Monday, August 9, 2010

The Gates of Slumber - Like A Plague Upon The Land (2005)

Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: USA ( Indianapolis, IN)
Label: HellRide Music
Formed: 1998
File Size: 151 MB 320 Kbps

Karl Simon
Jason McCash
Charles Brown
Gabriel Harley

Track 5 includes the following hidden tracks:
6.War Is Our Destiny (St Vitus cover) (5:25)
7.Untitled Instrumental (3:20)
8.Dweller in the Deep (9:37)
9.Outro (3:08)
1. Iron Hammer 06:27
2. The Leech 08:23
3. Feast Of The Dead 06:32
4. Ask No More (Pentagram cover) 04:20
5. Stitched Back From Deth 38:51
Total playing time 01:04:33

Phenomenal Doom Metal from Indianapolis featuring Chuck Brown from Apostle of Solitude on

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