Thursday, September 30, 2010

Demeanor- The Slug's Throne(2010)

Genre: Sludge/Grindcore
Formed: Unknown
Label: Unsigned
File Size: 26.6MB 320Kbps

A Stable Life, A Bright Future 1:47
2 Grasping Every Last Limb 1:00
3 Consciousless Machine 1:00
4 Ivory Holes 1:44
5 Disgusted 1:58
6 Several Palsies 2:19
7 The Slugs Throne 2:51
Total Playing Time 12:39min

This is a short blast of ultraviolence from the hardest working band in the Kentucky
hardcore/grind scene. Check This Out

The Slug's Throne

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bibilic Blood - Pale Face Destroyer 2010

Genre: Doom/Sludge/Drone Metal
Lyrical Themes: Drugs
Origin: USA
Formed: 2008
Label: Unsigned
Status: Active
File Size 96MB 320Kbps

1. Ghost Moth 03:42
2. Tourniquet 03:26
3. Southern Man 05:08
4. Cyborg Storm 03:13
5. Nightmare Bitch 06:55
6. Eternal Soul 02:09
7. Wolf 359 03:48
8. Black Hole 05:24
9. Love 02:22
10. Anasazi Astronaut 02:53
11. Pale Face Destroyer 03:20
Total playing time 42:20

Here it is- Bibilic Blood's first full length. If you enjoyed the first BB post back in August- this will surpass that to the 10th power. Crushing, raw, underproduced doom/drone/noise metal sure to delight those who listen. This also includes two
Neil Young covers of " Southern Man" and " Love" Check it Out

Pale Face Destroyer

Friday, September 24, 2010

Warchetype - Goat Goddess Supremacy 2007

Genre:Doom Metal
Origin: Spain
Label: Alone Records
File Size: 155MB 320Kbps

Iban Arrieta: Vocals
Iván Román: Bass & Vocals
Jordi Boluda: Guitars
David Bruguera: Guitars
Pep Caravantes: Drums

1. Itaca 18:47
2. Marduk's Stairs to Earth 16:33
3. Manitou 10:59
4. Hangover 06:59
5. Deathcard (The Sun of the Country Priest) 12:59
Total playing time 01:06:17

Spain has been cranking out some quality doom metal. If you missed my previous Warchetype post with the Lords Of Bukkake- check this out.

Goat Goddess Supremacy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boris the Sprinkler - Suck (1998)

Genre: Pop Punk, Punk & Roll
Lyrical Theme: fast food, comic books, classic punk rock, and kitschy Americana
Origin: Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
Label: Go-Kart Records
File: 121 Mb (320kbps)

Paul #1 - Guitar, Vocals
Paul #2 - Drums
Tim #00 - Bass
Rev. Norb - Vocals, Keytar, Guitar, harmonica

1. Do The Sprinkler 1:13
2. Statutory Rock 1:21
3. My Radio Is Telling Me To Kill (The Guys On My Radio) 2:45
4. Dirty Candy 1:39
5. Icky Shazam 1:36
6. Purple Vulcan Hot Rod 1:36
7. Rushin'/Russian Robot 1:49
8. Jonestown Judy 2:01
9. U.F.O. 2:13
10. (My Baby Put Me In The) Penalty Box 2:00
11. Your Stupid Pants 1:23
12. Baby I Got Gas 1:37
13. I'm Green 1:31
14. Sugar Machine 1:18
15. Got2Fuc2Day 1:35
16. The End :34
17. Could You Guys Record That CD One More Time, Please? 23:47
18. Undo The Sprinkler 4:16
Total Playing Time: 54:14

Amazing Ramones inspired pop punk from Green Bay's own legendary Boris the Sprinkler featuring the extraordinary talent of the ludicrous Reverend Norb.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brother Inferior - Anthems '94-'97 (1999)

Genre - Anarcho Hardcore Punk
Origin - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Time - 73:12 min.
File - 150.29 MB(320kbps)

Brother Inferior started out in the summer of 94 with Ryan, Chad, Alex, Mike and 2nd guitarist named Dan Riffe. They recorded "Bound & Gagged" seven inch after only two monthes or so of practice and Dan left the band shortly after. They all pretty much hate that record but others like it, so oh well. They did a big U.S. tour in the summer '95, did the "Blasphemy & Treason" 7" in early '96, did a short west coast tour in summer '96, then came the split 7" with NOTA and the LP in early 97 and a massive 3-month tour of the U.S. and Canada that summer. They were very, very active in those years, constantly playing local and writing new songs. However, Alex quit the band right after that tour so they remained very inactive for a long period. They finally got Grant Lohrey on bass, but then Mikey quit the band, but not before recording the "Six More Reasons" 7" That wasn't released until early '99, by then they were playing a lot again with Jason Garvey from Rash of Beatings on Drums. During that inactive period Ryan kept busy playing with Burned UP, Bleed Dry, from Fort Smith Arkansas and touring with them in summer '98. Burned Up, Bleed Dry did a really good 7" on slap a ham records, but then broke up last summer. Brother Inferior did another U.S. Tour this past July and AUgust and then leaving straight for Europe for september, October, and Novemeber. It was massively long, strenuous tour, playing in over 20 countries. BI played close to 100 shows in 1999. They also released a 7" on Trujaca Fala records in Poland called "Dismantiling the Capitalist Machine -Euro-Tour '99." Brother Inferior is now taking a long break. Ryan went on to play in the band "protest stagnation" and currently plays in the Portland based band "exit collapse." Chad fronts the bands "Larkin" and "Bring Down the Hammer". (myspace)

Track List:
Iron Columns comp. dbl. Lp
1. Expansion
split 7" w/ Whorehouse of Representatives
2.Promise Keepers
3. Commodity
4. Commodity (dub)
Bleaaargh...a Music War 7' comp.
5. Moment of Silence
Anthems for Greater Salvation Lp
6. Capital Gains
7. Conquest of History
8. Who Wants to Live Forever
9. Buyout
10. More Than Just a Crime
11. Hope
12. My Country
13. Profit & Loss'
14. Lives for Sale
15. Logical End
16. Poverty Crime
17. Chivalry's Dead
18. Divided
19. Land of the Free
20. One for the Resistance
split 7" w/ N.O.T.A
21. Who will Protect Us?
22. Freedom's Son
America in Decline comp. Lp
23. Collective Conscience
Blasphemy & Treason 7"
24. The Answer Lies
25. Tomorrow's Lament
26. Ralph Reed
27. Retro
28. Bent Over Backwards
29. Inside
Bound & Gagged 7"
30. Bound & Gagged
31. New Liberty
32. Penalty
33. Prison
34. Mechanized
35. The best of Times

Really good Anarcho Punk from Tulsa, Oklahoma. This disc compiles all of the bands output and was released by Sensual Underground Ministries also from Tulsa. Check them out here and get to state smashing.

One for the Resistance

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zebulon Pike - Intransience (2008)

Genre: Stoner Metal
Origin: USA
Label: Unfortunate
Status: Active
File Size: 320kbps 89.2MB

Morgan Berkus - Guitar
Erik Bolen - Drums
Erik Fratzke - Guitar
Tom Berg - Bass

1. Mirrors of Blessed Miracles 10:54
2. Star-Ocean 16:25
3. The Avian Magi 11:38
Total playing time 38:57

Without a doubt, one of the best stoner metal bands in existence today- check them


Monday, September 13, 2010

Menace Ruine - Union of Irreconcilables (2010)

Genre: Avant-garde Drone, Ambient, Noise
Lyrical Themes: Non-Being, Occultism
Origin: Canada (Montreal, Quebec)
Formed In: 2007
Label: Aurora Borealis
Status: Active
File: 131 Mb (320kbps)

Geneviève - Vocals, Instruments, Lyrics
S. de La Moth - Vocals, Instruments

1. ...Collapse 9:01
2. The Upper Hand 6:22
3. Not Only a Break in the Clouds But a Permanent Clearing of the Sky 10:47
4. Corridor de Perdition 3:06
5. There will be Blood 5:55
6. Nothing Above or Below 8:48
7. Primal Waters Bed 15:39
Total playing time 59:42

Here's the new album from Menace Ruine and I just got done listening to it and it's not really what I was expecting but holy crap I liked it a lot. There's really no metal to be found here but more along the lines of surreal feedback and distorted drone soundscapes with chilling monotone female vocals. Fans of avante-garde (especially Nico) will really love this one. Hauntingly beautiful.

Union of Irreconcilables

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vulture- S/T (2008)

Genre: Stoner/Doom
Origin: USA
Formed: 2007
Label: Independent
File Size:61.5 320Kbps

Buddy Smith - Vocals
Garrett Twardesky - Guitar
Gene Fikhman - Guitar
Justin Bach - Bass
Kelly Gabany - Drums

1. Erosion 04:38
2. Place of Worship and Regret 05:41
3. Blinded 04:38
4. Order of the Vulture (A Birdwatcher's Anthem) 03:37
5. Ill-Fitting Crown 08:16
Total playing time 26:50

A quality stoner/doom Ep from a band from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Check it Out


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hooded Menace - Fulfill the Curse (2008)

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Origin: Finland
Label: Razorback Records
Status: Active
File Size: 120MB 320Kbps

1. Rotting Rampage (Menace of the Skeletal Dead) 05:20
2. Fulfill the Curse 06:55
3. Grasp of the Beastwoman 06:41
4. Laboratory of Nightmares 06:10
5. Beauty and the Feast 07:01
6. The Eyeless Horde 05:51
7. The Love Song of Gotho, Hunchback of the Morgue 05:44
8. Arcane Epitaph 05:43
9. Theme From Manhattan Baby 03:07
Total playing time 52:32

Coffins and this band have redefined the genre of Death/Doom. Check it out

Fulfill The Curse

Sixty Watt Shaman- Ultra Electric (1998)

Genre: Stoner Metal
Origin: USA
Label: Game Two
Status: Active
File Size: 95MB 320Kbps

1. Rumor Den 03:07
2. Burn Baby Burn 03:31
3. Southern Gentleman 03:36
4. Beverly 02:33
5. Where You Been 02:53
6. Permethrin 03:24
7. Interplanetary Pit Stop 03:54
8. Supercreep 02:16
9. Cactus Mexicali 05:35
10. New Trip 02:53 [view lyrics]
11. Bemis Manifesto 03:30
12. Pull the Strings 03:00
Total playing time 40:12

Great stoner metal featuring members of The Mighty Nimbus and Place Of Skulls

Ultra Electric

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mary Bell- Mary Bell (2007)

Genre: Sludge Metal
Origin: Netherlands
Status: Active
Label:Trabuc Records
File Size: 105MB 320Kbps

Pit - Vocals
Roy - Guitars
Friso - Bass
Fletch - Drums

1. Stone the Martyr 07:49
2. Torture 05:25
3. Armageddon Jam 06:30
4. Midnight Mess 04:46
5. Delerium 24:22
Total playing time 48:54

Cool sludge/doom from The Netherlands.

Mary Bell

The Observers - So What's Left Now (2004)

Genre - Punk
Origin - Portland, Oregon
Time - 35:28 min.
File - 69.43 MB (320kbps)

Lead singer and primary songwriter Douglas Burns along with longtime friend and SPEDS bandmate Colin Grigson formed THE OBSERVERS. The intention of the band was to create a new voice in music that was true to the traditional punk sound of the 70's and 80's, while remaining contemporary and relevant. The band formed in 2002, but did not play their first show until March 2003 after settling on their first line-up, which included Muslim on guitar and Skeeter Joplin on drums. Together, this line-up recorded the "Down On Today" demo and the group's first vinyl release, "Lead Pill" (Super Secret). Later that year Muslim, and Skeeter left the group to pursue other interests. Hajji Husayn then introduced his cousin, Ian (Johnny) Kashani to THE OBSERVERS who then joined with Brett Ramone on drums. Shortly after that, they hit the road. Ramone and the group parted ways in 2003 and Mike of THE MINDS became the drummer. With extensive touring in the United States, Canada, and Europe in 2004 and 2005, the line-up of Kashani, Burns, Grigson, and Mike became the most recognizable line-up of THE OBSERVERS. In their time together, this line-up recorded the critically acclaimed records "So What's Left Now" (Vinyl Warning), "Walk Alone" (Jonny Cat), "Where I Stay" (Deranged), and the song "What A Let Down" featured on the MRR Public Safety Compilation. While in THE OBSERVERS, Kashani, Grigson, and Mike continued to play in other bands such as THE MINDS, CLOROX GIRLS, THE RAIDS, BLOODBATH AND BEYOND, RIOT COP, and THE MANHOLES. Eventually, they left THE OBSERVERS in 2005 to pursue these other interests. Grigson, Mike, and Kashani went on to form DEFECT DEFECT, but Kashani left the group soon thereafter. Muslim and Brett Ramone also formed a band together called THE INNOCENTS. Kashani formed CLIT RIPPER and played with Grigson in SELF ABUSE. Burns and Hajji formed the RED DONS who have been described by some as the continuation of THE OBSERVERS. The members of RED DONS also perform in an acoustic act called THE REVISIONS that plays THE OBSERVERS, THE SPEDS, and other original songs. (myspace)

Track List:
1. Symbols, Slogans, Lies
2. Short Day
3. Lead Pill
4. Defeated
5. What A Waste
6. State Of Decay
7. Paralyzer
8. The Condition
9. Us Against The World
10. Down On Today
11. Expiration

Picked this disc up from the band back in 2004 when I saw them play with Gorilla Angreb at Gilman St. This was released by Vinyl Warning and is #8 in the label's roster. The Observers sound bring to mind classic sounding punk rock, here is a fan page to check out the tunes to see if you need this. Quality punk rock from the Pacific Northwest, check it out!

State Of Decay

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rituals of the Oak - Hour of Judgement (2009)

Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: Australia
Status: Active
Formed: 2009
Label: Eyes Like Snow
File Size 105MB 320 Kbps

Sabine Hamad - Vocals
Shane Linfoot - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Nathaniel Smith - Bass
Matthew Shriffer - Drums

1. Hour of Judgement 12:49
2. Drown the Wood in Blood 05:46
3. Standing in the House of Suffering 08:01
4. Childhood's End 07:22
5. The Spell of Doom 12:26
Total playing time 46:24

Female Fronted Australian DOOOOOM. Enjoy

Hour of Judgement

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Burning Saviours - Hundus (2006)

Genre: Doom Metal/Hard Rock
Label: I Hate Records
File Size: 92MB 320Kbps

Flute played by Mats Gawell.
1. Out Of Sight 04:00
2. Dark Lady 04:43
3. The Servant 03:13
4. Lilly Marion 07:04
5. Ballad Of Time 02:51
6. Heathen Rites 03:13
7. Let's Dance 03:12
8. The Man I Used To Be 05:38
9. Hundus 06:09
Total playing time 40:0

From 2006, Swedish band Burning Saviours brings the DOOOOOOOM. Check it out