Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oaks of Bethel - Plague Upon Plague (2010)

Genre: Ambient Drone/Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Nature, Culture, Ancestry
Origin: United States of America (Illinois)
Formed In: 2009
Label: EEE Recordings
Status: Active
File: 116 Mb (320kbps)

Ihr - Guitar, Vocals, Field Recordings (Njiqahdda, Funeral Eclipse)
Ain - Drums, Vocals (Njiqahdda, Funeral Eclipse)

1. You Forgive Nothing As Death Grows Close 15:41
2. Plague Upon Plague 35:43
Total playing time 51:24

Oaks of Bethel are a side project of the almighty Njiqahdda and they play a mesmerizing blend of ambient drone and black metal that I understand may not be for everyone but if you are into this kinda stuff at all, this is fantastic. If you dig them or Njiqahdda or Njiijn give the guys some support and buy a couple of their cds from EEE recordings. They have nothing but high quality releases for an affordable price.

Plague Upon Plague

Purchase from EEE

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