Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Red Goad - Truck Drivin' Psycho (1997)

Genre: Country
Origin: Atlanta, GA
Label: Self Released
File: 47 Mb (320kbps VBR)

Track List:

01. A Tiger In My Tank (3:08)
02. Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves (3:30)
03. Thunder On The Road! (2:12)
04. A Tombstone Every Mile (3:13)
05. Payload Daddy (1:30)
06. I Got Lost (2:13)
07. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (2:50)
08. Movin' On (2:23)
09. Understand Your Man (2:35)
10. Big Rig Rollin' Man (2:43)
11. Truck-Drivin' Son Of A Gun (2:12)
12. Freightliner Fever (3:03)
13. Jackknife (2:25)
14. Poor White Trash (1:56)

Total Playing Time: 35:53

Back in the 90's, the best high school teacher I ever had loaned me a copy of a zine that would forever change my life. It was called "ANSWER ME!" and had everything you would want to know about Serial Killers, Suicide, Depravity and of course, El Duce. I was never actually able to find my own copies until they were all reprinted as a huge book a few years ago (minus the Rape issue). The man behind this zine was Jim Goad. I later found out he had recorded a country album back in 1996, which is what you are about to download, right?!? As you might have guessed by the title, the majority of the songs are about Truck Driving across America and the shit that goes along with it. This is some classic, Johnny Cash influenced Country Music. Put the pedal to the metal and listen to some quality, REAL and rare White Trash Cuntry.

Check It Out



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seven Foot Spleen - Enter Therapy (1999)

Genre: Sludge Metal
Formed: 1994
Status: Split Up
Label: Tee Pee
File Size: 169MB (320Kbps)

. Fetchin' Boy 07:29
2. Free Crutch Rental 05:52
3. Big Rig Blues 07:35
4. It Smells 05:53
5. Leech Eater 01:30
6. Joy of the Worm 08:35
7. Clean Catch Urine Specimen 03:24
8. Without Thumbs 04:32
9. Rag Acne 00:59
10. Power 06:29
11. Jerky 12:17
12. Untitled 09:19
Total playing time 01:13:54

The Metal Archives Review of this release does this no justice. This is labeled
second wave sludge metal ( Noothgrush, Cavity, etc.) This is great sludge metal- North Carolina style featuring members of current bands , Hour of 13 and Mountain of Judgement. Enjoy

Enter Therapy

Big Game Hunt- Goliath

Genre: Hard Rock, Stoner/ Doom
Origin: Canada
File Size: 143MB 320Kbps

Jordan Rose: Vocals
Wayne Muise: Guitars
Matt Duncanson: Drums
Jared McInnis: Bass


1.Dave and Big G
2.Seeing Red
3.Heavy Blues
5.Blue Devils
7.Lucky 13
8.Raise a Glass
11.Heaven Falls
12.Wisdom in One
13.Lesson Learned
14.Search Party
15.Before Long
16.On the Scene

Total Playing Time: 01:03

From Nova Scotia, A Canadian intrepretation of southern stoner rock. Enjoy

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Sex Maniacs (2004)

Genre - Hardcore, Punk n'Roll
Origin - Leeds, U.K
Time - 21:53 min.
File - 43.53 MB (320 kbps)

Sometime in 1999 four cunts got together in a practice room above a shitty record shop, broke out a bottle of JD and decided to become the ultimate rock and roll band. Although at the time three of these cunts were in the ultimate hardcore band this just was not enough, there was much more to prove. After about 30 minutes they had achieved their goal and wrote a bunch of songs that would later be released by the cuntish Eccentric Man Records as the critically acclaimed album Mean as Hell. To many Mean as Hell is a humbling experience and much demand was placed on The Sex Maniacs to perform live. They took to the boards like a tranny to lipstick, smoking every shitty band they came into contact with. The success of Mean as Hell left the band reeling, the album had gone global thanks to a reissue by the american emo label Manic Ride Records. Never had so much alcohol, narcotics and girls been thrust toward one band. Work on the follow up to Mean As Hell began but after 15 minutes, with half an album written one of the cunts (Heysi) decided to leave the band. The Sex Maniacs are only human and this kind of living can take its toll. After four years of constant abuse Heysi had to bow out, he could not take another day and became disillusioned with the rock and roll experience. Another cunt (Farley) was quickly recruited and after a further 15 minutes the follow up record had been written. Farley fit in nicely and delivered everytime but the sex maniacs soon faced another bass player related tragedy. Farley, like the true sex maniac he is likes to play hard and sometimes folk take exception to this kind of behaviour. No sooner had he joined he was picked up by the law, wanted for crimes that cannot be discussed here as it may harm his appeal and done got slung in the clink! So once again The Sex Maniacs found themselves without a bass player, but a replacement was waiting in the wings in the shape of Dougie from Gentlemans Pistols. The Sex Maniacs are once again pumped and ready to take the stage and that second album is in our sights. If you want to book us then start saving up for our rider and get in touch. (

Track List:
1. Dollar$
2. Time To Rock
3. Sabretooth
4. Gimme Nothing
5. Four Big Dicks
6. You'll Never Learn
7. Don't Hate Me
8. Broken Down Clown
9. All That Fire
10. Prick
11. Illegal Libido
12. Conjugal Blues

The Sex Maniacs feature 3 members of the UK hardcore band Voorhees and a member from The Horror. The sound they create here is nothing like either band. Think Dwarves mixed with Motorhead and Bon Scott era AC/DC. This is the state side release that was put out by Manic Ride, the label that Deadalive records morphed into. Both Deadalive and Manic Ride put out some killer hardcore slabs in the late 90's and early 2000. I think the label is now defunct, but I used to follow it quite closely and own a lot of their output. The paragraph above says it was a emo label but it must be a joke.

Time To Rock!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Failure Face - Complete Failure (1996)

Genre - Hardcore
Origin - Brandon, Fl.
Time - 56:59 min
File - 106.5 MB (320 kbps)

Brandon Florida’s Failure Face was one of the best angry and fast hardcore bands of the early/mid 90’s(1993-1996). They released several records on label’s such as Ebullition and Burrito Records. Several members went on to play in Murder Suicide Pact. (

Track List:
"S/T" 7"
1. Life
2. Punchline
3. Human Cancer
4. Broken Man
5. Morality Cops
6. Collapse
"All Pain No Gain" 7"
7. Darwin
8. All Pain No Gain
9. I Won
10. Get To Know Me!
11. Crapshoot
12. Soulless
Split 7" w/ Ulcer
13. Everytime
14. Suckass
15. Laws
16. Stayin' Alive
"Amnesia" Compilation Lp Track (Ebullition Records)
17. Pure Entertainment
Split Lp w/ E.B.S
18. Consumer Frenzy
19. Screaming
20. Holy Shit
21. User
22.Ballistic Penance (Hypochristians)
23. King Of Shit
24. Disobey
25. Numb
26. Mandatory Abortion
27. Tied Down
Failure Face Reunion Show 3/22/2003
28. Pure Entertainment
29. Life
30. Everytime
31. Morality Cops
32. All Pain No Gain
33. King Of Shit
34. I Won
35. Suckass
36. Human Cancer
37. Consumer Frenzy
38. Laws
39. Broken Man
40. Collapse

No bullshit hardcore from Florida. Fronted by Bob Suren who ran Sound Idea Distribution, Burrito Records and fronted Murder Suicide Pact. I bought their S/T ep way back in 1993 from my friends record shop, Below Zero Records and was hooked. I then managed to pickup all their output, which is represented here. You'll hear a little Negative Approach in their delivery. Hit this to check out an old interview done with Bob from 2008.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bibilic Blood- Z'Ha Doom (2009)

Genre: Doom/Sludge/Drone Metal
Lyrical Themes: Drugs
Origin: USA
Formed: 2008
Label: Unsigned
Status: Active
File Size 96MB 320Kbps

Suzy Psycho - Bass, Vocals & Bongos
Wizard - Drums, Guitar & Synth
Bing - Drums & Vocals (Rue, Ultralord , King Travolta, King Fire Goat, Son of Jor-El, Accept Death, Sollubi, Scumchrist, Fistula, Sloth (USA )

1. Obsidian Order 03:27
2. Now I'm Dead 04:32
3. Symptom of The Universe 05:34
4. Burn 04:58
5. Hate You 09:14
6. Love Song 03:18
7. Drugs 03:04
8. High 04:47
9. Paranoid Mother Fucker 04:07
Total playing time 43:01

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Murderous Grind Attack (2002)

Genre - Grindcore
Origin - Japan, U$
Time - 69:08 min.
File - 138.71 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
He Who Corrupts
1. Dominatrix Dance Design
2. Pushups For Jesus
3. Architecture Of The Penis & Vagina
4. Shot Through The Heart & It's Too Late
5. The Key To Burning Down The System
6. A Nice Warm Cup Of Shut The Hell Up
7. S.G.R
8. Gore
9. Death Power
10. Hate You!!!
11. Higher
12. Suffocation
13. No More
14. Corn Biscuit
Unholy Grave
15. Contrary Views
16. Anti-Terrorism
17. Broken Into Pieces
More Noise For Life
18. Don't Stop C'ant Stop
19. Why...?
20. Livin This World
21. Racism
22. Genome
23. Return For The Worse
The Index
24. Dimminishing returns
25. Rejection
26. Scene
27. Madness
28. Persecution Maniac
29. Limit
Vulgar Pigeons
31. Process Of Elimination
32. Aggro-Culture
33. Pharmaceutical Knock Out
34. Permenant Speechlessness
Insane'N The Brain
35. The War Monger
36. Liar
37. Uniform Junkie
Pretty Little Flower
38. Elitist Debate
39. Threat To Masculinity
Bathtub Shitter
40. Watch Your Step
41. Simple Bowels
42. Different Sides Of The Same Coin (Sore Throat)
Reform Control
43. Failure
44. Realize You'll Fall
Parade Of The Lifeless
45. Fire
Rise Above
46. Intro-Collect
47. Dead State
48. Relax
49. Walk Through
50. Spine
51. Self-Worth
52. Thanks For The Memories
53. Fed Up

Here's a ripping DIY Grindcore comp put out by long running label, 625 Thrashcore. I was a long time follower of this label up until, about 5 years ago. I used to buy everything the label put out from the start and pretty much the whole catalog is kickass, there are a few stinkers though! This is release number 69 from the label. You get some well known heavy hitters mixed with some up & comers (for the time, 2002) in the DIY Grindcore scene. Check it out!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Atolah - Relics (2009)

Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal
Origin: Australia
Label: PsycheDOOMelic
File Size : 65MB 320 Kbps

Pierre- Bass
Zaheer- Guitar

1. Dead Leg 04:03
2. Relics 05:57
3. Down It or Leave It 07:04
4. Weedy Gonzales 05:08
5. El Duce 06:33
Total playing time 28:45

Great Instrumental Doom from Australia. Enjoy

Nomeansno - Wrong (1989)

Genre: Punk Rock
Origin: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Years Active: 1979–present
Label: Alternative Tentacles
Version: 2005 CD reissue w/ bonus tracks
File: 134 Mb (320kbps)

Rob Wright – bass, vocals, guitar (1979–present)
John Wright – drums, vocals, keyboards (1979–present)
Andy Kerr – guitar, vocals, some bass (1983–1992)

1. It's Catching Up – 3:29
2. The Tower – 5:11
3. Brainless Wonder – 1:34
4. Tired of Waiting – 1:47
5. Stocktaking – 3:05
6. The End of All Things – 5:10
7. Big Dick – 3:15
8. Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue – 1:46
9. Rags and Bones – 5:05
10. Oh No! Bruno! – 3:06
11. All Lies – 6:27
CD reissue bonus tracks
12. Life in Hell – 3:54
13. I Am Wrong – 7:01
14. State of Grace - 5:29
15. End of the World - 3:28
Total Playing Time: 59:47

This is Nomeansno's 4th full length reissue version with great bonus tracks and pretty much their most successful and acclaimed effort. It's immense.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

YOB - Elaborations of Carbon (2002)

Genre: Doom Metal
Lyrical Themes: Fantasy, Esoteric, Spiritualism
Label: 12th Records
File Size 161 MB 320 Kbps

Mike Scheidt - vocals & guitars
Lowell Iles - bass
Gabe Morley - drums

1. Universe Throb 10:34
2. All the Children Forgotten 11:01
3. Clear Seeing 07:26
4. Revolution 17:06
5. Pain of I 07:10
6. Asleep in Samsara 16:50
Total playing time 01:10:07
These guys just recently released " The Great Cessation" and if you had the chance to hear it , you know nobody does stoner doom metal like " YOB". This is their full length from
2002 on 12th Records. Enjoy

Elaborations of Carbon

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aathma - The Call of Shivá (2009)

Genre: Doom Metal/ Stoner Rock
Origin: Spain
Formed: 2007
Label: Unsigned
Status: Active
File Size: 121MB 320Kbps

Juan - Vocals, guitar
Ricky - Drums
Dani - Bass

1. A Thousand Nails 10:42
2. Oaks 06:11
3. Snowdream 06:30
4. The End of the Snake 12:22
5. Voice 11:21
6. Shivá, The Destroyer 05:46
Total playing time 53:00

More Doom Metal from Spain. Enjoy

Fucking Noise Terror (1996)

Genre - Crust, Grind, Hardcore Thrash
Origin - International
Time - 51:45 min.
File - 102.53 MB (320kbps)

Track List:

Toxic Noise

1. Asinine Power
2. Uncertainty Life
3. Insignificant
Jack With Killer
4. Black Sheep
5. Conflicting Character
6. Wait For Change
7. Teenage Suicide...Do It
Hail Of Rage
8. Unheard/In Vain
9. Cleansed
Wounded Knee
10. Usual Man
Genocide SS
11. untitled
12. untitled
13. untitled
Damnable Excite Zombies
14. I Hate
15. Eight Roads
16. Ghouls
17. Sour
18. Watching

19. Their Freedom
20. Evil Minds
21. Imperial State Trooper

22. Police Academy
23. Slaphappy
24. Sucker/My Life As A Hamster/Hole Boy
Society Gang Rape
25. Terminal Abuse
26. Drown In The Pit
27. Chinese Fire Drill
28. Same
29. Fall Into A Groove
30. Som Flugor
31. Ta Ert Ansvar
32. Kopiost/Hatet Gror

Here's another ripping compilation put out by Sound Pollution Records. Much like my last post, this slab features a roster of international bands of varied styles staying true to the DIY ethic. This was release number 26 in the Sound Pollution discography. This is one of my favorite releases by the now defunct label. Comments are accepted, really!

Distortion to Hell!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Gates of Slumber - Like A Plague Upon The Land (2005)

Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: USA ( Indianapolis, IN)
Label: HellRide Music
Formed: 1998
File Size: 151 MB 320 Kbps

Karl Simon
Jason McCash
Charles Brown
Gabriel Harley

Track 5 includes the following hidden tracks:
6.War Is Our Destiny (St Vitus cover) (5:25)
7.Untitled Instrumental (3:20)
8.Dweller in the Deep (9:37)
9.Outro (3:08)
1. Iron Hammer 06:27
2. The Leech 08:23
3. Feast Of The Dead 06:32
4. Ask No More (Pentagram cover) 04:20
5. Stitched Back From Deth 38:51
Total playing time 01:04:33

Phenomenal Doom Metal from Indianapolis featuring Chuck Brown from Apostle of Solitude on

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lords of Bukkake - Warchetype / Lords of Bukkake / Sons of Bronson (2009)

Genre: Sludge/Doom Metal
Origin: Spain
Label: Odio Sonoro
File Size: 113MB 320Kbps

Track 1 by Warchetype
Track 2 by Lords Of Bukkake
Track 3 by Sons Of Bronson
1. Morphine 20:03
2. My Three Falls 19:06
3. Rutina Sangrienta 10:33
Total playing time 49:42

Sludge/Doom metal from Spain. Enjoy

Warchetype / Lords of Bukkake / Sons of Bronson

Kamikaze Attacked America, Yankee Bombed Hiroshima, Nagasaki (1996)

Kamikaze Attacked America, Yankee Bombed Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Genre - Crust, Grind, Powerviolence, Hardcore Thrash
Origin - International
- 42:54 min.
File - 84.09 MB (320 kbps)

Track List:
1. Insane Youth - The world Has Reached Its Worst
2. Ottawa - Desensitized
3. Ottawa - A Million Reasons
4. Ottawa - Cycle
5. Anti Authorize - It's Time For Change
6. Final Warning - Death Sentence

7. Senseless Apocalypse - About The War
8. Senseless Apocalypse - White Hassles
9. Suppression - Machines Of War. Dick Fear
10. Disclose - Burned Alive
11. Mankind - Strategic Deterence
12. Balzac- The Day The Earth Caught Fire
13. Spazz - Dj Tinkle Fingers. Diplomatic Services
14. Addiction - Survivors

15. Monster X - Battle Fatigue
16. C.F.D.L - Let You Know
17. C.F.D.L - Tofu Song
18. Quadiliacha - Think About It

19. Masskontroll - Winds Of Genocide
20. Violent Pain - Feel For A New Age
21. Bleed For Freedom - Sukiyaki

Really good comp put out by M.C.R label from Japan and the now defunct Sound Pollution records from Kentucky. Sound Pollution was a long running label run by Ken Pollution from Hellnation. This was the first split release put out by the labels. Sound Pollution was the U.$ distributor for the M.C.R label. You get a variety of styles here Crust, Grind, Hardcore Thrash, Punk with the strong D.I.Y ethic. Check it out it rips!!!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slaying Saturday, Smothered in Sludge

Tonight @ The Hi-Ho Lounge 9pm

Black Cobra, Howl, Struck By Lightning and motherfuckin' haarp!!!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Phantom of the Black Hills - 2009 - Ghosts

From Rodentia Magazine:

Few albums take me by such a complete surprise as the debut by Phantom of the Black Hills’ “Ghosts”. From the first sounds of a fiddle decompose into a thuddingly dreadful banjo pluck on “Confessions of a Barn Burner” we know that there is an evil journey ahead of us.

Bluegrass banjo plucking behind the aggressive, nearly punk vocals dominate the album. The quality of the balance between the zero-twang vocals, top notch banjo playing, and Gun Club style punk meets country percussion cannot be understated. A misstep in any of these areas could have pushed the sound into one genre or another, but the album perfectly straddles the border between punk and country.

Sampling of women’s warnings, sermon’s, and what is presumed to be movie or radio blurbs are found throughout and are yet another risky addition that proved to be done perfectly. The samples add a mystique and vintage atmosphere to the album that would be lacking without. This is pushed to the limit on “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They”; a four minute galloping sound collage that Fatboy Slim and Satan would have made in the 1800’s.

"Ghosts" liner notes:

The Preacher said it best:

"Tell your God to get ready for blood"...Whether your devotion is to doom or destiny, the Phantom of the Black Hills will take you into Death's Dominion, a world where banjo pickers moonlight as murderers and a wanton fiddler takes his hat off to no one. On the new album "Ghosts", each song is a roll of the bones, and it shows that devils do howl (while angels moan). From the first song "Confessions of a Barn-Burner" to the last "Roses on a Grave", "Ghosts" makes a music that brings with it a murderous implulse and a desire for get your gun out first and get "Ghosts", a toxic moonshine cocktail of countryaggrothrashcowpunk and hear something that others cannot.

2009 - Ghosts

Genre - Cowpunk
Origin - South Dakota
Time - 39:46
File - 88.69 mb 320kbps

Track Listing :
1 - Confessions of a Barn Burner
2 - A Great Day to Die
3 - Men Call Me Mad
4 - Olive Oatman
5 - Reb
6 - Prisoner For Life
7 - I Wasn't Born To Die Old
8 - Where The Wicked Flee
9 - Bandit Heart
10 - They Shoot Horse, Don't They
11 - Roses On a Grave

This album was sent in by one of our visitor's ChemaCazuRotten.  

These guys play a dark, upbeat kinda country punk hybrid that I think is pretty cool.   I really recall Men Call Me Mad standing out after the first listen too. 

Check them out here.


(Thanks to Chema)

Spazz- Sweating To The Oldies (1997)

Genre: Powerviolence
Origin: USA
Label: Slap A Ham
File Size: 125MB 320Kbps

Chris Dodge
Max Ward
Dan Boleri
1.Gary's Free Time (There's Lots Of It) - Intro (01:02)
2.Crocket (01:02)
3.One Ghetto To the Next (01:18)
4.Return Of The Wall Of Death (01:29)
5 Who Writes Your Rules (Half Off) (01:33)
6. Mighty Morphin Power Violence (00:45)
7. Thrice The Heiney (01:31)
8. Kiss Of The Sasquatch (00:43)
9.Hot Dog Water Popsicle In The Hand Of Eric Wood (00:16)
10. Problems In The Homeland (00:57)
11. I Hate The Kids (S.O.A.) (00:46)
12. Spudboy (01:02)
13.Smoking Don's Crack Hole (00:28)
14. Dirt The Purity (01:07)
15. Knuckle Scraper (00:23)
16. Box II (Yates Goes To Africa) (00:51)
17. Spazz Vs. Mother Nature (01:53)
18. Nuge On A Stick (00:37)
19. Donger (01:30)
20. Gnome Servant (04:07)
21. DJ Tinkle Fingers' Diplomatic Services (01:16)
22. Hard Boiled (00:48)
23. 4 Times A Day (00:38)
24. All Urban Outfield (00:21)
25. Lethal (00:19)
26. Hot Dog Water Popsicle In The Hand Of Eric Wood (00:13)
27. The Box (00:30)
28. Droppin' Many Ravers (00:46)
29. In The Name Of... (01:33)
30. Might For Right (00:35)
31. Loach (00:51)
32. Mad At The World (00:44)
33.Tripper (01:01)
34. Uniform (00:15)
35. Bore (00:46)
36.Hard Boiled (00:45)
37. All Urban Outfield (00:25)
38. Weedeater (00:16)
39. Bled Dry (00:35)
40. Closet (00:57)
41. No Room (00:36)
42.Ghost Dance (01:35)
43. Hug Yourself (01:40)
44. YouGottaMoldIt (01:18)
45. Lethal (00:22)
46. Anemonie (00:42)
47.Gas Pump (00:46)
48.Enterslavement (00:39)
49.Hard Boiled - Live (00:47)
50.Burning Tongue - Live (00:32)
51 Kiss Of The Sasquatch - Live (00:28)
52.Hot Dog Water Popsicle In The Hand Of Eric Wood - Live (00:13)
53 Dan Lifting Banner - Live (01:48)
54 Gertie (00:55)
55.Enterslavement (00:32)
56 Uniform (00:16)
57.No Thought (00:27)
58 Pressure (00:25)
59 Burnt (00:25)
60 Our Scene (Go!) (00:15)
61.Force Fed (00:39)
62.Biter (00:19)
63. Precision Fastening (01:19)
64.Lost Cause (Negative Approach) (00:54)

Spazz was an influential American powerviolence band active between 1992 and 2000. The trio released numerous records within this time, many of which are now highly collectible due to their relative rarity. The band's releases often showcased their unusual sense of humour: absurdly long and nonsensical song titles, audio samples from b-movies and kung-fu films between songs and the occasional use of hip hop beats as well as saxophones, banjos and other instruments rarely associated within hardcore punk. All three of the members shared vocal duties, usually changing in sequence from line to line- Wiki

Sweating To The Oldies

Acid King & The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight- Free & The Father, The Son And The Holy Smoke (2001)

Genre: Doom/Stoner/Instrumental

Tracks 1-4 by Acid King
Tracks 5-6 by The Mystic Krewe of Clearlight, which features members of
Eyehategod, Crowbar and Down.
1. Blaze In 06:03
2. Free 07:48
3. Four Minutes 08:19
4. Blaze Out 03:31
5. Buzzard Hill (My Backyard) 05:29
6. Veiled 11:20
Total playing time 42:33

A really good split from Acid King and Clearlight of New Orleans. Enjoy

Holy Smoke

Monday, August 2, 2010

Orodruin (USA) - Claw Tower ...and Other Tales of Terror (2004)

Genre: Doom Metal
Lyrical Themes: Doom, Evil, and Sorrow
Formed: 1998
Label: PsycheDOOMelic
Status: Active
File Size: 140MB (320Kbps)

Mike Puleo - Bass, Vocals
John Gallo - Guitar
Nick Tydelski - Guitar
Mike Waske - Drums

1. Claw Tower 07:23
2. Creation Through Death (Reprise) 07:52
3. Unspeakable Truth 05:43
4. Stand Up and Fight (Quartz cover) 04:51
5. Epicurean Mass (Demo 2002) 06:26
6. Pierced By Cruel Winds (Demo 2002) 07:51
7. Sons Of Nature (Demo 1999) 07:50
8. Creation Through Death (Demo 1999) 06:37
9. Deity of Wrath (Demo 2001) 06:42
Total playing time 01:01:15

These guys once graced a split cd with the late, great Reverend Bizarre. One of
the members of Apostle of Solitude introduced this band to me and they are without a doubt one of the most best American bands in the Doom Metal genre. Enjoy

Disassociate - Symbols, Signals & Noise (1998)

Symbols, Signals & Noise

Genre - Grindcore

Origin- Brooklyn, New York
Time - 37:45
File - 75.97 MB (320kbps)

A sonic noise attack
Brutal and abrasive sound from New York City
A group formed from elements of the punk underground
Remaining true to their name, Disassociate always look for ways to alter the traditional and distort the popular
Collaborators include members of Jesus Chrust, DarksideNYC, Missing Foundation, DownlowNYHC, and Nerverak (Myspace)

Track List:
1. Worst Case Scenario
2. The Plan
3. Patriot
4. Lost Society
5. Blood In My Eye
6. G.B.K.S.
7. Forty Million Minds
8. Worship The Porcelain God
9. System Kills
10. Laws
11. Man From Rizq
12. Mexicans.....
13. Not Talking Back
14. Let's Fuck
15. Blood In My Eye pt.2

At first glance of the name you might think here's a crusty "Dis" band, wrong! I caught this New York grind unit unleashing their fury live back in '96 & again in '98. I still have the shirt I bought from the '98 tour. Hit up their page here and check out their discography also hit here for the bands history. This was released on Devastating Soundworks and was release #5 in the catalog. They have toured with the mighty Corrupted and Hellchild. Give it a go, eh!

System Kills

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Phobia- Get Up and Kill (2004)

Genre: Grindcore
Lyrical Themes: Socio-political, Punk Pride, Hatred
Origin: USA
Label: Deep Six
Formed: 1990
Status: Active
File Size: 182 MB (320Kbps)

Shane Mclachlan - Vocals
Steve Burda - Guitar
Calum Mackenzie - Bass
Bryan Fajardo - Drums

1. Set to Rage 01:35
2. Insults of Defeat 00:34
3. Extremity of the Will 01:06
4. Get Up and Kill 01:02
5. Healing of the Wounds 00:50
6. Time Will Seize 00:43
7. Revolutionary's Hell 01:01
8. The Stench 01:22
9. His War, Not to an End 01:06
10. Violence and Greed 00:48
11. Mental Insurrection 01:24
12. Your Own Way (live) 00:55
13. Vicious Social Order (live) 01:01
14. Beer Brake (live) 00:13
15. Reconstruct (live) 01:59
16. Bush (live) 01:00
17. Ailing Addiction (live) 01:27
Total playing time 18:06

One of the four fathers of American grindcore. Enjoy

Get Up and Kill