Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Murderous Grind Attack (2002)

Genre - Grindcore
Origin - Japan, U$
Time - 69:08 min.
File - 138.71 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
He Who Corrupts
1. Dominatrix Dance Design
2. Pushups For Jesus
3. Architecture Of The Penis & Vagina
4. Shot Through The Heart & It's Too Late
5. The Key To Burning Down The System
6. A Nice Warm Cup Of Shut The Hell Up
7. S.G.R
8. Gore
9. Death Power
10. Hate You!!!
11. Higher
12. Suffocation
13. No More
14. Corn Biscuit
Unholy Grave
15. Contrary Views
16. Anti-Terrorism
17. Broken Into Pieces
More Noise For Life
18. Don't Stop C'ant Stop
19. Why...?
20. Livin This World
21. Racism
22. Genome
23. Return For The Worse
The Index
24. Dimminishing returns
25. Rejection
26. Scene
27. Madness
28. Persecution Maniac
29. Limit
Vulgar Pigeons
31. Process Of Elimination
32. Aggro-Culture
33. Pharmaceutical Knock Out
34. Permenant Speechlessness
Insane'N The Brain
35. The War Monger
36. Liar
37. Uniform Junkie
Pretty Little Flower
38. Elitist Debate
39. Threat To Masculinity
Bathtub Shitter
40. Watch Your Step
41. Simple Bowels
42. Different Sides Of The Same Coin (Sore Throat)
Reform Control
43. Failure
44. Realize You'll Fall
Parade Of The Lifeless
45. Fire
Rise Above
46. Intro-Collect
47. Dead State
48. Relax
49. Walk Through
50. Spine
51. Self-Worth
52. Thanks For The Memories
53. Fed Up

Here's a ripping DIY Grindcore comp put out by long running label, 625 Thrashcore. I was a long time follower of this label up until, about 5 years ago. I used to buy everything the label put out from the start and pretty much the whole catalog is kickass, there are a few stinkers though! This is release number 69 from the label. You get some well known heavy hitters mixed with some up & comers (for the time, 2002) in the DIY Grindcore scene. Check it out!


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