95 they toured the USA and Canada again. A self titled mini LP was released on Skuld Releases/[[Profane Existence]] in 1996, the songs on it showed a big progression from their earlier releases with elements of modern [[hardcore punkhardcore]] being added to their [[crustpunk]] sound. Azill and Willy from Hiatus also play in [[Unhinged]] who have a 7" and LP out on [[Nabate]]. (myspace)

Track List:
"I Don't Scare Easy..."debut 7", split w/RMR & "Walk Across America" comp track
1. Confusion Inside My Head

2. P.S.A.
3. Bob/Inside Death

4. Nuclear World
5. No Answers To Lead Me
6. A Day
7. Show Of Pain

8. No Religion, No Cult, No Sect
9. No Use

10. War Is Obscene
"Son Of A Bleuuuargh 2" comp track11. You Really Make Me Sick
Live in Ottawa, 199112. Black Screen
ALF Benefit comp track13. Disastrous Luxury Results
Live in Liege, Belgium, 199014. Victims Of Life
"Way Of Doom" 7" & split w/Embittered
15. Entombed Universe
16. Devastation Of Life
17. No Religion pt.2
18. Inertia

19. Freedom Conquest
20. Believer Consciousness
21. Bloodsports
"Revive Us Again" 7"
22. Have A Free Lifesplit 7" w/Subcaos
23. Way Of Doom
24. Purulent Stench Of War
"In My Mind" demo, 1990
25. Equality - Conception Of Life
26. Inside Death
Live DIY K-BAAL Fest. 1994
27. Disarm the Bastards
28. Bloodshot
split w/Doom29. Relief TV (Doom)
Live track, split w/ Fleas & Lice
30. Mindless Fucked Up Movement

This killer disc came out on Ataque Sonoro, a label from Portugal. I always dug the sound that Hiatus created. I caught wind of these Belgian ragers from my friend Joe, by being a regular at his record store. He would always have the turntable blasting, usually new slabs that he had just got in before they made their way into the bins and into his collection.
One day back in '91 I stopped in to see what was new and he was blasting the "Way Of Doom" ep that he had just got in from Profane Existence, a label and zine that he stocked regularly. I immediately asked who was playing on the turntable, he told me and showed me the little stack of copies he had just unpacked and I purchased a couple of copies and was hooked.
This disc is comprised from the bands works between 1990 - 1994. What you get is demo's, live tracks, comp tracks, ep's & split ep's. Missing material in the bands catalog is "The Frightening Men Story" demo(1989), "From Resignation..To Revolt"Lp(1993), "El Sueno De La Razon Produce Monstruos"Lp (1995), Hiatus MLP(1996). Here's their page so go pay them a visit. Enjoy!
No Religion, No Cult, No Sect

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Groovie Ghoulies - Born in the Basement (1994)

Genre: Pop Punk, Horror Punk
Origin: Origin Sacramento, California, United States
Years active: 1983–2007
Label: Lookout! Records
File: 100 Mb (320kbps)

Kepi Ghoulie – vocals, bass guitar
Roach – guitar, backing vocals on "The Beast with Five Hands"
Wendy – drum kit, backing vocals on "The Beast with Five Hands"
Conrad Uno, Cory Vick – handclaps on "The Beast with Five Hands"

1. Blood Intro 1:58
2. Hello Hello (Wes Farrell, Tony Romeo; originally performed by The Partridge Family) 2:04
3. Levitation (Tommy Hall, Stacy Sutherland; originally performed by the 13th Floor Elevators) 2:39
4. My Car 2:19
5. The Beast with Five Hands 2:32
6. A Message to Pretty (Arthur Lee; originally performed by Love) 2:09
7. Pumpkinhead 1:59
8. Back to the Garage 1:55
9. I Wanna Have Fun 2:15
10. Born in the Basement 1:57
11. Walk Out in the Rain (Bob Dylan, Helena Springs, Dan Janisch; originally performed by Eric Clapton) 1:08
12. Hell Time (Dylan; originally performed by Bob Dylan as "Band of the Hand") 2:02
13. I Ain't Talkin' to You 2:53
14. Hypergenerate 1:59
15. Think of Me (unlisted track) 1:59
Total Playing Time: 46:11

Happy Halloween!! I can find nothing more fitting for this blog then the 50's inspired horror punk stylings of the miraculous Groovie Ghoulies. This is a lot of fun. Last year I posted a great Halloween album, too so I'll also link you to that one.

Groovie Ghoulies - Born in the Basement

The Independents - Back From the Grave

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Mekons - Fear and Whiskey (1985)

Genre: Post-punk, Alternative country
Lyrical Theme: A community struggling to retain its capacity for joy and humanity through a devastating war
Origin: Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Years Active: 1977 – present
Label: Sin
File: 79 Mb (320kbps)

Steve Goulding - Drums
Tommy Greene - Vocals, Violin, Guitar
Susie Honeyman - Fiddle
Johny boy Langford - Vocals, Harp, Guitar
Lu - Bass
Ken Lite- Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Dick Taylor - Lead Guitar

1. Chivalry 4:03
2. Trouble Down South 4:15
3. Hard to Be Human Again 3:58
4. Darkness and Doubt 5:15
5. Psycho Cupid (Danceband on the Edge of Time) 2:52
6. Flitcraft 3:23
7. Country 2:54
8. Abernant 1984/1985 2:21
9. Last Dance 3:13 Mekons
10. Lost Highway 3:13 (Leon Payne)
Total Playing Time: 35:13

This is the 4th full length from England's long-running cult band the Mekons, and it is generally credited as being the first ever Alt-country album. It's actually a wonderful treasure filled with a sense of melancholy uplifted through happy melodies which gives it a wonderful and unique blend. This is a must listen and I've been a big fan for many years. Inspired.

Fear and Whiskey

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God Bullies - Kill the King (1994)

Genre: Noise Rock/Punk Rock
Origin: Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
Years Active: 1986–1995
Label: Alternative Tentacles
File: 106 Mb (320kbps)

Mike Hard - Vocals, Tape Manipulations, Samples
Adam Berg - Drums and Percussion
Mike Corso - Bass, Piano
Tommy Shannon - Guitar
David Livingston - Guitar, tapes, Electronics

1. Neighborhood Kid 2:31
2. King Of Sling 3:01
3. How Many Times 3:21
4. Detain My Brain 1:32
5. She's Wild 4:07
6. Pretty On The Inside 7:42
7. Space Kid Zoom 3:34
8. You Have Been Warned 4:07
9. It's Him 3:29
10. Artificial Insemination By Aliens 4:42
11. Hate 8:50
Total Playing Time: 46:56

This is the final album from the sick and twisted noise punk band God Bullies before they disbanded. This is the most accessible album in their catalogue but it's still very bizarre and creepy. Mike Hard is the most intense and insane vocalist ever and he kinda scares me.

Kill the King

Monday, October 25, 2010

V/A Menus With Manpower - (2000)

Genre - Grindcore, Powerviolence, Sludge,
Punk, Noise
Origin - International
Time - 72.22 min.
File - 141.01 MB (320kbps)

Track List:

1. Desperate For Friends
2. Their Excuse
3. The Sumofour Fears
4. Antimoney Reflex
5. Untitled (live)
6. Untitled (live)
7. C
8. Death Metal Or Die
9. Squire Barnes: Chicken Chop
10. Mammoth
11. Snowmen
12. Rape Your Ass With Drugs
13. Derrel's Porno Song
14. Comrades
15. Drink & Hate
16. I Hate To Take A Bath
17. Untitled or "Grindcore Cabron"
18. Miserable Excuse For A God
19. Pissed Forever
20. Anal Violation Of Chicken Little
21. Curly Fries
22. Untitled
23. Cadaveric Splatter Platter
24. Zombie Christ
25. Forty-Two
26. Ligature
27. Back For More
28. Egg
29. O.K Hardcore
30. Mis Madres
31. H.P. #7
32. Stoma Fuck
33. Captain Howdy
34. Mystery Of Faith
35. Evil Against Evil
36. GodzillaForever (for Tomoyuki Tanaka)
37. Plastic Glass Of Melted Elephant
38. Kick Your Neighbor In The Head/David's Easy
39. The Sound Of Crazy Alien Creatures Destroying The World
40. Cum On Feel The Noise
41. Ilsk
42. Painful Piles
43. Zuckuss
44. Transmitted Anally, Uh Huh
45. Macronympha's Home Phone Number
46. Hand Cancel
47. Free Jazz Follies
48. Nightmares.....
49. Miscreant

This compilation was put out in 2000 by a couple of broadcasters as a benefit for KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, California, a non-profit, free-form radio station at UC Davis. Davis, is a small sleepy University town located in California's Central Valley and is part of the Sacramento Metropolitan area. Streaming can be heard by going here and be sure to check out their schedules of shows, ya dig!

Kick Your Neighbor In The Head!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

V/A Crust And Anguished Life - (1993)

Genre - Crust
Origin - International
Time - 39:21 min.
File - 75.69 MB(320kbps)

Track List:

1. Give It Back
2. Suppression
3. Huge Power
4. Drink Or Not
5. Dead To The World
6. Conform(Siege)/Use Your Brain
7. Right Wing Youth
8. Butcher
9. Black Screen
10. End The Pain
11. Nightmare
12. Lifeline (Sacrilege)
13. Lest We Forget
14. Visions Of Horror
15. Shadows
16. Nuclear Annihilation
17. The Circle Complete
18. Speak Japanese Or Die

Ripping compilation put out by the long running stellar Japanese label, MCR Company from Kyoto and is #59 in their catalog. I picked this up the year it came out from my friends record store who always hooked me up with the new releases he got in. I used to spin this constantly, all the bands rip!
Visit here for the english version of their site and support this long running label. Dig it!

End The Pain!!!

Monarch (Fra) - Die Tonight 2006

Genre: Sludge/Doom/Drone
Origin: France
Formed: 2002
Label: Throne Records
File Size: 91MB 320Kbps

Emilie Bresson-Vocals
Shiran Kaïdine - Guitar
MicHell Bidegain - Bass
Rob MacManus - Drums

1. Swan Song 19:30
2. Winter Bride 19:28
Total playing time 40:00

French dooooooom! Awesome

Die Tonight

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cork 'n Bottle String Band - Volume II (2000)

Genre: Bluegrass
Origin: Ken's Bar & Grill, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Label: CBSB Records
File: 74 Mb (320kbps)

John Purnell - Banjo, Vocals
Kurt Kellesvig - Dobro
Dave Landau - Guitar Vocals
Greg Dierks - Mandolin, Vocals
Pat Logterman - Bass
Jim "Stringbean" Wright - Banjo, Vocals
Andy Moore - Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Brusoe - Fiddle

1. Lady Esther 3:07
2. Shawano County Shuffle 2:46
3. When The Phone Don't Ring (It'll Be Me) 2:03
4. Dangerous Game 2:56
5. Lonesome Feeling 2:42
6. Stringbean Crossing The Rhine 2:16
7. Rabbit In A Log 2:37
8. The Camden Special 3:11
9. In Like A Lion 2:24
10. Gravelyard 3:32
11. Cutter's Kickdown 2:01
12. Whiskey Before Breakfast 1:46
13. Tom Dooley 1:55

Well, you guys are in for a real treat here. I used to live in Madison, Wisconsin and every Wednesday we would take a break from the punk rock action at Ocay's Corral and head down to Ken's Bar and Grill to get drunk and entertained by the amazing Cork 'n Bottle String Band. This band just flat out rules live and they didn't really put out many cds or anything so I was really lucky to score this cd which is probably gonna be the only thing you'll even be able to find by them so enjoy this.

Cork 'n Bottle String Band - Volume II

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maegashira / Sowbelly / OSSM (2009)

Genre: Sludge/Doom Metal
Label: Shifty Records
Origin: USA
File Size: 175Mb 320kbps


1. Adapting to the Noose
2. Thanks, I'm Fine
3. The Man Who Named God
4. La Bate
5. The Portrait
6. Perfect Sleeping Weather
7. The Beer Halloween
8. Where's the Groove
9. Good Grief

Total time: 1:16

3 way sludge doooooooooom

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pasadena Napalm Division (2010)

Genre: Thrash/Crossover
Lyrical Themes: Political, Social
Label: Abyss
Status; Active
File Size: 33.5MB

Kurt Brecht - Vocals (D.R.I.)
Greg Martin - Guitar (Dead Horse)
Scott Sevall - Guitar, Vocals (Dead Horse)
Bubba Dennis II - Bass, Vocals (Verbal Abuse)
Ronny Guyote - Drums, Vocals (Dead Horse)

1. Spell It Out 03:01
2. 100 Beers With A Zombie 02:35
3. Non Ti Amo 02:44
4. Speaking In Tongues 03:13
5. Failure 01:52
6. Untitled 01:27
Total playing time 14:52

Veteran thrash/crossover metal ep featuring members of D.R.I., Dead Horse and Verbal Abuse. Fuck, this rules. Check it out


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heavy Hardcore Headroom - (1996)

Genre - Hardcore, Crust, Sludge
Origin - U.$
Time - 73:53 min.
File - 142.61 MB(320kbps)

Heavy Hardcore Headroom CD is a compilation of bands recorded by Bill T Miller at Headroom. These bands were recorded in a raw anti-production style and are from the 1990-95 era of Headroom Studios.

HHH CD is a collection of Heavy and/or Hardcore bands, I recorded at my small, no frills Half-Inch 16-track. Each of the bands have their own political views and musical styles. I record them in a raw, live, no-budget, DIY, anti-production style. I have my own bands (Out of Band Experience and King Of Feedback) to indulge my own weird-wacko fantasies as a musician. As an independent engineer/producer, I record at many larger more deluxe studios. ExtraTerrestrial Discs is a NO-budget DIY label set-up to release OBE and KOF music, I don't really have the money or distro to release other bands. I was very lucky to have connected with IZUMI from PEFE on the internet. PEFE is perfect, small enough to have DIY ethics, but large enough to be professional with good distribution. THANX for listening to HHH! =Bill T. Miller (Bill T.

Track List:
1. HHH (BTM samplefest)
Kings Of Feedback
2. Dead Ants
3. Kill "Bob"
4. Locust
5. Stagnation
6. Tribal Cry
Hail Of Rage
7. Purity
Deformed Conscience
8. Kept Alive To Die
9. Halo Effect
Drop Dead
10. Cost Of An Animal
11. Bullshit Tradition
12. No Glory
13. Wake Of Deception
Mind The Parasites
14. The Mind Eater
15. Perverse Condition
Devoid Of Faith
16. Conquest
Dean Jones
17. Killer
Out Of Band Experience
18. You Rang
19. A Letter
20. Glass Hand (outer remix)
21. Thorazine - Ralph Diaz
22. I Hate You
23. Trust
24. Lack Of Intelligence
25. God Fearing Citizen
26. Victims Of Tradition
27. Slave To Stupidity
Anal Cunt
28. Trapped
29. Some Noise Thing
30. You're A Fucking Cunt
31. Necessary Megahertz
Toxic Narcotic
32. State Of Affairs
Showcase ShowDown
33. Bark The Vote
Chicken Chest & the Bird Boys
34. No Concern For Acceptance
35. Dumk Rig
36. Vivisection

Pretty cool compilation here. Check out Bill T. Miller by clicking here . Split label release by Extraterrestrial Records and Profane Existence Far East. Enjoy!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oaks of Bethel - Plague Upon Plague (2010)

Genre: Ambient Drone/Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Nature, Culture, Ancestry
Origin: United States of America (Illinois)
Formed In: 2009
Label: EEE Recordings
Status: Active
File: 116 Mb (320kbps)

Ihr - Guitar, Vocals, Field Recordings (Njiqahdda, Funeral Eclipse)
Ain - Drums, Vocals (Njiqahdda, Funeral Eclipse)

1. You Forgive Nothing As Death Grows Close 15:41
2. Plague Upon Plague 35:43
Total playing time 51:24

Oaks of Bethel are a side project of the almighty Njiqahdda and they play a mesmerizing blend of ambient drone and black metal that I understand may not be for everyone but if you are into this kinda stuff at all, this is fantastic. If you dig them or Njiqahdda or Njiijn give the guys some support and buy a couple of their cds from EEE recordings. They have nothing but high quality releases for an affordable price.

Plague Upon Plague

Purchase from EEE

Friday, October 1, 2010

Health Hazard/Suffer - Discography 93 - 96 (2005)

Genre - Hardcore Punk/Crust
Origin - England
Time - 66:54 min
File - 132.41 MB(320kbps)

A volley of abrasive, thrashing, overpowering blasts of hardcore fury. Health Hazard were a short lived English band with caustic female vocals, speeding thrash with hammering guitar, and throttling drums. One of the most classic 1990’s UK hardcore bands. (

Track List:
"S/T" 10''

1. Breeding Hatred
2. Silent Scream
3. As Safe As...
4. Homo Insipiens
5. Societies Rejects
6. Looking For An Answer
7. From Within
8. What You Going To Do?
9. Confused
10. Headroom
11. So Much Pressure
12. Die
13. Decondition
14. Misery
"Not Just A Nightmare" ep
15. Not Just A Nightmare
16. Through My Eyes
17. Kill'em All
18. Up In Smoke
19. Trapped
20. Life In Fear
21. Break The Chains
22. We R Us
23. Look At It
split ep w/Sawnoff
24. What's To Come
25. Just For Now
26. Upsetting The Balance
27. They

28. One Step Closer
29. Scroungers
30. Fuckin' Magic
31. Gridlocked
32. DV8

33. Listen
34. The Powers That Be
"Forest Of Spears" ep
35. Suffer/Conform
36. Device
37. Wrist Action
38. Mental
39. Neighbourhood Watch
40. Full Pelt
(Homesick )
split ep w/ Urko
41. Crowds
42. Spark
43. Confess
44. Listen#2

I got into these two bands from picking up the "Not Just A Nightmare" ep way back in '93 or '94. After hearing the scathing vokills and the metallic crust frenzy that was unleashed upon my earholes, I was hooked! I followed the bands and managed to pick up all of the vinyl output of both. Suffer is the band Health Hazard turned into immediately after disbanding. This discography was released on Prank Records from San Francisco, Ca. and is release #28 in their catalog. Check this slab out!

Break The Chains

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Demeanor- The Slug's Throne(2010)

Genre: Sludge/Grindcore
Formed: Unknown
Label: Unsigned
File Size: 26.6MB 320Kbps

A Stable Life, A Bright Future 1:47
2 Grasping Every Last Limb 1:00
3 Consciousless Machine 1:00
4 Ivory Holes 1:44
5 Disgusted 1:58
6 Several Palsies 2:19
7 The Slugs Throne 2:51
Total Playing Time 12:39min

This is a short blast of ultraviolence from the hardest working band in the Kentucky
hardcore/grind scene. Check This Out

The Slug's Throne

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bibilic Blood - Pale Face Destroyer 2010

Genre: Doom/Sludge/Drone Metal
Lyrical Themes: Drugs
Origin: USA
Formed: 2008
Label: Unsigned
Status: Active
File Size 96MB 320Kbps

1. Ghost Moth 03:42
2. Tourniquet 03:26
3. Southern Man 05:08
4. Cyborg Storm 03:13
5. Nightmare Bitch 06:55
6. Eternal Soul 02:09
7. Wolf 359 03:48
8. Black Hole 05:24
9. Love 02:22
10. Anasazi Astronaut 02:53
11. Pale Face Destroyer 03:20
Total playing time 42:20

Here it is- Bibilic Blood's first full length. If you enjoyed the first BB post back in August- this will surpass that to the 10th power. Crushing, raw, underproduced doom/drone/noise metal sure to delight those who listen. This also includes two
Neil Young covers of " Southern Man" and " Love" Check it Out

Pale Face Destroyer

Friday, September 24, 2010

Warchetype - Goat Goddess Supremacy 2007

Genre:Doom Metal
Origin: Spain
Label: Alone Records
File Size: 155MB 320Kbps

Iban Arrieta: Vocals
Iván Román: Bass & Vocals
Jordi Boluda: Guitars
David Bruguera: Guitars
Pep Caravantes: Drums

1. Itaca 18:47
2. Marduk's Stairs to Earth 16:33
3. Manitou 10:59
4. Hangover 06:59
5. Deathcard (The Sun of the Country Priest) 12:59
Total playing time 01:06:17

Spain has been cranking out some quality doom metal. If you missed my previous Warchetype post with the Lords Of Bukkake- check this out.

Goat Goddess Supremacy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boris the Sprinkler - Suck (1998)

Genre: Pop Punk, Punk & Roll
Lyrical Theme: fast food, comic books, classic punk rock, and kitschy Americana
Origin: Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
Label: Go-Kart Records
File: 121 Mb (320kbps)

Paul #1 - Guitar, Vocals
Paul #2 - Drums
Tim #00 - Bass
Rev. Norb - Vocals, Keytar, Guitar, harmonica

1. Do The Sprinkler 1:13
2. Statutory Rock 1:21
3. My Radio Is Telling Me To Kill (The Guys On My Radio) 2:45
4. Dirty Candy 1:39
5. Icky Shazam 1:36
6. Purple Vulcan Hot Rod 1:36
7. Rushin'/Russian Robot 1:49
8. Jonestown Judy 2:01
9. U.F.O. 2:13
10. (My Baby Put Me In The) Penalty Box 2:00
11. Your Stupid Pants 1:23
12. Baby I Got Gas 1:37
13. I'm Green 1:31
14. Sugar Machine 1:18
15. Got2Fuc2Day 1:35
16. The End :34
17. Could You Guys Record That CD One More Time, Please? 23:47
18. Undo The Sprinkler 4:16
Total Playing Time: 54:14

Amazing Ramones inspired pop punk from Green Bay's own legendary Boris the Sprinkler featuring the extraordinary talent of the ludicrous Reverend Norb.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brother Inferior - Anthems '94-'97 (1999)

Genre - Anarcho Hardcore Punk
Origin - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Time - 73:12 min.
File - 150.29 MB(320kbps)

Brother Inferior started out in the summer of 94 with Ryan, Chad, Alex, Mike and 2nd guitarist named Dan Riffe. They recorded "Bound & Gagged" seven inch after only two monthes or so of practice and Dan left the band shortly after. They all pretty much hate that record but others like it, so oh well. They did a big U.S. tour in the summer '95, did the "Blasphemy & Treason" 7" in early '96, did a short west coast tour in summer '96, then came the split 7" with NOTA and the LP in early 97 and a massive 3-month tour of the U.S. and Canada that summer. They were very, very active in those years, constantly playing local and writing new songs. However, Alex quit the band right after that tour so they remained very inactive for a long period. They finally got Grant Lohrey on bass, but then Mikey quit the band, but not before recording the "Six More Reasons" 7" That wasn't released until early '99, by then they were playing a lot again with Jason Garvey from Rash of Beatings on Drums. During that inactive period Ryan kept busy playing with Burned UP, Bleed Dry, from Fort Smith Arkansas and touring with them in summer '98. Burned Up, Bleed Dry did a really good 7" on slap a ham records, but then broke up last summer. Brother Inferior did another U.S. Tour this past July and AUgust and then leaving straight for Europe for september, October, and Novemeber. It was massively long, strenuous tour, playing in over 20 countries. BI played close to 100 shows in 1999. They also released a 7" on Trujaca Fala records in Poland called "Dismantiling the Capitalist Machine -Euro-Tour '99." Brother Inferior is now taking a long break. Ryan went on to play in the band "protest stagnation" and currently plays in the Portland based band "exit collapse." Chad fronts the bands "Larkin" and "Bring Down the Hammer". (myspace)

Track List:
Iron Columns comp. dbl. Lp
1. Expansion
split 7" w/ Whorehouse of Representatives
2.Promise Keepers
3. Commodity
4. Commodity (dub)
Bleaaargh...a Music War 7' comp.
5. Moment of Silence
Anthems for Greater Salvation Lp
6. Capital Gains
7. Conquest of History
8. Who Wants to Live Forever
9. Buyout
10. More Than Just a Crime
11. Hope
12. My Country
13. Profit & Loss'
14. Lives for Sale
15. Logical End
16. Poverty Crime
17. Chivalry's Dead
18. Divided
19. Land of the Free
20. One for the Resistance
split 7" w/ N.O.T.A
21. Who will Protect Us?
22. Freedom's Son
America in Decline comp. Lp
23. Collective Conscience
Blasphemy & Treason 7"
24. The Answer Lies
25. Tomorrow's Lament
26. Ralph Reed
27. Retro
28. Bent Over Backwards
29. Inside
Bound & Gagged 7"
30. Bound & Gagged
31. New Liberty
32. Penalty
33. Prison
34. Mechanized
35. The best of Times

Really good Anarcho Punk from Tulsa, Oklahoma. This disc compiles all of the bands output and was released by Sensual Underground Ministries also from Tulsa. Check them out here and get to state smashing.

One for the Resistance

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zebulon Pike - Intransience (2008)

Genre: Stoner Metal
Origin: USA
Label: Unfortunate
Status: Active
File Size: 320kbps 89.2MB

Morgan Berkus - Guitar
Erik Bolen - Drums
Erik Fratzke - Guitar
Tom Berg - Bass

1. Mirrors of Blessed Miracles 10:54
2. Star-Ocean 16:25
3. The Avian Magi 11:38
Total playing time 38:57

Without a doubt, one of the best stoner metal bands in existence today- check them


Monday, September 13, 2010

Menace Ruine - Union of Irreconcilables (2010)

Genre: Avant-garde Drone, Ambient, Noise
Lyrical Themes: Non-Being, Occultism
Origin: Canada (Montreal, Quebec)
Formed In: 2007
Label: Aurora Borealis
Status: Active
File: 131 Mb (320kbps)

Geneviève - Vocals, Instruments, Lyrics
S. de La Moth - Vocals, Instruments

1. ...Collapse 9:01
2. The Upper Hand 6:22
3. Not Only a Break in the Clouds But a Permanent Clearing of the Sky 10:47
4. Corridor de Perdition 3:06
5. There will be Blood 5:55
6. Nothing Above or Below 8:48
7. Primal Waters Bed 15:39
Total playing time 59:42

Here's the new album from Menace Ruine and I just got done listening to it and it's not really what I was expecting but holy crap I liked it a lot. There's really no metal to be found here but more along the lines of surreal feedback and distorted drone soundscapes with chilling monotone female vocals. Fans of avante-garde (especially Nico) will really love this one. Hauntingly beautiful.

Union of Irreconcilables

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vulture- S/T (2008)

Genre: Stoner/Doom
Origin: USA
Formed: 2007
Label: Independent
File Size:61.5 320Kbps

Buddy Smith - Vocals
Garrett Twardesky - Guitar
Gene Fikhman - Guitar
Justin Bach - Bass
Kelly Gabany - Drums

1. Erosion 04:38
2. Place of Worship and Regret 05:41
3. Blinded 04:38
4. Order of the Vulture (A Birdwatcher's Anthem) 03:37
5. Ill-Fitting Crown 08:16
Total playing time 26:50

A quality stoner/doom Ep from a band from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Check it Out


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hooded Menace - Fulfill the Curse (2008)

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Origin: Finland
Label: Razorback Records
Status: Active
File Size: 120MB 320Kbps

1. Rotting Rampage (Menace of the Skeletal Dead) 05:20
2. Fulfill the Curse 06:55
3. Grasp of the Beastwoman 06:41
4. Laboratory of Nightmares 06:10
5. Beauty and the Feast 07:01
6. The Eyeless Horde 05:51
7. The Love Song of Gotho, Hunchback of the Morgue 05:44
8. Arcane Epitaph 05:43
9. Theme From Manhattan Baby 03:07
Total playing time 52:32

Coffins and this band have redefined the genre of Death/Doom. Check it out

Fulfill The Curse

Sixty Watt Shaman- Ultra Electric (1998)

Genre: Stoner Metal
Origin: USA
Label: Game Two
Status: Active
File Size: 95MB 320Kbps

1. Rumor Den 03:07
2. Burn Baby Burn 03:31
3. Southern Gentleman 03:36
4. Beverly 02:33
5. Where You Been 02:53
6. Permethrin 03:24
7. Interplanetary Pit Stop 03:54
8. Supercreep 02:16
9. Cactus Mexicali 05:35
10. New Trip 02:53 [view lyrics]
11. Bemis Manifesto 03:30
12. Pull the Strings 03:00
Total playing time 40:12

Great stoner metal featuring members of The Mighty Nimbus and Place Of Skulls

Ultra Electric

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mary Bell- Mary Bell (2007)

Genre: Sludge Metal
Origin: Netherlands
Status: Active
Label:Trabuc Records
File Size: 105MB 320Kbps

Pit - Vocals
Roy - Guitars
Friso - Bass
Fletch - Drums

1. Stone the Martyr 07:49
2. Torture 05:25
3. Armageddon Jam 06:30
4. Midnight Mess 04:46
5. Delerium 24:22
Total playing time 48:54

Cool sludge/doom from The Netherlands.

Mary Bell

The Observers - So What's Left Now (2004)

Genre - Punk
Origin - Portland, Oregon
Time - 35:28 min.
File - 69.43 MB (320kbps)

Lead singer and primary songwriter Douglas Burns along with longtime friend and SPEDS bandmate Colin Grigson formed THE OBSERVERS. The intention of the band was to create a new voice in music that was true to the traditional punk sound of the 70's and 80's, while remaining contemporary and relevant. The band formed in 2002, but did not play their first show until March 2003 after settling on their first line-up, which included Muslim on guitar and Skeeter Joplin on drums. Together, this line-up recorded the "Down On Today" demo and the group's first vinyl release, "Lead Pill" (Super Secret). Later that year Muslim, and Skeeter left the group to pursue other interests. Hajji Husayn then introduced his cousin, Ian (Johnny) Kashani to THE OBSERVERS who then joined with Brett Ramone on drums. Shortly after that, they hit the road. Ramone and the group parted ways in 2003 and Mike of THE MINDS became the drummer. With extensive touring in the United States, Canada, and Europe in 2004 and 2005, the line-up of Kashani, Burns, Grigson, and Mike became the most recognizable line-up of THE OBSERVERS. In their time together, this line-up recorded the critically acclaimed records "So What's Left Now" (Vinyl Warning), "Walk Alone" (Jonny Cat), "Where I Stay" (Deranged), and the song "What A Let Down" featured on the MRR Public Safety Compilation. While in THE OBSERVERS, Kashani, Grigson, and Mike continued to play in other bands such as THE MINDS, CLOROX GIRLS, THE RAIDS, BLOODBATH AND BEYOND, RIOT COP, and THE MANHOLES. Eventually, they left THE OBSERVERS in 2005 to pursue these other interests. Grigson, Mike, and Kashani went on to form DEFECT DEFECT, but Kashani left the group soon thereafter. Muslim and Brett Ramone also formed a band together called THE INNOCENTS. Kashani formed CLIT RIPPER and played with Grigson in SELF ABUSE. Burns and Hajji formed the RED DONS who have been described by some as the continuation of THE OBSERVERS. The members of RED DONS also perform in an acoustic act called THE REVISIONS that plays THE OBSERVERS, THE SPEDS, and other original songs. (myspace)

Track List:
1. Symbols, Slogans, Lies
2. Short Day
3. Lead Pill
4. Defeated
5. What A Waste
6. State Of Decay
7. Paralyzer
8. The Condition
9. Us Against The World
10. Down On Today
11. Expiration

Picked this disc up from the band back in 2004 when I saw them play with Gorilla Angreb at Gilman St. This was released by Vinyl Warning and is #8 in the label's roster. The Observers sound bring to mind classic sounding punk rock, here is a fan page to check out the tunes to see if you need this. Quality punk rock from the Pacific Northwest, check it out!

State Of Decay

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rituals of the Oak - Hour of Judgement (2009)

Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: Australia
Status: Active
Formed: 2009
Label: Eyes Like Snow
File Size 105MB 320 Kbps

Sabine Hamad - Vocals
Shane Linfoot - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Nathaniel Smith - Bass
Matthew Shriffer - Drums

1. Hour of Judgement 12:49
2. Drown the Wood in Blood 05:46
3. Standing in the House of Suffering 08:01
4. Childhood's End 07:22
5. The Spell of Doom 12:26
Total playing time 46:24

Female Fronted Australian DOOOOOM. Enjoy

Hour of Judgement

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Burning Saviours - Hundus (2006)

Genre: Doom Metal/Hard Rock
Label: I Hate Records
File Size: 92MB 320Kbps

Flute played by Mats Gawell.
1. Out Of Sight 04:00
2. Dark Lady 04:43
3. The Servant 03:13
4. Lilly Marion 07:04
5. Ballad Of Time 02:51
6. Heathen Rites 03:13
7. Let's Dance 03:12
8. The Man I Used To Be 05:38
9. Hundus 06:09
Total playing time 40:0

From 2006, Swedish band Burning Saviours brings the DOOOOOOOM. Check it out


Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Red Goad - Truck Drivin' Psycho (1997)

Genre: Country
Origin: Atlanta, GA
Label: Self Released
File: 47 Mb (320kbps VBR)

Track List:

01. A Tiger In My Tank (3:08)
02. Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves (3:30)
03. Thunder On The Road! (2:12)
04. A Tombstone Every Mile (3:13)
05. Payload Daddy (1:30)
06. I Got Lost (2:13)
07. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (2:50)
08. Movin' On (2:23)
09. Understand Your Man (2:35)
10. Big Rig Rollin' Man (2:43)
11. Truck-Drivin' Son Of A Gun (2:12)
12. Freightliner Fever (3:03)
13. Jackknife (2:25)
14. Poor White Trash (1:56)

Total Playing Time: 35:53

Back in the 90's, the best high school teacher I ever had loaned me a copy of a zine that would forever change my life. It was called "ANSWER ME!" and had everything you would want to know about Serial Killers, Suicide, Depravity and of course, El Duce. I was never actually able to find my own copies until they were all reprinted as a huge book a few years ago (minus the Rape issue). The man behind this zine was Jim Goad. I later found out he had recorded a country album back in 1996, which is what you are about to download, right?!? As you might have guessed by the title, the majority of the songs are about Truck Driving across America and the shit that goes along with it. This is some classic, Johnny Cash influenced Country Music. Put the pedal to the metal and listen to some quality, REAL and rare White Trash Cuntry.

Check It Out



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seven Foot Spleen - Enter Therapy (1999)

Genre: Sludge Metal
Formed: 1994
Status: Split Up
Label: Tee Pee
File Size: 169MB (320Kbps)

. Fetchin' Boy 07:29
2. Free Crutch Rental 05:52
3. Big Rig Blues 07:35
4. It Smells 05:53
5. Leech Eater 01:30
6. Joy of the Worm 08:35
7. Clean Catch Urine Specimen 03:24
8. Without Thumbs 04:32
9. Rag Acne 00:59
10. Power 06:29
11. Jerky 12:17
12. Untitled 09:19
Total playing time 01:13:54

The Metal Archives Review of this release does this no justice. This is labeled
second wave sludge metal ( Noothgrush, Cavity, etc.) This is great sludge metal- North Carolina style featuring members of current bands , Hour of 13 and Mountain of Judgement. Enjoy

Enter Therapy

Big Game Hunt- Goliath

Genre: Hard Rock, Stoner/ Doom
Origin: Canada
File Size: 143MB 320Kbps

Jordan Rose: Vocals
Wayne Muise: Guitars
Matt Duncanson: Drums
Jared McInnis: Bass


1.Dave and Big G
2.Seeing Red
3.Heavy Blues
5.Blue Devils
7.Lucky 13
8.Raise a Glass
11.Heaven Falls
12.Wisdom in One
13.Lesson Learned
14.Search Party
15.Before Long
16.On the Scene

Total Playing Time: 01:03

From Nova Scotia, A Canadian intrepretation of southern stoner rock. Enjoy

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Sex Maniacs (2004)

Genre - Hardcore, Punk n'Roll
Origin - Leeds, U.K
Time - 21:53 min.
File - 43.53 MB (320 kbps)

Sometime in 1999 four cunts got together in a practice room above a shitty record shop, broke out a bottle of JD and decided to become the ultimate rock and roll band. Although at the time three of these cunts were in the ultimate hardcore band this just was not enough, there was much more to prove. After about 30 minutes they had achieved their goal and wrote a bunch of songs that would later be released by the cuntish Eccentric Man Records as the critically acclaimed album Mean as Hell. To many Mean as Hell is a humbling experience and much demand was placed on The Sex Maniacs to perform live. They took to the boards like a tranny to lipstick, smoking every shitty band they came into contact with. The success of Mean as Hell left the band reeling, the album had gone global thanks to a reissue by the american emo label Manic Ride Records. Never had so much alcohol, narcotics and girls been thrust toward one band. Work on the follow up to Mean As Hell began but after 15 minutes, with half an album written one of the cunts (Heysi) decided to leave the band. The Sex Maniacs are only human and this kind of living can take its toll. After four years of constant abuse Heysi had to bow out, he could not take another day and became disillusioned with the rock and roll experience. Another cunt (Farley) was quickly recruited and after a further 15 minutes the follow up record had been written. Farley fit in nicely and delivered everytime but the sex maniacs soon faced another bass player related tragedy. Farley, like the true sex maniac he is likes to play hard and sometimes folk take exception to this kind of behaviour. No sooner had he joined he was picked up by the law, wanted for crimes that cannot be discussed here as it may harm his appeal and done got slung in the clink! So once again The Sex Maniacs found themselves without a bass player, but a replacement was waiting in the wings in the shape of Dougie from Gentlemans Pistols. The Sex Maniacs are once again pumped and ready to take the stage and that second album is in our sights. If you want to book us then start saving up for our rider and get in touch. (

Track List:
1. Dollar$
2. Time To Rock
3. Sabretooth
4. Gimme Nothing
5. Four Big Dicks
6. You'll Never Learn
7. Don't Hate Me
8. Broken Down Clown
9. All That Fire
10. Prick
11. Illegal Libido
12. Conjugal Blues

The Sex Maniacs feature 3 members of the UK hardcore band Voorhees and a member from The Horror. The sound they create here is nothing like either band. Think Dwarves mixed with Motorhead and Bon Scott era AC/DC. This is the state side release that was put out by Manic Ride, the label that Deadalive records morphed into. Both Deadalive and Manic Ride put out some killer hardcore slabs in the late 90's and early 2000. I think the label is now defunct, but I used to follow it quite closely and own a lot of their output. The paragraph above says it was a emo label but it must be a joke.

Time To Rock!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Failure Face - Complete Failure (1996)

Genre - Hardcore
Origin - Brandon, Fl.
Time - 56:59 min
File - 106.5 MB (320 kbps)

Brandon Florida’s Failure Face was one of the best angry and fast hardcore bands of the early/mid 90’s(1993-1996). They released several records on label’s such as Ebullition and Burrito Records. Several members went on to play in Murder Suicide Pact. (

Track List:
"S/T" 7"
1. Life
2. Punchline
3. Human Cancer
4. Broken Man
5. Morality Cops
6. Collapse
"All Pain No Gain" 7"
7. Darwin
8. All Pain No Gain
9. I Won
10. Get To Know Me!
11. Crapshoot
12. Soulless
Split 7" w/ Ulcer
13. Everytime
14. Suckass
15. Laws
16. Stayin' Alive
"Amnesia" Compilation Lp Track (Ebullition Records)
17. Pure Entertainment
Split Lp w/ E.B.S
18. Consumer Frenzy
19. Screaming
20. Holy Shit
21. User
22.Ballistic Penance (Hypochristians)
23. King Of Shit
24. Disobey
25. Numb
26. Mandatory Abortion
27. Tied Down
Failure Face Reunion Show 3/22/2003
28. Pure Entertainment
29. Life
30. Everytime
31. Morality Cops
32. All Pain No Gain
33. King Of Shit
34. I Won
35. Suckass
36. Human Cancer
37. Consumer Frenzy
38. Laws
39. Broken Man
40. Collapse

No bullshit hardcore from Florida. Fronted by Bob Suren who ran Sound Idea Distribution, Burrito Records and fronted Murder Suicide Pact. I bought their S/T ep way back in 1993 from my friends record shop, Below Zero Records and was hooked. I then managed to pickup all their output, which is represented here. You'll hear a little Negative Approach in their delivery. Hit this to check out an old interview done with Bob from 2008.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bibilic Blood- Z'Ha Doom (2009)

Genre: Doom/Sludge/Drone Metal
Lyrical Themes: Drugs
Origin: USA
Formed: 2008
Label: Unsigned
Status: Active
File Size 96MB 320Kbps

Suzy Psycho - Bass, Vocals & Bongos
Wizard - Drums, Guitar & Synth
Bing - Drums & Vocals (Rue, Ultralord , King Travolta, King Fire Goat, Son of Jor-El, Accept Death, Sollubi, Scumchrist, Fistula, Sloth (USA )

1. Obsidian Order 03:27
2. Now I'm Dead 04:32
3. Symptom of The Universe 05:34
4. Burn 04:58
5. Hate You 09:14
6. Love Song 03:18
7. Drugs 03:04
8. High 04:47
9. Paranoid Mother Fucker 04:07
Total playing time 43:01

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Murderous Grind Attack (2002)

Genre - Grindcore
Origin - Japan, U$
Time - 69:08 min.
File - 138.71 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
He Who Corrupts
1. Dominatrix Dance Design
2. Pushups For Jesus
3. Architecture Of The Penis & Vagina
4. Shot Through The Heart & It's Too Late
5. The Key To Burning Down The System
6. A Nice Warm Cup Of Shut The Hell Up
7. S.G.R
8. Gore
9. Death Power
10. Hate You!!!
11. Higher
12. Suffocation
13. No More
14. Corn Biscuit
Unholy Grave
15. Contrary Views
16. Anti-Terrorism
17. Broken Into Pieces
More Noise For Life
18. Don't Stop C'ant Stop
19. Why...?
20. Livin This World
21. Racism
22. Genome
23. Return For The Worse
The Index
24. Dimminishing returns
25. Rejection
26. Scene
27. Madness
28. Persecution Maniac
29. Limit
Vulgar Pigeons
31. Process Of Elimination
32. Aggro-Culture
33. Pharmaceutical Knock Out
34. Permenant Speechlessness
Insane'N The Brain
35. The War Monger
36. Liar
37. Uniform Junkie
Pretty Little Flower
38. Elitist Debate
39. Threat To Masculinity
Bathtub Shitter
40. Watch Your Step
41. Simple Bowels
42. Different Sides Of The Same Coin (Sore Throat)
Reform Control
43. Failure
44. Realize You'll Fall
Parade Of The Lifeless
45. Fire
Rise Above
46. Intro-Collect
47. Dead State
48. Relax
49. Walk Through
50. Spine
51. Self-Worth
52. Thanks For The Memories
53. Fed Up

Here's a ripping DIY Grindcore comp put out by long running label, 625 Thrashcore. I was a long time follower of this label up until, about 5 years ago. I used to buy everything the label put out from the start and pretty much the whole catalog is kickass, there are a few stinkers though! This is release number 69 from the label. You get some well known heavy hitters mixed with some up & comers (for the time, 2002) in the DIY Grindcore scene. Check it out!