Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Phantom of the Black Hills - 2009 - Ghosts

From Rodentia Magazine:

Few albums take me by such a complete surprise as the debut by Phantom of the Black Hills’ “Ghosts”. From the first sounds of a fiddle decompose into a thuddingly dreadful banjo pluck on “Confessions of a Barn Burner” we know that there is an evil journey ahead of us.

Bluegrass banjo plucking behind the aggressive, nearly punk vocals dominate the album. The quality of the balance between the zero-twang vocals, top notch banjo playing, and Gun Club style punk meets country percussion cannot be understated. A misstep in any of these areas could have pushed the sound into one genre or another, but the album perfectly straddles the border between punk and country.

Sampling of women’s warnings, sermon’s, and what is presumed to be movie or radio blurbs are found throughout and are yet another risky addition that proved to be done perfectly. The samples add a mystique and vintage atmosphere to the album that would be lacking without. This is pushed to the limit on “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They”; a four minute galloping sound collage that Fatboy Slim and Satan would have made in the 1800’s.

"Ghosts" liner notes:

The Preacher said it best:

"Tell your God to get ready for blood"...Whether your devotion is to doom or destiny, the Phantom of the Black Hills will take you into Death's Dominion, a world where banjo pickers moonlight as murderers and a wanton fiddler takes his hat off to no one. On the new album "Ghosts", each song is a roll of the bones, and it shows that devils do howl (while angels moan). From the first song "Confessions of a Barn-Burner" to the last "Roses on a Grave", "Ghosts" makes a music that brings with it a murderous implulse and a desire for get your gun out first and get "Ghosts", a toxic moonshine cocktail of countryaggrothrashcowpunk and hear something that others cannot.

2009 - Ghosts

Genre - Cowpunk
Origin - South Dakota
Time - 39:46
File - 88.69 mb 320kbps

Track Listing :
1 - Confessions of a Barn Burner
2 - A Great Day to Die
3 - Men Call Me Mad
4 - Olive Oatman
5 - Reb
6 - Prisoner For Life
7 - I Wasn't Born To Die Old
8 - Where The Wicked Flee
9 - Bandit Heart
10 - They Shoot Horse, Don't They
11 - Roses On a Grave

This album was sent in by one of our visitor's ChemaCazuRotten.  

These guys play a dark, upbeat kinda country punk hybrid that I think is pretty cool.   I really recall Men Call Me Mad standing out after the first listen too. 

Check them out here.


(Thanks to Chema)


  1. Thanks Chema & Swampchode! I came across their page a while back. I shall give this whirl in the morn'n

  2. thanks for nothing friends, enjoy
    health and rockin' from León, the most sullen ground of Spain


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