Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Failure Face - Complete Failure (1996)

Genre - Hardcore
Origin - Brandon, Fl.
Time - 56:59 min
File - 106.5 MB (320 kbps)

Brandon Florida’s Failure Face was one of the best angry and fast hardcore bands of the early/mid 90’s(1993-1996). They released several records on label’s such as Ebullition and Burrito Records. Several members went on to play in Murder Suicide Pact. (last.fm)

Track List:
"S/T" 7"
1. Life
2. Punchline
3. Human Cancer
4. Broken Man
5. Morality Cops
6. Collapse
"All Pain No Gain" 7"
7. Darwin
8. All Pain No Gain
9. I Won
10. Get To Know Me!
11. Crapshoot
12. Soulless
Split 7" w/ Ulcer
13. Everytime
14. Suckass
15. Laws
16. Stayin' Alive
"Amnesia" Compilation Lp Track (Ebullition Records)
17. Pure Entertainment
Split Lp w/ E.B.S
18. Consumer Frenzy
19. Screaming
20. Holy Shit
21. User
22.Ballistic Penance (Hypochristians)
23. King Of Shit
24. Disobey
25. Numb
26. Mandatory Abortion
27. Tied Down
Failure Face Reunion Show 3/22/2003
28. Pure Entertainment
29. Life
30. Everytime
31. Morality Cops
32. All Pain No Gain
33. King Of Shit
34. I Won
35. Suckass
36. Human Cancer
37. Consumer Frenzy
38. Laws
39. Broken Man
40. Collapse

No bullshit hardcore from Florida. Fronted by Bob Suren who ran Sound Idea Distribution, Burrito Records and fronted Murder Suicide Pact. I bought their S/T ep way back in 1993 from my friends record shop, Below Zero Records and was hooked. I then managed to pickup all their output, which is represented here. You'll hear a little Negative Approach in their delivery. Hit this to check out an old interview done with Bob from 2008.



  1. Love it! Sounds like old school hardcore, sounds good, is excellent! Thanks!

  2. thank you for uploading this. looking forward to listen.


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